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May 17, 2012

Silhouette of Entertainment.

This post has won the second prize in Vodafone's 'Internet is Fun' contest.

Not long ago, there used to be a time, when lazy nights felt like a long never-ending strange daze, doctor's waiting room wanted to bite you with sour boredom, the super drowsy weekend, endless hours of idleness in barely moving traffic, with no play and finally your sanity made you question the existence of messiah ?


He answers your prayers and creates the Internet.

When I was a little girl, internet was an unattainable territory and I wanted to know all about it. Why? You ask? Need I say, the forbidden fruit always tastes the sweetest. Every alternate day, I reached my computer classes at sharp 8 am, and made anonymous friends on Yahoo! Chat, yes, said the trend. Those were the days, when I was ready to wake up early and bear bitter sleep deprivation in exchange for one sweet hour of undisturbed chatting and googling, and these are the days, when the whole world rests inside the device in my hand – My smart phone.

A camera that clicks better than a real one, millions of applications that never let boredom wander anywhere near me, a video recorder for whenever there are precious moments to be cherished, 16 GB and extendable memory to store my music collection, maps, a GPS device and most importantly, the new silhouette of entertainment, The INTERNET. It still isn’t an easy fact to comprehend that you can browse your way to any and everything in just one click ON THE GO. Internet has rolled this world into its tiny little fist to meet our every need at its desperate hour.

Exactly ! Who would've thought ?
Picture Credits - littlemomentsofbliss.blogspot.in

Because I'm a software engineer by profession, my dear friends are placed in companies all around our country and some have even crossed oceans for higher studies. Losing touch with them will never even be the last thing I'd want to do, and my Vodafone internet says 'I never have to'. Smile! and there you go, mail it, Facebook it or twitter it, stay connected in whatever way pleases you. Who knew? one day I would be fling angry red birds at ugly green pigs to kill time and enjoy it too. Low on talktime ? Forget about rushing to the nearest store for recharge, Recharge online with the help of internet. The kind of convenience that mobile internet provides is impalpable, but what astonishes me more is the variety of options in which it does so.

If internet were a girl, it would wear a proud smile and walk with such pomp and glory, for it has positively made itself indispensable to mankind.

Instant messaging, re-living those memories by receiving comments on the picture, happily walking with that assignment in one hand and Wikipedia in another, the joy of finding your lost way through a google map, the sheer pleasure of downloading music at mere 1Re, watching silly little videos uploaded by friends on Youtube that remind you why your life is incomplete without them, dating, humor, the latest IPL fetish, news while on the travel, finance, all this and more. Who knew technology would join hands with mobile internet and make all this possible one day. Its such a blessing. And the easy access is the cherry on the cake.

My father was the first person in our huge joint family to have bought a mobile phone. I remember fidgeting with it once while he was asleep, the phone switched itself off and I panicked like a raccoon thinking I'd murdered it. And I won't lie, but my father is not an internet savvy new age person, although he does love access to the web, a path for which I always had to aid him, on the desktop. But since the day I've told him about mobile internet, I bet he's the happiest person with a smartphone in his hand. Apart from the fun games, all the utility apps have made his life much less tiring and much more simpler. Whats more ? Now, whenever we decide to have a family evening out, he books our tickets on bookmyshow.com on his cellphone. In other words, Vodafone's mobile internet is making my dad celebrate his life.

And then comes my blog, my outlet, my savior, my hero, I need an absolute 24*7 link with it at all times, my drafts are overflowing with notes filled with my heart's stupid musings, but the fun part is that after I write, they don't bother me anymore. This is the best facility that I avail with my mobile internet. Whatsapp, Viber, Skype, such apps have secured a non-resilient place in our lives, and all of it, for the better good.

After all this, you tell me, would it be wrong, if I'd call Internet, The Silhouette of Entertainment in such modern times ? 

Picture Credits - littlemomentsofbliss.blogspot.in

All the best to all those who are participating in this contest.

This post is an official entry to Vodafone's Internet is Fun contest hosted by IndiBlogger. You may vote for it here.

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PS - Aren't the new Vodafone ads a visual treat to the eyes ? They so refreshing from the regular genre :)


  1. Nice read:) Good luck for the competition.

  2. The internet is fun, and it is a wondrous tool, but it still has it's downsides, and over-saturation is as bad as it is with everything really.

  3. If internet were a girl she has become indispensable already:) I think you touched every aspect so nothing left except to stand up and clap for this lovely post! Best wishes for the contest!

    1. :D Your comments always mean a lot :)

  4. All the best with the contest..
    Internet is jsut one of those things these days one you Cant live without and One which is becoming a pain tooo ...


  5. no u r pretty right. And i loved the title of ur post actually :)
    well written..good luck for the contest!


  6. yes all very true..feel the same way..im totally addicted to all those things you mentioned too :D but, at time dont you feel a lil burdened by it..i feel like switching off my phone and throwing it somewhere to get some peace of mind :P
    anyways al de best for the competition! :)

    1. As I said earlier rc, every pro accompanies a con !

  7. Thanks for the informative writeup.


  8. internet sure is fun.. i met you :) :).. all the best for the contest :)

  9. That was very well written post. Internet keeping you busy, huh! With Smartphones, there's more to do for certain.

  10. All the best. I hope you win this contest.
    Enjoyed reading this post. Nice one.
    Yes, the new ads are a treat to watch.

    1. Thank You :)
      And I so totally love these new ads :)

  11. Hi

    Very Nice Post! Good Luck for the contest :)

  12. Congrats on your award. Great going! :)

  13. many congratulations...do share your IPL experience!

  14. A very nice read. :-) I belong to an average middle class family and had first access to internet when I was 16 !! Now I am 27 and it seems Internet has become a daily unavoidable need for me. Internet is good if used in controlled manner. But the addictive nature of internet is very harmful.


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