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December 1, 2011

Frozen Fate

He stroked her beautiful brown tresses with his fidgety fingers. A tremor went through his body but she did not move. The whining fan squeaked to a halt and the only voice in the room died with it. He always knew, silence had more to itself than what met the blinking eye. His throat felt parched, but he was too afraid to leave her side. Something inside him told him she would leave him forever if he so much as moved an inch. He did not want to lose what was left of her. The floor felt frigid and frosty, so did her limp body. He kissed her on her left cheek, kept his empty bottle of misery aside and cradled her to his chest like a new born, petrified that his touch would scar her flawless skin.

Her hair were wet, his hand could feel it, but it didn't feel like water, it felt dark, thick and ugly. He never adored the color red and always thought it signified death, but suddenly, it seemed to have filled his vision. It was blood. Her blood. His stained hand started to tremble. He hurriedly wiped it off her black dress. This is her favorite dress, she will be furious with me when she wakes up. The dizziness was making it hard to keep it together, his head felt unusually heavy, the room was spinning at an alarming rate. The alcohol and coke in his system were waiting to swallow him up like hungry demons. A quick flashback ran inside his head. It came back in bits.

Did...drink today...also...don't you understand...marriage.....no job... future....is the..... limit..cannot...creep...stay anymore...my father was...right......

In broken little steps, he reached his phone, dropped the pistol and dialled 911. "I..I...umm I think, I.....just.....shot my...my..wife"

Yes, I'm trying to send out a message and I expect you to pass it on further. A certain news in today's newspaper itched my scratch to write about people sealing their fates giving in to alcohol and drugs. As they say 'When the wine is in, the wit is out', and the decisions thereafter become synonymous to lifetime regrets.


  1. Ouch. By the time I reached the last line, I think my stomach recieved a pang.A horrendous pang.
    More than that, I cannot comprehend and even if I die deciphering I won't know how alcohol or drugs can make people forget the reason of their existence, their support system, their family, friends.
    I knew a certain someone who lost himself to drugs and died a rather tragic death (you've read and commented on a post called "Dreaded D" in my archives I guess)
    I love he fact that you're spreading the message and writing about it so boldly .. Some losses are irrevocable and this one is one such loss. Its losing yourself to a substance. Gah.

  2. Too many of such things happening these days.. Scary...

  3. wow.. veryyyy well written and such a signifcant social message showcased here. A sad truth indeed.. a moment's folly becomes a lifetime's angst.
    Good thought and well done!

  4. The sad state of affairs..it is...
    I think, as our style of living(or standard of living) is increasing...we are becoming more prone to stress and our capacity to handle pressures...(of work or relationships etc) is decreasing...and turning to alcohol...looks like a way of forgetting the problems and the pressures...until alcohol itself becomes the problem....

    Good Narration...

    By the way..do you know, if there is link to the news on an online edition?

    I haven't read the news..

  5. Wow!!!
    I simply love Your writing! :)
    So beautifully portrayed!!
    You write magical! :)

    Love! :)

  6. it was so beautifully written.. loved the emotion u weaved around it. and absolutely adore u for the message given.. passing it on..

  7. Crystal, Yes Crys, I remember the 'Dreaded D'. It was painful but I didn't know you had a real story behind it. I'm very sorry for your loss Crys. And writing is all I can do at my level to create awareness. Thank You for connecting :)

    I Love You :)

    Chechi, More than that, it is distressing.

  8. Dee, Thank You :)

    Kunal, Thank You for reading Kunal but I'm afraid I don't have any online info of the incident. I'll get back to you as soon as I get some, Ad yes, the pressure of not been able to find a job made these unfortunate incidents happen in my story, succumbing to pressure is the only easy way everybody wants to adopt these days.

  9. Vanshika, Thank You :)

    Suku, I'm so glad that you are :)

  10. It sucks! Not the write up, but the drug infested foolishness.
    One moment of thoughtlessness and repentance for life.

    the write up super! Engrossing.

  11. and i love this new avatar of your blog the color scheme the layout the comment page everything <3 i adore it right now @ this moment.
    and little moments of bliss and dear serendipity and dear aayushi i so so so LOVE the way you write and as far as the post goes i could imagine, imagine and visualize what all was happening between those two souls.
    okay i have made commitments to 3 people to mention them on my blog after that i am gonna right about this incident this news and thank you for creating awareness.
    :) ps- did i mention earlier that i love and adore you?

  12. oh my.. it sent too much of scary vibes..
    too good :)

  13. Richa, I'm so glad you got the exact message my write-up was supposed to convey to its audience :)

  14. Suvaiba, You are a sweetheart Suvaiba, no one ever notices these little differences until and unless they really like the blog :):)

    Thank You so much for promising to pass on the message :)

    I Love You too :)

  15. Very classic way of making a valid point. Brilliant writing dear...

  16. More than the subject.. it is the style of narration that I loved the most..!! Excellent work!

  17. The easier way out is never he best! Popping pills,drugs drinking make the sensibility also numb besides senses!Very well portrayed!

  18. KP, That is why I love your comments :)

  19. Rahul, I'm glad you captured the essence.

  20. Didn't expect it to end that way, it was a surprising ending. Very well expressed, short and deep! Yes, alcohol and drugs - the worst addiction. Ruins the family, community and nation at whole.

  21. It's crazy what people do. They fail to realise the consequences and end up regretting for the rest of their life.. I see a love gone wrong.. What they fail to understand is love cannot be bounded or guarded.. It has a free will..

    Beautifully written.. :)

  22. Nia, Hey, thank You for reading :) And yes, these habits do play a large role in destroying many families.

  23. Ooohhh this is so dark and twisty! I LOVE IT. Well written doll. Please come back soon. xx

  24. that was intense. As usual, well written.

  25. I wish I could write like you some day! Beautiful!!!!!!!!


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