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July 18, 2011

I ♥ Sidney Sheldon

Because this blog proudly boasts of being familiar with all things I love, this post just had to be here.

S I D N E Y   S H E L D O N 

the writer with substance, the writer with a certain class of his own.

the writer who believes in women, the writer who believes in their willingness to bring change.

In my sophomore year of engineering, a middle-aged professor came for a little seminar on the importance of soft skills. I can never thank him enough. If it wasn't for him, I would have never stumbled upon any of those dark contrasted novels with titles like 'Bloodline' and 'Are you afraid of the dark ?'.
That professor bizarrely emphasized 'communication skills' way too much, over and over again and wanted us to read these two novels he recommended, before his next visit.
Being the ruthless book-eater that I am, I landed straight into the book shop and grabbed a copy of each.
One of them was 'If Tomorrow Comes' by Sidney Sheldon. (Tracy Whitney is seriously his best heroine ever, Go get a copy and thank me later :D)
and the other one was 'The inscrutable Americans' by I-dont-know-whom. (which I haven't read even until today). Since that day, there has been no looking back.
And today my collection proudly owns all the 18 novels the legend has written in his lifetime.


I remember those nights when I'd feasted upon them, Mom would peek in at 3 in the morning telling me to sleep and stop reading, but they are so darn unputdownable, I could not part my fingers from the pages.
They aren't novels, they're drugs.
Always leave you wanting for more.
And you never get enough of them.
Sadly, the writer isn't alive to enchant our minds anymore but Tilly Bagshawe is taking the legacy forward.
I've read her work, the one she dedicates to Sheldon. Great going, lady :)

This Wishful Rambler wishes him back to life.

Was that a real shooting star ?

P.S. For all those folks who aren't familiar with the legend, Buy any one of those 18, and I promise you won't be needing anyone to tell you to get the rest of the 17.


  1. Great, I have read every book of Sidney Sheldon. My favorites are Morning, Noon and Night and Master of the Game. Nice to see a post on Sidney. Great work!

  2. Read the other one too.. I don't remember when I read it may be two years back when I was in Lucknow yet it's quite engrossing and beautifully penned.

    Weakest LINK

  3. SIdney SHeldon...one of my most fav authors at one time. I have his every book! Every one :P

    the top 5 are
    1. If tomoro comes
    2. Master of the Game
    3. Rage of Angels
    4. Bloodline
    5. Tell me your dreams

    I swear, you read these 5, you will get goosebumps all over again. Btw wanted to ask you since you are a book worm like me, care to join a Book Review blog, A LOT OF PAGES??

  4. I've read all his books except 2 .. I love the way he writes. It's like you're in the middle of the story,convinced about something and then in the end,turns out completely different! :D
    Oooh I love P.C. and Kristin Cast too :D

  5. OMG,I love that --> " Dear fallen eyelashes,
    Kindly get to work,I wish to be a little playful kid again. " <3

  6. Brilliant. Im nt an avid reader, but , ya, i started reading because of him.
    Great job, Ayushi!:) And, i lurve, ur new layout.

  7. Oh yes Sidney!!! I have ready every book of his and my favorite is 'Tell me your dreams' and the ending still haunts me!! :)

  8. The first Sheldon book that I read was "Are you afraid of the dark?" and back then i 7th grade it shook me :P Heehee :D but the I like the author, his books have some element of surprise on each page :) Nice read!


  9. thank you for this tribute, there was a time
    when all I read was Sidney Sheldon.

  10. I just love all the books written by him and really proud of the 16 books i own.. :)
    At one point i would just read and re-read his books over and over again... I don't think there will ever be an author like him again.. :|

  11. :) He was my favorite too. The first novel I read was "Tell me your dreams". After that I read so many. Now I feel he is a bit chocolate writer. But I still love reading his books. Whenever my little cousins say they gonna start reading books, I tell them start with one of sidney's.


  12. Do read "Doomsday Conspiracy"...Its slightly different from his other tales :)
    And please do drop by and feel free to voice your opinion, I'm new to blogging :)

  13. Hey welcome to blogger :)
    I'll visit soon and I've read them all :)

  14. You have no clue how MUCH I can relate to the post, right down to the reading-at-3am part.

    Sheldon. IS. EPIC.


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