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November 20, 2012

The Wedding.

Excitement. Happiness. Nervousness. Bride. Groom. Heart. Lights. Shine. Music. Booze. Dance. Laughter. Giggle. Dreams. Insomnia. Exhaustion. Love. Food. New. Beginning. Colors. Heightened Emotions.

This is the Grand Indian Wedding.

My sister got married to the man of her dreams yesterday. I wish her the best of all worlds. Shes gone and I can't seem to contain the emptiness of my home. I guess, I shall eventually fall back on my regular blogging schedule. 

PS - Have any of you ever gone through a phase where you fall from a good '10 posts a month' to a 'rare single post a month' ?, where you want to write and yet don't find anything convincing enough ? Share a tip, if you have.

Its one of those days for me and I shall kick its ass soon.



  1. Congratulations to your sister :D I've managed to keep posting despite everything. I think the only advice I could give you is to write about anything, even if it seems meaningless or pointless.

  2. Congratulations to your sister on her marriage. As for posting, yes it is something we all face. I usually do not write again until I find myself inspired once more. Writing just to write seems empty to me, there has to be some meaning to the madness. Don't fret my blogger friend, it will all come back to you very soon :) Looking forward to your future posts!


  3. just write, write anything though it has no meaning, write letters, words, phrases, sentences, anything

  4. I'm going through that phase right now. I hardly post anything now, even though I want to. I initially thought it was just writer's block, but I think it's more than just that. If you find a useful tip, share it with me too, will ya? :(

    Congrats to your sister, and here's wishing her all the very best. God bless. :)

  5. The only tip i follow is to write about me ! some thing like What i was feeling if lot had happened in life.. naturally U will b kick started and return to full on blogging

    and ya my wishes to ur sis and I Can understand that kinda lacuna . Am recnetlyy married too :)
    keep blogging ayushi

  6. Best wishes to your sis on her marriage for a happy married life:) Just pen your thoughts and your blog post is ready:)

  7. my heartiest congratulation to your sis.. God bless the couple and may they live happily always ...

    No tips from me .. I write as and when :)


  8. Yes, it happened to me just recently! I just let it be and not force myself to do. Instead, I try to read a lot - i pick up a nice book or two and that helps me get back in the zone.I hope you write soon, and congrats to your sister!

  9. Congratulations!!!! My sister too got married three days back and I could feel the emptiness in house :(

    Motivation.. I think motivation is the key in such a situation. It happened with me when I wanted to write but I couldn't but somehow I managed to found that motivation that pushed me to write and I was back on track again :)

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