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Little Moments Of Bliss is a silhouette of a feeling that resides in my heart. A software engineer by degree, a writer at heart, and a teacher by profession, I'm all that I never thought I would be. Pretty pictures,a poem that blatantly refuses to rhyme, a text from a deranged friend, a sudden gesture of love, its these little things in life, that matter and sprinkle bliss. Grace the couch and share a cuppa!

June 26, 2011

Hope always whispers - Just one more try

A little hope always aids in times when things do not happen the way you want them to. When the love of your life doesn't love you back. When your best friend forgets those awesome moments spent together and walks away. When your grades are in danger. When crying is all you want to do this night. Just a little Hope.

The way the Greeks told it, Zeus put Prometheus and Epimetheus in charge of creating life on earth. Epimetheus made the animals, giving out bonuses like swiftness and strength and fur and wings. By the time Prometheus made man, all the best qualities had been given out. He settled for making them walk upright, and he gave them fire.

Zeus, pissed off, took it away. Man was unable to cook. Prometheus lit a torch from the sun and brought it to man again. To punish Prometheus, Zeus had him chained to a rock, where an eagle fed on his liver.

To punish man, Zeus created the first woman - Pandora - and gave her a gift, a box she was forbidden to open. Pandora's curiosity got the best of her, and one day, she opened that box. Out came plagues and misery and mischief and poverty and diseases. She managed to shut the lid tight before hope escaped. It's the only weapon man has been left with to fight others.

A little hope is sometimes all we have and want. Don't let it escape. Ever.

June 25, 2011

I'm not that into chocolates

Really, tell me, why is that so much of an issue ? I so hate these stipulated standards. If a girl aged 21 does not like to nibble that dirty dark brown bar, why do people gape at her wide-eyed as if she just gave birth to a rabbit.

Little kids look at me in the face and I'm literally terrified that they would punch my fat nose any second screaming 'Why don't you like this dairy milk dammit, it's so fucking yummy !' Okay and this is not just about chocolates. Why should I like every other thing that appeals to you ? I hate furry soft toys, that sticky pasta, red colour ( 86% of the world's population includes red amongst their favourite colors, Of course that is true ) and orange candy as well. Not necessarily in that order.
I'm on the right side now, Oh wait, My bad, I have to back this up a little for you.

I saw a very interesting picture this morning and it set me pondering ever since. It displayed human brain divided into equal halves, just like the ones we used to have in our biology labs in school.

The left brain has a skin shade, almost colourless, just a red network of veins. It spoke I'm Logic, I'm Mathematics, Accuracy is my middle name, I'm a calculator, I'm a scientist, You earn big bucks and respect because I convulse in pain 24*7*365. A master of words and numbers, I know exactly who I am. I categorize and I'm always in control.

The right side was a riot of colours. Each oozing out of another. It yelled, I'm a free spirit, the urge to paint on an empty canvas, sheer pleasure of walking bare foot on beach sand, the thunder of the roaring laughter. I sense, I feel, I'm music, I'm sensuality, I'm poetry, I'm love, I'm lust, I'm all vivid colourful butterflies right there in the pit of your stomach.

And it's time, it's so time. To tail the right side now. Pick up its trails from the last 21 years and cluster them up together. Time to add a splash of that huge paint brush dipped in all colors. Damn. Do I want to be an artist ? 

Plus I've had too much of what people around me wanted. I expierence a change in my inner self. I used to lie to people sometimes about what I love and what I loathe, only to avoid their questionnaire. But my wit and sarcasm have never been so ready. Dare you cross question me, baby.

Breathe this moment. Enjoy the freedom. Get out of  the conventional cage.
Flutter and Fly and Dream.

And of course don't ever forget what Barney Stinson says - 'When I'm sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead' :) !

June 17, 2011

A manifestation of my nostalgic self

Something is so seriously wrong with my constitution.

Time hits you hard in the face when you suddenly realise how much you've been ignoring it.
It's hard, it's so hard that its ripping me apart.
I want to cling. Oh please, I want to cling.
Being a 10th grader, moving ahead was a bad dream,
Sitting for my last board exam in +2, it became worse, And the scariest of all nightmares has dawned upon me,

Oh, I still so want to cling. can't I ? Just a little ? The 11th of this month marked the end of my graduation chronology. Moving ahead, leaving behind trails of memories has never been my cup of Ice-tea ( whhattt ? I hate tea! )
I fall in love with concepts as easily and as swiftly as an obese teenager gulps down McVeggies.
And sadly I've fallen in love with Engineering (Run and get some water if that hit hard) :(
actually the concept of going to college.

