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July 11, 2011

Do you see the monster walking away with the filth ?

I apologize if the kind of language I use in this post offends you at any point of time. It was really important for me to pen this down without censoring anything.

Since past couple of weeks, I've stopped reading The Times Of India. On purpose. Mom thinks I've become lazy and lost interest in reading because I don't even open Delhi Times. The day before yesterday, she asked me if she should tell the newspaperwallah to stop delivering the english newspaper. Tragedy struck me. I could not part ways with my newspaper. I managed a quick NO and grabbed that day's copy. I couldn't tell her what was going on.
It was yesterday, I turned over to page 2 and there it was in bold capitals '16 year old gang raped by dance teacher and his friends'. Tremors of shock,anger,rage went through me. I read the story. It told they were four of them, and two of them were minors, below fifteen. I was blown away. But I was glad on further reading that the bastards were caught and the case was filed. It made me speak aloud, 'Darn you filth, I'm not proud to be a citizen of my own country because of you'.

Plus what is up with the statistics ? It said compared to 2010's July, 2011's July has reported a 10.73% decrease in rape cases. What the fuck is wrong with this system. Even a single girl raped in 365 days should be a failure for them.
If I were even a little significant in deciding what should be the punishment for these sons of bitches, I would have recommended hanging them, not till they die, but till the victim feels satisfied from within that she has been avenged. Not that it will be of any help, not that the writhing pain would find an outlet out of their crying souls, but because this is all that can be done.
These bastards do whatever their filthy heart desires and then get away with it as easily as they get into it. Who is to be blamed ? The victim ? who sometimes stays quiet fearing public humiliation and future disgrace Or the system ? who listens to those bold hearts who gather the courage to come out, files a case, does some paperwork, catches the accused, and then eventually releases them succumbing to certain superior pressure.
A 12 year old raped,  A 10 year old molested, I mean don't these monsters have any moral conscience ?

An acquaintance of mine who must not be named here, told me an incident the other day that actually moved the ground underneath me. Late at night she was out with some neighborhood buddies for a walk, they waved goodbyes and marched towards their homes. She was suddenly interrupted by a man on his bike who looked like in his twenties, his face was covered, he had an office badge of the company that too must not be named here, and a laptop bag hung diagonally across him. All this description must have pictured a decent guy returning home from work. But the bastard then started doing 'stuff-unmentionable-here' in front of the girl. She froze for a millisecond and ran screaming from there. Listening to this I actually wanted to give Papa a call and thank him for being so strict. My father doesn't even let me go to the next-lane confectioner without somebody elder and responsible with me. I always fought with him saying 'you'll never let me become independent Papa' and storm out of the room. But realization has struck me hard in the head now. And I want to be a parent just like him someday.

Although they've never showed much of her show in India, but I myself look up to this lady. Oprah Winfrey. the legendary philanthropist. was molested at 4, raped at 9, a mother to a boy at 14, who shortly died thereafter, and still a live example for those victims of fate. That lady has obviously not had a normal childhood like we have had but managed to send the people responsible for this behind bars, built a place and standard for herself that would be hard to achieve for any individual who even dares to try for at least another millennium.

I'm a very pretty and happy writer most of the days but I needed to get this out of my head. I just got the news of a 12th grader molesting a kid in 3rd grade and my blur overflowed. I mean for God's sake, he's a little baby who is supposed to paint a sunshine scenery with his newly bought pastels, not experience this cruelty. I wish the bastard gets beaten up to death by an angry mob.

I wish our country apes some of the strict judiciary laws of the west instead of that lame nothingness and nudity.

Tonight, send me a shooting star.

Tonight, I wish a better place to live in.


  1. Even if the newspapers and media telecast everything live, they never care to cover the whole damn case transparently.
    Only the victim can tell the exact incident, but because of our so called "System" and "Society", she is too scared to do so. Is India really developing when the Capital itself tops the list of such horrifying stories. When the cops themselves tease the girls and ladies, what are we expecting from the criminals anyway!
    It's all Bullshit.

  2. Yes....there is this big bug in our system. Everyday the crime-page of the newspaper introduces us to a new case of this type, and sometimes even more than one. Don't the judiciary - looking at the statistics they read (infact being the one who is actually counting) - realise that a serious immediate amendment is required in their articles to curb such brutal incidents. And the guilty accused, they certainly need to be hanged or atleast improsoned for life and not just for 14 years of term, indifferently.

  3. The sad part is that even if the victim gets justice for the crime, they are not treated the same again in the society after that. Some of us avoid them when we get to know about their past. How many of the victims receive trauma care? Most of the victims are too poor and live in villages. More than justice they need love, else their future will remain mangled for life :)

    Please do watch a TED talk by Sunitha Krishnan

    Please dont feel angry :) We can always do something about everything :)

  4. The other day Uttar Pradesh DIG mockingly said that Rapes are not something new, every now and then 5 rapes are reported through out the country. The official was taking pride in his statement, how tragic and horrible was that.

