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March 24, 2013

Chilli, Chicks and Heart Attacks.

Publisher -Westland
Publication Year -2013
ISBN-13 -9789381626887
ISBN-10 -938162688X
Number of Pages -320 Pages

About the Author - (Source : Internet)

Sanjaya Senanayake is one of the millions of South Asians who was born outside the revered continent and brought up in the West. In keeping with this inauspicious occidental origin, Sanjaya has spent his life rebelling against all that is South Asian. Indeed, despite his conservative parents pleadings to become a movie star, watch football and marry a bikini- clad blonde, he thumbed his nose at South Asian convention: Sanjaya is now a doctor who loves cricket and is married to a girl named Dilukshi.

Being a die-hard Grey’s Anatomy fan, I had a lot of expectations from our dear protagonist, Dr. Manju Mendis, a Sri Lankan living in Australia, and I can happily say, I have not been disappointed. Sanjaya clearly leaves no doubt from the very start, that this is no diary of a hospital intern. 

The first surprise that met me was the name Manjula. A very dear friend of my sister’s is named Manjula, and I was surprised to know that the story is about a guy, not a girl. With the desperation of hooking up with somebody, and making it big at Australia’s top public hospital, this story is one hell of a roller-coaster ride.
As many occasions, he finds himself amidst a series of ill-fated misadventures. I wouldn’t say I wasn’t perplexed at first, but the author has made a wonderful effort. It takes a lot of courage to put your words to life and I appreciate Sanjaya for it.  It can easily be called a year of hysterical madness for the protagonist.

The backdrop of being set in a medical background, was the main attraction for me. I have been watching Grey’s and Private Practice since years now, and I can almost tell you why is castor oil used to induce labour or that Dr. Addison Montgomery can perform surgery on an unborn child. The medical procedures described in the book felt almost real. The description of the characters is surreal and it will make you want to meet them in person.

Though the story might be a little predictable at places, you will anyhow enjoy reading it.
Beware! Of the most interesting sex scene description you might have ever read. Again, to each, his own. And, I didn’t know they had a ‘Celebrity Ward’ in hospitals. I’d definitely pay my respectful visits to Dr. Spyder ! He definitely seems worth it.

In the span of a year, Mendes has to learn how to confront fraudulent specialists, self-important clients, and an imperious set of immigrant relatives. Also, he must find time to sustain his fledgling relationships with patients, colleagues, celebrities, and most of all, a girl with a troubled past.

I’d rather call this book, The misadventures of an Intern.

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