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July 31, 2013

The red gold.

"Your boss is surely going to fire you one of these days" Kalpana predicted.
He chuckled, enveloped her from behind,
and said "And to what will I owe that pleasure Miss ?"
"You're late, almost everyday, If I were your boss, I'd fire you" she said, and kissed him while fixing his crooked tie.
"Is Gian ready ? I'll leave him at the crutch on my way"
"Yes he is, don't drive too fast. Love you."
A half an hour later, Kalpana received a call from the local hospital. Her husband had died, due to lack of availability of his rare blood group AB-, in the same fatal accident that had left her 3 year old crippled for life.


"Papa, do we really need the needle this time also ?" She pleaded with her pale eyes and her limp hand reached for her father's.
"Yes dear, but I promise it will hurt less" he reassured her firmly.
The nurse struggled a little to find a vein and then pierced her tiny hand with a needle that would give her one more month to live. She was suffering from an inherited single gene disorder, Thalassemia. 

This little girl needs 30 units of blood
every month.
What would have happened if Kalpana's husband would have received the blood that he needed in time ? What would happen if this little girl's father had some way of knowing that he didn't have to worry about arranging blood for his daughter every month ? Things would be different. Their lives would be different. To have someone you love, die in a bed because the hospital ran out of their blood type is the kind of feeling that follows you to your grave. 

A special mention to applaud Franklin Templeton Investments in their brilliant initiative to bring about a change. I've seen all the videos that were provided at the Idea Caravan Site. I can't say I wasn't moved by the others, but I chose this particular one because I could actually, practically join the cause and make a difference, rather than just voicing my views about it on my blog.

We tweet all day long, visit our friend's profiles on Facebook, like pictures, pitch in witty comments. I would like to thank Karthik Naralasetty for thinking outside the box and creating a platform for emergency blood needs that saves lives. He has created a Facebook group where people can post their emergency blood needs with the required blood group and interested donors can reply to the requests as they please. I haven't seen a much better use of social media till date. 

Visit http://www.socialblood.org/ now and save a life.


  1. This is really an awesome post, Ayushi. And it's a very innovative idea initiated by socialblood.org.

  2. vow this is surely one of the well written posts for the contest Ayushi... so much written right from the heart.. loved it :) :)


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