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Little Moments Of Bliss is a silhouette of a feeling that resides in my heart. A software engineer by degree, a writer at heart, and a teacher by profession, I'm all that I never thought I would be. Pretty pictures,a poem that blatantly refuses to rhyme, a text from a deranged friend, a sudden gesture of love, its these little things in life, that matter and sprinkle bliss. Grace the couch and share a cuppa!

I abhor Plagiarism

Claimer : All the written content on this blog is a product of my very own thought process. The text may be reproduced, but only after you credit me in clear bold alphabets.

DisclaimerI am not responsible, nor will I be held liable, for anything anyone says on my blog in the comments section. However, I possess complete authority to remove any comment that makes me question your sanity.

None of the images used on this blog are mine, unless otherwise stated. Most of them have been taken from online resources and I claim no credit. Contact me if you want me to mention your name because you've earned it and I'd be happy to do so.
These pictures bring my thoughts alive, I thank you with all my heart for making them available.