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Little Moments Of Bliss is a silhouette of a feeling that resides in my heart. A software engineer by degree, a writer at heart, and a teacher by profession, I'm all that I never thought I would be. Pretty pictures,a poem that blatantly refuses to rhyme, a text from a deranged friend, a sudden gesture of love, its these little things in life, that matter and sprinkle bliss. Grace the couch and share a cuppa!

May 12, 2014

Little by little, day by day.

No combination of 26 different alphabets can ever capture even a sliver of what this feeling is, but it needs to go into the books as a beautiful beautiful memory, so here's your glance into it.

So, It happens like this.

Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of nowhere, and in the middle of that nowhere you meet someone. For some inexplicable reason, you feel more connected to this stranger than you do to anybody else. Little by little, day by day, you grow to love this person more than you love yourself. Steadily, you start to feel that they're the center of your universe. Your happiness, your sorrows, your smiles, your tears, your days, your nights, everything is for them, everything is from them. They embrace your darkest fears and make you smile at odd hours. They're the one that you want to be painfully honest to, no matter how embarrassing it is. They're the only person who will drop everything just to be with you when you need them, no matter what the circumstances. You no more fear the perilous times, because they've always got your back. With them, you just want to let it all out, and breathe, hold them really close on the rooftop at 3 in the morning, kiss them and tell them all about how beautiful life is with them. They make you want to gravitate into a passive world of sweet oblivion where you fulfil all your wildest fantasies.

If you ever feel blessed enough to meet such a person in life, never let them go.

Because you don't just automatically love someone. You slowly learn to place your trust in them, they make you feel wanted, they make you feel loved, they make you want to levitate with all the happiness that you can't contain within yourself, your face hurts from all the smiling, you never want them to let go of your hand because their fingers intertwined with yours silently tell you that you're special to them,  and thats when it hits you, that you aren't delirious with joy for no reason, its love.

You fall in love with them the way you fall asleep, slowly, and then all at once *

They make you realise that "I miss you" is the most beautiful sentence anyone can ever hear from another person, knowing that your presence makes somebody happier. In french, they say "Tu me manques", which means "You're missing from me", and it is a lot more apt, because they become a part of your being.

Love is as scary as it is beautiful. Letting yourself be simply yourself and expecting someone to love that side of you is terrifying. But there is so much to be gained, much more than there is to be lost. Love fills up your heart with a feeling that can only be filled by the sheer simplicity of unconditionally loving someone and being loved in return. Its the little things that make it worth it; the surprise kisses, the warmest hugs, the stolen glances hidden from everybody else.

Being your true self for someone is completely frightening, but the feeling that engulfs you when someone embraces you at your most vulnerable low, is Love.

PS they say never fall in love with writers, they make demons look beautiful, if anyone's reading.
PPS Summer of 2014 will always be special. It is this season that I fell in love with a wonderful person , and somehow, he loves me back too.

*Fault in our stars