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June 2, 2011

Happy Mother's Day Mom :*

RELATIONSHIPS - the only 13 alphabet word which is untouched by the rumored curse on this number. By them I dont mean meaningless flings, I mean Papa, akshay, cousins, uncles, aunts ! And above all, My mumma.

These are some people that lure you to swim through the evil waters of this metaphoric life.
 A very happy mother's day to you maaa, I'm penning down all I've never told you and all You've always wanted to hear from your 15 year old daughter (I know you still think your girl is 15 and is more fragile than a triplet of pre-mature babies). 

From the moment that wooden clock on your green textured wall strikes 6, your day shines upon me, or rather us. You, are my SUN. I dread the day when some darned alarm clock would wait all night to haunt my dreams in the morning. You kiss my forehead every morning, wake me up all so sweetly :D (so that akshay doesn't wake up) and then my heart tells me 'all is fine baby'. 

Those days end up to be my brightest when you sleep in my bed, take me into your soft cocoon and caress me. You constitute me mumma. And your mouth watering delicacies, aahh, make me wonder why did I not inherit that skill and your curly hair from you. Damn, I just cant cook mom.
 And You're beautiful :)

I never mouth I love you to you because saying ain't enough any day. I know my little gestures do their task and yell that to you every day. Conversing with you makes me opine and gives me some glittery blue wings, my thoughts fly until they reach the sky. I truly truly miss you when you go to meet Nani ( all thanks to my ever-green absolutely gorgeous nani for bringing my angel into this world ) without me :(.

Please don't do that. ever.

I Loovveee you mom.

Stay with me forever. :-*

Your pampered baby,

Me  :)


  1. Welcome to blogging world Ayu Baby :) :*
    See, m the first one to follow this blog, so I can write as much as I want to, ryt.
    First of all, Lemme tell you something, I just love the way you knit those mesmerizing words to form a sentence. It's a treat to my eyes to read every note and status of your's. and yeah feels awesome to see ya here, be sure of my comments on every post you gonna put up. Damn, This is making me happie like anything. :D
    For now, all the very best, I know you will shine anyway! :)
    With Loads of Love and smiles,

  2. Ive read it baby, WAAAAAY Back :) I like the way you write, its pretty and heart tugging. Muaaaah! Do keep blogging!

    N yes, just a teeny suggestion, my eyes are bad, so the font made it a lil difficult for me to focus on the writing.. :) XOXO!

  3. haha, she didnt realy a heart attack but cudn't believe her eyes seeing her darlin daughter hidden talent!!
    Keep rocking! :*

  4. hey !!! let me help myself with as less words as possible, "ABSO-FREAKIN-LUTELY BEAUTIFUL" it is :)
    This post is what comes out when you put your heart into something :)

  5. speechless!!!

    I am glad I took the effort to read your first post. It's beautiful and you are simply amazing :)


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