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May 21, 2012

Shining from Within.

Late last night, I was woken up by a dream about my childhood friend who I'm no longer in touch with. I felt an urgent need to talk to her but stayed away from my phone. Don't you just hate it when a certain sporadic incident brings back every happy memory you've shared with a person you no longer want to see ? The clock said 3.06 and I knew sleep had sold me to insomnia. I switched on the lights and stared at myself in the mirror, typical, I know, but can't help. I looked funny, with my hair exploring all possible directions, but nevertheless, it was a cute sight. Strangely, I never find myself pretty when I doll up.

I sunk back into bed and lamely started thinking about what qualifications does one need to be called beautiful. Yesterday morning, I had seen a woman commit suicide because her husband constantly butchered her self confidence by criticizing every part of her physical being. The show was 'Satyameva Jayate' and before everything else, I'd applaud Aamir Khan for his bold initiative. That woman's face popped up inside my head again and again and I couldn't help but wonder, what kind of a man would do that.

I don't have silk threads on my head and its a rare in a million chance that they decide to obey me and stay where I want them to. Teenage has left its footprints on my face. I'm an average 5'3" and I bite my lips whenever my mother is out of sight. Does all this make me less of a person that I want to be ?

Isn't it all about what you're wearing under your skin ?


  1. Simply put; What you wear over your skin changes with age, time and/or circumstance while what is beneath usually remains constant for a lifetime.

    It becomes a question of choice thereafter.

  2. Truly, beauty lies within.
    Its for you and the others to see :)

    And that urge to talk to someone you knew, but having to hold back is such a strange feeling. Almost like, 1 min you're friends and then it's no more.. Crazy mind we have! :D

  3. I think I would have contacted the person I had a dream about, well I suppose it depends on what the dream was. As for inner beauty, you seem to be very good at that already by not really liking it when you're all dolled up. Natural beauty, and inner beauty, is much better than any processed "beauty" could ever be.

  4. This is such a beautiful view of true beauty :)

    Im glad to read you again..lovely choice of words as always

    Take care :)

  5. People's comments can shatter our confidence so easily.. It's difficult to remain strong at times.
    Real beauty definitely comes from within!
    Loved the write up. Very well written :)

  6. Nice post! Inner Beauty is always more beautiful!

  7. Beautiful Ayu. Just like you! <3 I wish everyone understand this!

  8. Ah. How wonderfully written. I actually love the way you put it.

    Oh and yeah, that episode of Satyameva Jayate was painful. I literally cried.



  9. I don't get such dreams. But if I do, I would definitely call.
    AND the show 'Satyameva Jayate' is a real bold initiative. I sometimes wonder What is the government doing ? Where is the law ? I'm left with unanswered questions.

    And yeah, beauty lies with in, which people tend to overlook.
    Nicely written.

  10. When we view ourself with the eyes of a critic we start imagining flaws where they are not! If we feel beautiful we will look beautiful :D
    It was heartbreaking to see a girl so talented to end up in a marriage where she lost her self worth and finally her life. Satyameva jayate brings forth the mirror where we see ourselves and maybe thats the reason it touches hearts..

    P.S: Instantly identified with the first few lines. I have had such a friend too

  11. 200% i agree with u, even i felt very sad after watching Satyameva Jayate, just "nose", she committed suicide, does that really matter ? never know until i put myself in her shoes..

    But inner beauty is eternal

  12. very well said .. WE all our beautiful people , each single soul is jsut need the eyes to see it ..


  13. People say that what is inside is what matters, but then again they still judge people sometimes by the luks. Its human. But yes a beautiful face with a stained character, wont take u too far!

  14. So much truth in this post, thanks for sharing. Tell me did you end up calling your childhood friend? Perhaps she too was thinking of you and would have loved to hear from you :)

    God bless you always my blog friend!

  15. Awww I loved your post!! And yes, the inside definitely means and matters a lot lot lot more than our outer beauty. That is to wear off very soon! But what remains with us forever is our inner beauty. And it is a pity people don't realize that.

  16. The blog header looks ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL & PERFECT! Wow <3

    People say it's about character, about inner beauty, but in the end everyone judges you by the way you look and/or dress. And it sucks.


  17. Of course what's inside is what matters. Sadly that doesn't stop us from dolling up. And stop people from expecting us to doll up. It's a sad world. Hope you have people around who understand what beauty really is.

  18. Wow!! M glad I came across ur blog girl!
    Inside beauty is actually that remains even when u r 80 yr old!!
    Love Eshna

  19. I couldnt be happier about the header too! I love it tooo! :D

  20. Inner beauty always shines through, making one look pleasing and attractive despite the features.

    Well said. Nice read. :D

  21. So very true..beauty has become quite a topic of debate everywhere thanks to 'Satyamave jayate'
    One who wants to see the real beauty in you will see it no matter what.
    Why didn't you call your friend?
    A sleep is great hairstylist :D

    Coming here after a longtime..feeling real nice!

  22. Good post.
    Inner beauty is within our heart and mind. Committing suicide is not at all a thing to do.

  23. Wonderfully written. Our outward appearance or beauty does not stay for long. What is inside is what matters. The qualities , the abilities are what will define a person at all times and that is the true inner beauty. Really nice :-)

  24. To,

    One of the most beautiful people I have never met,

    With love,
    An admirer of your pen.


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