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September 22, 2012

The Krishna Key - A Book Review.

Book Summary of The Krishna Key

Five thousand years ago, there came to earth a magical being called Krishna, who brought about innumerable miracles for the good of mankind. Humanity despaired of its fate if the Blue God were to die but was reassured that he would return in a fresh avatar when needed in the eventual Dark Age—the Kaliyug.

About The Author (Source : Internet)

Ashwin Sanghi is one of the well known writers in the Indian literary scene, and an author of thriller fiction. He shot to fame through his first release, The Rozabal Line. His books are characterized by extensive research, and they're fast paced political or historical thrillers.

Ashwin is an entrepreneur by profession but writing historical fiction in the thriller genre is his passion and hobby. Ashwin was educated at the Cathedral & John ConnonSchool, Mumbai, and St Xavier's College, Mumbai. He holds a masters degree from Yale and is working towards a Ph.D. in Creative Writing. Ashwin lives in Mumbai with his wife, Anushika, and his son, Raghuvir.

My Review

Given the literary history of the author and his title of ‘Dan Brown of India’, my expectations from this book were high since the minute I signed up for it. This is my second book that relates itself to the great Indian Mythology, and that is a surprise in itself, because of my interest issues. But nonetheless, you haven’t lived enough until and unless you’ve explored all the flavours on life’s platter, and my taste buds are very cooperative.

Krishna Key is no doubt an intriguing read. Ahswin’s writing style will hold your interest right uptil the last page of the book, not to mention Dan Brown will always occupy one little corner of your mind, no matter how hard you try to concentrate. The way the final loose edges of the plot have been brought together into a thrilling conclusion is commendable. The amount of research that has gotten into the making of this book is worth giving a mention here. Pictures have also been provided that help the reader get a better perspective as o what all is going on.

Glimpses of a poor proof-reading can be seen in a few places if you read the book carefully. The story struggles to keep in place because these mistakes can be a big spoiler for some. Names of characters have been mixed up in a couple of places. The errors were simple and should have caught the much deserved attention of the writer’s or the publisher’s pen.

I may not give a very glowing recommendation to this book for you if you’re not a Dan Brown-thriller fan. I may as well end up calling this one as a work of fan fiction.

My Rating 


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  1. Hey, thanks for an honest review. Hats off~

  2. Well It put e off reading about the Typos or mistakes, If someone who is writing and wants people to spend money to buy his/her book , Can't be bothered to make sure the proof reading is done properly , then surely their is a problem..

    Its like If i dont do my job properly I will be sacked , so basically they have not done their job properly ..


  3. Nice review..!! Realized it was part of some indiblogger contest only later.. Good luck..!!

  4. Very informative review Ayushi
    keep posting:)



  5. Its very dan brown inspired thingy...from cover page to narration etc...my review awaits :)

  6. Ayushi, the books of this genre impress when not only they have a very taut story line, but excellent editing too! Any compromises are surely reasons for less than promising value proposition:)

  7. I'm seeing the 'Dan Brown' comparison everywhere and having read it, have to agree.. the similarities are quite hard not to miss. Still, I would say kudos for the well-researched theme and it is, in the aspect, better than most of the present day Indian authors work.

  8. Thank you for the honest review, Ayushi :)


  9. Thank you for the honest review, Ayushi :)


  10. Well you should have mention about the logical reasoning Ashwin has given to indian rituals and it is certainly a daring step to draft such a hugely detailed novel. One more thing, i like to mention that research work took more time of writer than engagement of story.

    Please share your point on this part.


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