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April 25, 2012

A thought.

This is the thing about thoughts. You can't control them, even when your whole being rests upon them. Modesty flies out of the cage as soon as you think about doing something nice for the people you love. In order to realize that your worries aren't even the tiniest fraction of their sorrow, your mind needs to learn that they have suffered more. In a way, you seek joy in their sorrow. Tittle tattle, life works that way.

A pure mind is a myth because every saint sins.  


  1. Succinct and deep. Totally love it. ^_^

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    1. haha :D My creativity is so dying :D

  3. We seek happiness not in alleviating their pain, but yes, many of us do try to make them smile, just for a while.
    Remedying the malady, I guess is their own problem.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  4. While every saint sins it is possible to want to make someone happy because you are worried and not just to make yourself happy. Plus the right thing thing can be done for the right reasons, and for the wrong ones.

  5. Love this.
    And the header is just perfect!

  6. 100% true.. awesome line "A pure mind is a myth because every saint sins".

  7. very true .. if we look closely and read everything in our mythology even somewhere someplace every said has sinned toooo ..


  8. Thoughts too can be controlled by training the mind:)I agree with your last statement!

  9. Pure mind is a myth... Agreed.

  10. So very true. No matter how silent we tend to be our thoughts would be zooming at the speed of light!!! And the worst part is it is unstoppable..

  11. well this reminds me of an episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S in which pheobe decides to do a selfless thing and in the end when all looked done, she finally said "i am happy"...so it is very difficult to do things with complete modesty and selflessness and humbleness... :)

  12. Wah, kya baat..err..soch hai!

  13. and even the sinner has a sidestory.


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