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October 26, 2012

Delicious Ambiguity.

The best thing in life is not knowing how its going to end. This way, hope and love always find a path to struggle back in. As the years pass by, we are often engulfed in a quagmire with ourselves, amidst that whiff of a smoke and those beautiful laugh lines. They make us look older, also wiser, but do we care ? Our sense of right and wrong develops a smarter perspective, only to unfold the real us. 

What a frivolous conundrum this life is.

It is strange, how our ideals shape themselves according to our comfort. Not everything right deed springs up an innocent smile, not every wrong deed weighs heavy on the conscience. I don't know why I am being a philosophical nerd here, but the irony of this fact is that there was a time when all that I'm writing right now would have put me to sleep in no time. Change. That, I suppose, is what I'm talking about, or atleast I'm trying to.

Change, has never really been my thing. I like routine, waking up to the sound of the same alarm tone everyday, running late for work. I let comfort settle a layer deep inside my skin. And when the situation demands to peel it off, I feel this infuriating pain that stings me at regular intervals.

Stories. Did you know, every man has a story to tell ? No matter how dark, no matter how twisty, there is always a story somewhere in that nondescript part of their brain, waiting to be told. Stories, that were woven with great precision, intertwined with an accurate dose of happiness and tears. They make them want to jog down the altar that leads to happy memories, memories that are stained with flaws, flaws that seem to be the closest possible entity to whats real.

Some, inherit the richness of time. 
Some, fly away with that broken wing.

But then again, The best thing in life is not knowing how its going to end. Or rather, how your story is going to end.


  1. This is so true. Very true, the unexpectedness of life is what makes it so beautiful!

    Wonderful post!


  2. Oh, that curiosity! That one thing that keeps me going. I dont like change either, comfort comes first. But after I have encountered that change, I realize it is for good.
    (Am i mkaing sense?)

  3. "our ideals shape themselves according to our comfort"...this was exactly what i was thinking last night...and here it is..put very aptly...

    i liked ur posts very much...n am following u...:)

  4. Well, this was what I hoped to read here. Thank you.

  5. the beauty of life remains in its mystery and to ravel that mystery is to disrupt the beauty.
    +To Me It Matters+

  6. Truly mind-blowing post.....

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  7. I agree, and I never want to know what things will look like in the future.



  8. There is a charm in not knowing, not following the more traveled road. Profound writing!

    Loved these lines,

    "Some, inherit the richness of time.
    Some, fly away with that broken wing."

    The set of lines resonates that no matter what everyone survives with his/her own fate.

  9. I know it doesnt make sense now, but be patient. They will fit all well, just like a puzzle.
    Much Love.

    So,Good to be back here :)

  10. The end we plot, is never the end that is enacted.

    Stay Blessed ^_^

  11. Its so true that every man has a story to tell. And the best thing in life is not knowing how the story will end. Your post reminded me of a dialogue I heard on How I met your Mother, Ted Mosby says something like "The best thing about growing old is that , you don't have any secrets left to uncover." I have paraphrased here, but this was the gist of what he said. Brilliantly written as always.

    Delicious ambiguity has become my favorite phrase since I read it on blogadda!

    My world, my thoughts, my musings...

  12. Well we can't have a well choreographed life and have all the excitement and dreams included in that too. We need to keep on pushing towards our dreams and may be the results will be even better than our imagination.

  13. You said it right .. no fun if we knew what the end would be .. the charm will be lost


  14. Loved the title of the post. Creative combination of words - delicious ambiguity. Loved the post too, and yes the fun is in not knowing.

  15. nice little post,

    u r correct, Ambiguity what makes life more enjoyable. but as human beings, we are always try to put little certainness in our lives.


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