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June 4, 2011

My heart - 'i want to write', My mind - 'you want to "what" ?'

So, I was staring at the mirror restlessly, fulminating against my fat nose for it stands out like a proud IIM MBA, amidst it's peers, expecting a seven figure job any propitious second. A sudden whisper caught my ears. I looked around my little purple room and found myself alone. Criticizing took a more serious turn as my flaws screamed at me holding strongly to their BFF- my brown outlined mirror. 
And the whisper had matured into a confident thunder by then.
It was my little thumping heart.
Yes it was.
Urgent. Firm. Strong. Clear as a crystal.
It announced 'I WANT TO WRITE, I MUST BLOG' ! My mind, the wiser of the two, kept it's engineering jitters away for a second, almost popped out of my skull, came eye-to-eye with my heart and counter attacked 'you do ?'
My heart, the merrier one, was experiencing an outburst of valiance by then. Dauntless ,as I will put it.
Yet Suave. Sober.
It replied 'Yes, I do'.
My mind - 'since when ?'
and my heart lost it's orientation at that,
 'Since like forever, do you mind springing back and minding your own business ?'
It was then that I had to interrupt. My brain went under lock and key with the key thrown away. (for the time being :P). And I had a nice chat with myself.
Long. Soothing. Tranquilized. As if unburdening a sac of emotional blur off my shoulders.  Almost like a newborn wrapped up in white cotton drifting away to dreams.
And being the spoilt pampered kid that my heart is, it got it done his way and here I am, flaunting it's toxic stringency.
I will write. I will blog. No doubt, I will. Not because I'm the mother fairy of words. But because it spells PARADISE. because it makes me feel alive. because it's the celebration of my heart's joyous triumph over my mind.

Have a spry,sleepy Sunday ! :)


  1. Innovative...
    Descriptive and creates a good mental impact...
    Vadiya hai lagey raho...

  2. hey ayuu... a very well knit mind V/S heart conversation...:)...expressing the emotions of a starter...n ofcourse that line...which my heart always says to my mind.." do you mind springing back and minding your own business ?"...lollss...i looooveeed it..:D...:)..keep going..:)

  3. Heya...ur blog is soooo serene, calm and simply lovely:) it kinda gives me a place I would always like to rest in :) Right now in a hurry...but u'll find me me back every now and then..and yeah..a link I would like to share : http://aakritimalik.blogspot.com/2011/07/musical-life.html?showComment=1311271166762#c7029570252115475431

  4. Good that you didn't lock your brain forever. How else the reader would have enjoyed reading if the beautiful sentences you construct were missing?

  5. That would be too much, I just speak my mind ^_^

  6. I just love to spend hours reading all of your posts. I read them. I re-read them. :D *hearts&love*

  7. Hahahaha Aaaaaayu! You're so cute.
    The last paragraph was exactly what I wanted to get across, just write to celebrate your identity. Yes, that's the typical Soul Sister us :D


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