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September 16, 2012

The Slum.

I see their clenched stomachs, impregnated with pangs of hunger,
But it also carries great strength, the one that urges them to earn every little morsel.

I see them dancing and bathing in the pools of mud,
But my contemptuous darting glares never seem to disrupt their innocent smiles.

I hear the pain and anguish of a molested daughter,
But the tenacity of togetherness heals her wound.

I feel their bare chapped feet, running on my skin,
But they leave the essence, of the touch of a pristine baby.

I smell the fear, of their hut collapsing on a rainy day,
But their palace stays intact, blessed by the power of their prayer.

I know that fortitude, the one that controls their darkest emotions,
But it also tells me, that they are broken inside.

I support the colossal bamboo that serves as their only toy
But their empty eyes fail to hide, that longing for something more.

I wonder, how would it feel,
If only for a day, I could Soak no more.

I see them cry, I hear them laugh, I soak it in,
For I am the Slum.


  1. Hard hitting and very crisp....like the fact that you don't resort to using heavy duty words to drive home your point. Cheers. :)

  2. Beautifully written with deep meaning..

  3. True portrayal of the harsh life these people live but still smile! They are the real human face who do not give up and continue to strive each day! Very well written , Ayushi!

  4. Hey I was working on the similar thing but guess its not as good as yours...so dropped the idea...This one is too good..very deep and soul searching.

  5. great post.

  6. Hmmm well sadly this is the truth for a lot of people..

    wish and hope things change for everyone

    hard hitting


  7. Damn you! The ending was so powerful...

  8. Unfortunately this is the condition of a lot of people.. very strongly written! Well done.

  9. Ayushi i am currently observing the children you speak of &what you say mirrors the truth.I attempted to intervene & bring them near to our own way of living but they are not interested & happy as they are.I don't pity their way of life because they are imbibing values which will stand them in good stead.

  10. Very good representation of a sensitive topic.

  11. Very Very deep ..! loved the way you portrayed the feeling and the acute scenario they have to dwell with everyday..:) good luck..

  12. pretty simplistic form of poetry that's truly touching...

  13. i hv seen the delhi slums.. even visited one by the side of railway lines.. u know wat.. people there live off the foods thrown by the passengers.. how pitiable their lives is! ur poem has pulled a chord in my heart..

  14. a great portrayal of the children of slum, nicely written.

    hope you would like my words, have tried to write on the same aspect.


  15. It simply depicts the pain...liked your choice of words..:)

  16. hmm nice effort..keep it up..
    so when you are going to publish your book?
    keep space there for my site too...
    Good luck

  17. nicely written....."broken inside".....a sad reality.....have you read thrity umrigar's The Space Between Us.....if not read it....it just tears your heart....so blatantly true of the struggle of poor people and the hypocrises of the middle class.....a must-read....

  18. You have a beautiful way with words Ayushi. I haven't been around here for a while so busy catching up...


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