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December 29, 2011

The Year That Was Gracious

Because I don't do new year resolutions, a post like this was out of question. Writing about how the past 365 days changed your life is no easy task. People came and went, I cried, laughed, cared, loved, envied, desired, bitched, and above all, graduated, feelings grew, I started to write, you appreciated, a lot happened. I don't know why am I putting this in ink but something inside me says I should.

The only thing that hasn't changed is that I still don't feel I'm my age. I can finally drive without knocking somebody out, I can cook without burning myself ( No, that's not completely true ), I drunk my brains out on the last day of college (That is one story you'd never want to hear), L&T sent me my offer letter ( although I couldn't join because of some reason, but them wanting to hire me was reason enough to be ecstatic ), and as I am writing this I'm beginning to comprehend how awesome 2011 was.

I have been a lost lamb since past 6 months and it has made me realize how important is it for me to keep myself busy at all times. And all this free time has given me a better perspective about life and people now, I hope it isn't some sporadic incident, not that I've become preachy and don't enjoy watching 'Enchanted' and 'Aquamarine' now, but still, I can feel that little change in the my left ventricle.

I acknowledge my feelings in a way I've never done before. And I also know, no matter how many new and fun friends I make, the old ones will always stay glued to my heart. Although 2011 did brutally take some away but I don't care about things, people and situations that are beyond my repair mechanism. I've learnt to let go. Yes. I have. And trust me, it is the most peaceful feeling ever. Plus, I don't blame my fiery sunsign for my insane habits now. I now know, its pure me, it always was.

I never knew writing could give me such a high. I've never felt drunk on beatitude ever before. Reverence, is the word, and Now, is the time.

My dear 2011, You were a good kid, I wish your sibling loves me as much as you did, or rather more.

A very Happy New Year to all you beautiful people !

P.S. My two left feet promise to stick around forever, no new year can change that.


  1. Woooah. congratulations in the offer letter ayu.
    I want to read more on the part of how you drunk ur brains out on the last day of college? Pls???????

    Ps- 2012, Write more.Make ur readers happy. Prettyyyy PLEASE.

  2. Mike -
    to you too :)

    Twish -
    I'll tell my tale someday :D
    And I pledge to write more :D

  3. Aaah I can never do such a post. I wonder why.

    I just realised I don't get your posts in my reader :( .. Not fair.. :/

    BTW a HAPPY 2012 TO YOU :D

  4. As years go on, friends leave faster. That's one fact I had to face and learned the hard way! Wishing you a very happy new year too... :)

  5. hey..!
    i hope 2012 makes an even better baby :)
    and wishing u dher saara pyar,sneh.. smiles and all good sorta things.
    and like ya name mera ashirwad of AYUSHMAN BHAVO: is wid ya.

    take care
    and yep i dont make resolutions either. :)

  6. Ayu.....Where and why have I been away from ur blog, I know not!!:| I really do not know:/ sumhw m glad to cum bk before the year ended..:) Its nice to hear that this year was a beautiful one for u ...and Woaaaa...u came 4th in the Dove contest!!:) congo girl!! Are they actually giving u the prize?? I hope they do!!
    Again....Its nice to come back again..
    PS: Where have u bin?? away from FB?? Wtsup??

  7. First and foremost, the header is sooo cute. The friends poster, the snow men, the colourful nail paints.. all of them are just so sweet!
    Now to the post. It is true. The most peaceful feeling is to let go. Since they don't desire to stick along, it would be pure waste of time to think and whine about those who don't care
    Wish you a very very Happy new year :)!!!

  8. Have a wonderful and blessed new year. I look forward to your writings in 2012. By the way I love the top of your blog, would love to do one like that on mine.

  9. What a great year eh ? :D Congrats for the offer letter, welcome to corporate life girlie :)
    4th in Dove ? No idea but must be so cool and so congrats :)
    It's 31st and before it's eve and my friends drag me out to the nearest get-high-spots I have decided to reminisce about it all that happened this year. Not being a natural writer I might skip penning them down though.
    P.S. I just made a new year resolution that I will stick to for sure , reading your blog more often :) Awesome New Year !!!

  10. Feeling so nice to catch your site..loved the header. Happy New Year in advance :)

  11. Your blog looks lovely! Wish you a happy 2012. May all your dreams come true :-)

  12. I can relate to this so much.
    Especially the two left-feet bit.

    Happy New Year.

  13. I agree it has been a awesome year!

  14. Serendipity I finally found you again :P
    Happy New Year :) awesome post.

    Please check out my new blog (I had to delete the Rawr Series due to heartbreak.. *ahem*)



  15. congrats on the Dove award (clap, clap) and wishing you a very happy and prosperous new year <3 <3 <3

  16. Sweeeeet! :D
    Happy New Year to you too!

  17. Hey Serendipity.. wow quite an eventful year eh? Congrats on a brilliant year tht went by n wishes fr an even greater year ahead :)

    Here’s wishing u n urs a fabulous n prosperous New Year in 2012..

    Happy New Year Serendipity :)

  18. 2011 was a pretty good year for me too!
    And I learnt to drive without knocking people out too :P

    Awesome blog!
    Happy New Year!

  19. Heyy Happy New Year!! Hope it provides you with success and happiness!

    Stay Blessed! :)

  20. Diiiiiiiiiiii !
    Congrats on ze award =D
    And wish you a very very happy new year.
    Keep blogging loads and loads.
    Stay warm.
    Much love <3

  21. First things first, I wish all of you a rocking year ahead :)

    Have a happy 2012 :*

  22. Cs -
    unjoin and then join again, I'm sure you'll start getting my posts in my reader :)

    Hazel -
    to you too love :)

    ES -
    Welcome to LMOB :) Looks like my blog's gonna have a superb year ahead with new people like you :)

    Suvaiba -
    I hate new year resolutions Suvi, they underestimate me :P
    Love you so much more back :)

    Aakriti -
    I so wish they actually give away ipads ;)
    And yess, no Fb, it started to make sick lately.
    Wish you a wonderful year ahead too :)

    Writing Bee -
    I'll make you a cute header too :)
    I wish you a lovely year too ;)

    Diana -
    You also stay blessed Sweetie :)

  23. Suree -
    I so love your new year resolution :D:D Would love to hear your stories someday :)
    Drop by more often. I totally adore your comments :)

    Riya -
    To you too love :*

    Sumitra -
    Wish you the same love :)

    Isha -
    I somehow knew you had feet like mine :D

    Bragon -
    Thank You for reading :)

    Tayla -
    A very happy new year to you too :)

    Suku -
    Thank you :) and my heartiest wishes :)

    Whuaat -
    to you too :)

  24. Raj -
    Thank You for you wishes :)
    I so wish the same for you :)

    HGL -
    Thank You :)
    And I wish you the same :)

    I do -
    You too stay blessed :)

    N -
    Love ya too :*

  25. Awww I would love that!!! I have all the pics I want on my header, but I am so lazy to make one myself :P


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