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July 9, 2012

I, Rama : Age of Seers : Book 1 - A Book review.

Title - I, Rama : Age of Seers : Book 1
Author - Ravi Venu
ISBN - 9780615582504
Language - English
Publisher - Cratus Media
Pages - 264
Price - Rs. 225

"There will be a time when men will fight among themselves in the name of God, when peace will fail; at that time a part of me will re-emerge."
I, Rama, King of Ayodhya – is a first person account of how the famed Hero monarch would narrate his tale, as viewed by him, his first hand view of the spectacular turn of events that would unfold themselves mysteriously, chronicling the path which immortalized his name, from a mere prince to the very epitome of manliness.

Ravi Venu has done an absolutely fabulous job with this opening volume of the trilogy "Age of Seers". I'd rather say it is a modern day take on the Ramayana - the epic. We've all grown up watching Ramayana and Mahabharata getting re-enacted on television, in case you enjoyed that part of your childhood, you will love Venu's efforts in this book. The prologue proudly rants about Rama in the late years of his life, narrating his extra-ordinary tale to his friends and his sons. It might seem like a futile effort at times, but when you finish reading this book, you'll get all your answers.

The two major highlights of the book are Vishwamitra and Kaikeyi. They have time and again proven that they had a big role to play in making this world a secure place for the human race. Unlike Ramayana, Kaikeyi has been shown as a warrior princess and her clarity and strength of mind is impeccable, whereas Vishwamitra's righteousness won him the title of 'Brahma-rishi' - The great Sage. One thing I can assure you of, is that this book is a well-researched combination of old day Ramayana and fiction but I must say, that it targets a limited audience.

As we move further in the book, the life of an adolescent Rama comes into being. Sita is also introduced here, their love and the kind of strength it held has been shown in a completely new light. It restores the reader's faith in undying love that can accomplish the world. Then the brother duo, Rama and Lakshamana are taught the skill of war, apart from the high morals that they have been imbibing since birth.

I would not spoil the fun for you by spilling any more beans. Go, pick up the book if you love contemporary mixed with a little fiction.

My rating - 3.5/5

About Ravi Venu - [Source : Internet]

Ravi Venugopal is a creative visionary and an entrepreneur. Ravi has been a part of several historical and science groups. After taken part in several Ramayana discussions and study for more than a decade on characters and looking at it from a holistic view has written this book keeping in view the acceptance factor of the new age audience of the Apple and Social Network Era.

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  1. I remember the story of Rama and Sita from when I was at school actually, I was taught it in RE class and I really enjoyed it. So I would probably get a kick out of this book.

  2. the problem i have is we already know the story ..

    but 3.5 is not bad


  3. another fab review... will try to grab one copy soon...

    Weakest LInk

  4. nice review , wud try getting my hands on this books asap , but felt its going to be more like the Shiva trilogy (Immortals of meluha, secrete of the naga's) by Amish , its too based on contemporary fiction but on the life of Lord Shiva...... :)
    anyways thnx for the review :)

  5. Hmmm this book seems to quite popular. Everybody's writing about it. Good post! Sweet and short. I've just joined you're site.

  6. Hi Ayushi

    Now I am confused. There is another review on Indiblogger that is quite different from yours.

    You have presented your opinion with great clarity.

  7. Hi Ayushi

    I just read another review of the book and I find yours better . For one yours is on a positive note and you have rightly pointed out the plus points .

  8. I read the book - after reading your post - you are BANG on target.
    If you are a person who wants answers, the book has it all!!!
    Brilliant read - it was like a movie in the mind of the reader!
    Very nice review and a very good book!!!
    I read a couple of bad reviews also, I guess they are ones who cannot deal with a Super Hero concept.
    Over all - fine book and thanks to you!

  9. There are two problems ... one is already pointed out above by Bikramjit i.e. we already know the story. And the second one is - this book will be a reflection of the writer's perspective of Lord RAMA's introspection... which may not at times be able to uphold the mysticism … just a thought …have to read it.

    BTW nice post … enjoyed reading :-)


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