As a kid, I always heard my elder cousins talk about B.Com, B.Tech, BBA, BCA, MBA, M.Tech and what not and I always used to wonder "WOW, these Bs and Ms sound so awesome, I'll be one of these some day".
I would have traded my army of stuffed toys for it, which was a humongous sacrifice for a 10 year old.

And now, all I want is, not to leave college :( I lost my best friend in the process (totally her loss :D) and earned some of the mostest nicest loveliest beings on the surface of earth, with the string '24 CARAT GOLD' needled over their heart. I have a lot to cherish, a lot to share today, but words are just not ready to move my way.

My heart is heavy, Coz I still want to cling,
My eyes want to rain because I'll miss every little thing,
I'm not strong, I won't pretend, I want it forever, if this is the end.
I LOVE YOU AND I'LL MISS YOU !! all you bitches of mine and all you pranksters, buzz me when this reaches your heart.

June 6, 2011

My Peanut-butter Cookies

The pleasurable sight of my little two-and-a-half year old babies, my nephew and my neice, ready to scratch each other's angel faces with their not so big nails, fighting over who will play 'NinJump' in my phone first, almost made me speak out aloud 'This is definitely going into my blog'.

Do you all feel about babies the same way or is it just me ? I hope it isnt just me.Their little giggles make my whole room want to dance its heart out to their rhythm. Did I see that hair brush have a ball with my 'pink, overcrowded with flowers' comb ? No, I guess no.

And in future, if my husband ever complains about me being a huge snuggler, all the blame will be destined to my babies.
Those little petite hands open for a huge hug and brought apart as wide as they can, form my little moment of bliss.To kiss their pinky pink 'smooth as satin' soft cheeks. Lift them up and they hold on to me like it was all they will ever desire, is serenity.
My angelic girl is named 'Gauri' and my naughty boy is called 'Krishu'.

One calm boring day, mom came up to my room, smashed the door against my purple wall, which still bears an incision of the incident, ( If I would have opened it like that, I would have been dead, LITERALLY DEAD ), and proudly declared 'We have a new baby-girl in the family'.

 There was nothing I could do to control my elation. The anticipation of holding that little bundle of joy in my arms, caressing it, almost made me schizophrenic. Yes, it did. Gauri was born 10 years after her parents got married, and when I saw her, I instantly knew why. That baby was dazzlingly beautiful. And all I could tell my sister was 'Now you know why ;) ?'

Check out those blue nails :P
The Almighty took 10 long years to bless us with this absolute look-alike of that endearing Barbie you always swooned for when you were three, but I totally understand. She must've consumed a lot of his attention and time. :)).

Two years since that miracle and I'm sure Gauri has a little corner of her room filled with hearts, for she steals the heart of every pair of eyes that see her. My baby sure knows how to kiss and mesmerize.

Two little secrets I very desperately want to unveil about her (they make me giggle right now :)) are :

1. Gift her a nail paint, she'll plant the sweetest wettest honey-like kiss on your cheek the very next second.
2. Gift her a HOT PINK nail paint, she'll give you as many as you want and share her toys too :).

One month after Gauri came into our lives, I was barely getting over the news, and there came my second baby :) Aryan Bhatia, sophisticated as it sounds, lovingly called 'krishu' :)). He opened his eyes for the first time in a far away land, special mention and thanks to Ray Tomlinson (founder of E-mail :D) ,I found his first pictures in my inbox an hour later.

Krishu's first picture :)
Graceful, calm, svelte. Almost a debonair. Waiting and waiting and endless waiting took a toll. Receiving his pictures ever since and dying to hug him, feel his heartbeat against mine, God finally granted my wish and my baby is here now :)). 

I've spent just two-and-a-half days with this two-and-a-half year old wonder kid and he already seems to have cast a spell on me. And his super super super cute american accent drives me totally crazy.

