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February 28, 2015

Get Quikr, No Fikar, Bech Quickerr..

All those reading this should thank the Almighty for bringing them into this world at the time when it has been blessed with the Internet. Everything has been compactly fit into our palms, totally rendered at our convenience. Bills can be paid, food can be ordered and is promised to be served to you at your doorstep in 30 minutes or less, you can see and talk to your long lost cousin at the mercy of a few free apps, the only thing for which we needed to go out of our houses was if we wanted to buy anything. Over the past few years, online retail and online classifieds have left no stone unturned in conquering this milestone too and making our lives easier than ever.

Earlier, buyers/sellers contacted each other through phone calls or emails, which took 2-3 days per transaction for the simple reason that calls can come at inconvenient times and a seller can miss out on a potential buyer due to this. Quikr Nxt has entered the market with a trump card that would take it to new heights of success, i,e Online Messenger Chat between buyers and sellers at any time of the day and thus eliminating the need to call or drop in an email. The need to share your contact number with complete strangers disappears. The only point of reference is the Quikr ID. Email spamming can also be put to a stop. Users can make their listing private, which hides their mobile numbers and email ids. Not everybody likes to share their contact number with the world at large.

Since one of the best features of Quikr Nxt is that the buyer can mitigate the risk while buying by asking the seller to send a picture of the product from a particular angle or to send a video of the used products and share it with them, if I’d have to sell my car and get something better in place of it, I’d take complete advantage of this feature. The day I learnt how to drive on my own, without my dad sitting next to me on the passenger seat, I was overwhelmed with elation, and that sense of independence hasn’t left me since.

With the common man's budget, and the prices of fuel sky-rocketing, we now have a quicker way to buy second-hand cars in good conditions that can conveniently be used for family vacations that would bond the family together. It is extremely hassle-free. First all, I’d make a complete video of the car inside out. Everything from the seats to the steering to the complete outlook. Sharing details over a video can be a very big advantage to me since any potential buyer can see the car in real time and that makes a much better impact than talking on a call and listening about the product.
Everything about performance specifications will also be clearly mentioned since the new way is the chat way. Pictures of the car from all possible angles will also be shared with the buyer, he should realize that he’d get complete value for his money.

Even while buying, these features could be of great help. Some people are very particular about spacious cars with enough room for them and their friends. All those needs can be seen and taken care of.

Selling a big product like a car at a reasonably good price without revealing my identity would be a boon.

Do visit and experience the next generation of buying and selling.