That selfish left corner of my heart, wants them to remain kids forever, need me all the time and plan as many mischiefs as they can. Sigh. that isn't possible.
I have so much more to pen down about them, but I'm sure, had they been a little more than five, they wouldn't have wanted me to disclose their naughty tricks and secrets to the world.

I love them. forever. :*

P.S. May everyone, be it simply anybody who reads this post, have babies soon :D:D

June 4, 2011

My heart - 'i want to write', My mind - 'you want to "what" ?'

So, I was staring at the mirror restlessly, fulminating against my fat nose for it stands out like a proud IIM MBA, amidst it's peers, expecting a seven figure job any propitious second. A sudden whisper caught my ears. I looked around my little purple room and found myself alone. Criticizing took a more serious turn as my flaws screamed at me holding strongly to their BFF- my brown outlined mirror. 
And the whisper had matured into a confident thunder by then.
It was my little thumping heart.
Yes it was.
Urgent. Firm. Strong. Clear as a crystal.
It announced 'I WANT TO WRITE, I MUST BLOG' ! My mind, the wiser of the two, kept it's engineering jitters away for a second, almost popped out of my skull, came eye-to-eye with my heart and counter attacked 'you do ?'
My heart, the merrier one, was experiencing an outburst of valiance by then. Dauntless ,as I will put it.
Yet Suave. Sober.
It replied 'Yes, I do'.
My mind - 'since when ?'
and my heart lost it's orientation at that,
 'Since like forever, do you mind springing back and minding your own business ?'
It was then that I had to interrupt. My brain went under lock and key with the key thrown away. (for the time being :P). And I had a nice chat with myself.
Long. Soothing. Tranquilized. As if unburdening a sac of emotional blur off my shoulders.  Almost like a newborn wrapped up in white cotton drifting away to dreams.
And being the spoilt pampered kid that my heart is, it got it done his way and here I am, flaunting it's toxic stringency.
I will write. I will blog. No doubt, I will. Not because I'm the mother fairy of words. But because it spells PARADISE. because it makes me feel alive. because it's the celebration of my heart's joyous triumph over my mind.

Have a spry,sleepy Sunday ! :)

June 2, 2011

'Change' is the only constant entity in this galaxy

One fine day
I step into this evil world
meet beautiful people
befriend them
I love them
and ,they rain their love back at me
years pass by,
some quietly move away,
some fight battles,
some stay,
the latter hurt the most.
they stay,
they change,
they expect more,
they love irrespective,
they break up,
they patch up,
they hate,
they hate more,
and more,
and one day we lose them forever.
I surprise my own self
when I miss you and
don't have the nerve to admit this even to my bare soul !

Happy Mother's Day Mom :*

RELATIONSHIPS - the only 13 alphabet word which is untouched by the rumored curse on this number. By them I dont mean meaningless flings, I mean Papa, akshay, cousins, uncles, aunts ! And above all, My mumma.

These are some people that lure you to swim through the evil waters of this metaphoric life.
 A very happy mother's day to you maaa, I'm penning down all I've never told you and all You've always wanted to hear from your 15 year old daughter (I know you still think your girl is 15 and is more fragile than a triplet of pre-mature babies). 

From the moment that wooden clock on your green textured wall strikes 6, your day shines upon me, or rather us. You, are my SUN. I dread the day when some darned alarm clock would wait all night to haunt my dreams in the morning. You kiss my forehead every morning, wake me up all so sweetly :D (so that akshay doesn't wake up) and then my heart tells me 'all is fine baby'. 

Those days end up to be my brightest when you sleep in my bed, take me into your soft cocoon and caress me. You constitute me mumma. And your mouth watering delicacies, aahh, make me wonder why did I not inherit that skill and your curly hair from you. Damn, I just cant cook mom.
 And You're beautiful :)

I never mouth I love you to you because saying ain't enough any day. I know my little gestures do their task and yell that to you every day. Conversing with you makes me opine and gives me some glittery blue wings, my thoughts fly until they reach the sky. I truly truly miss you when you go to meet Nani ( all thanks to my ever-green absolutely gorgeous nani for bringing my angel into this world ) without me :(.

Please don't do that. ever.

I Loovveee you mom.

Stay with me forever. :-*

Your pampered baby,

Me  :)