    And, its not about going out alone, its about the mental illness few men possess.

    Weakest LINK

  5. Ayushi: I have other thoughts on that, UP isn't the worst state of India from any point of view. Rapes and molestation cases are more frequently happening in Delhi than anywhere in the country. I have been living in Chandigarh and find people more friendly and willing to help even a stranger in Lucknow than in Punjab. The public transportation system is the best in the country in UP living aside metro cities like Bangalore too far behind. Don't flow in the sentiments.

  6. It's depressing to say the least, the paper that is. What state of life are we heading to? There isn't a day that goes by without something of this sort happening, even though the sleepy place I live in is far safer than most Indian cities. I went through the whole cycle of denial, rage, hating the human race, wishing we all burn in Hell for our unspeakable sins, giving up and acceptance.

    Written with a passion which shows. Bravo. More of us should do this.

    I have fallen in love with your blog!:D So simple and sweet and reminds me of Unicorns. Such a pretty template as well.

    Keep writing!

  7. Completely agreee with this post!!
    Victims feel it's somehow their fault or they are under pressure to keep shut and half the cases never get official ..

    BTW very well written .. New follower :D

  8. oh dear...i wrote such a long comment and my views on this post of urs but suddenly my lappy just got shut:/...i understand ur sentiments Aayushi...i agree with a frnd of mine who says that men who rape women should be castrated....sari akal thikane aa jayegi tab..its indeed sad that even our police constables are not reliable..they too come under the bracket of hungry monsters...and well u knw what instead of saying that u want to become strict like ur dad for ur kids..in the future...may be raising ur voice and taking an action to avoid Delhi getting worse is a better option..

  9. Ps: I love your 'about me' thingy .. Cute :D

  10. Such crimes are more a reflection of the local mentality and what is deemed as acceptable. Also, it goes to show that there is no fear of law-enforcers in that system (kinda expected in places where every second person knows a mantri or a babu, etc)

    It's a real shame...and we cant blame the system completely. Coz the crime exists within our own society..its our own people/neighbours/brothers/friends..


  11. Haahaha, who isn't? ;-)
    Aww thanks :"> *beams* :D Thank you so much!!

    And yeah,I agree. If fathers can do such horrible stuff,what is to be expected from anyone else? :(

  12. well nicely written first of all.Revenge has never served a purpose though.A rape victim might get temporary soul satisfaction and sense of peace that the one who committed the filthy act got punished but the scars lives really long ,sometimes forever in some cases.The reason is very simple.Its not only the rape that takes such a painful toll on the innocent heart but its the after thoughts and social consequences of it.India,as a society has still to learn to share and care.People show sympathy to the rape victim and curse the sinner.Cursing the sinner aint the thing that worries me but pitying the victim like she has lost everything,the very purpose of her life ??? damn it,is that all life about ??Does she not have the very right to live respectfully and without being treated like a legless deceased puppy crawling on the road who we throw crumbs of rotten bread to out of pity ?? Shameful Attitude.Weakens her to the core.Education is what they need.Educating them about their rights and what all they are capable of doing as a human being apart from sitting or perhaps hiding in homes cooking meals for someone.

  13. And as far as sitting in home is supposed to be considered the best thing anyone can do, I have known girls who have beaten the shit out of assholes on any scale possible and taught them a goddamn needed lesson.Just a few months ago I witnessed such a scene and yeah in the very same capital which considers girls weak and not safe in its own perimeters.

  14. I truly appreciate the way you have written it. It would take me a while to come out of the dilemma now. However I am glad to come across something like this. Keep writing please and keep us updated. GOOD LUCK!

  15. Suree : You're so darn right. India as a well close knit society has to learn a lot about care and its beautiful outcomes.The victim is actually made to believe that she is devoid of the right to be happy ever again.

  16. Anonymous : Thank you for stopping by !! :)

  17. Sometimes I wish we didn't have a law or lawmakers in place. It would be so much more gratifying to kill with your own bare hands, the person who tries to strip you of your dignity.

    Whenever there's a rape case, there will a hundred idiots who cry "It was the girl's fault!! She was wearing western clothes! She was out alone at night!" So do we have no freedom at all? In our own country? And the 3-year old girl that got rapes, was she also wearing revealing clothes that got the rapist aroused? I think not.

    I have always been curious to know how the mind of a rapist works. Can't they even afford to go to a sex-worker, if they so badly want sex? Is free sex all they want? Then get married. Don't torture someone else's daughter, sister or wife.

  18. Exactly my point twin. I also have been curious to know the inner working of a rapist's mind, I wonder how does pain arouse them.

    Heartless Bastards !

  19. "Tonight, send me a shooting star.
    Tonight, I wish a better place to live in."

    There you go, Serendipity, reaching my soul, touching my heart. ♥

  20. I am forced to think that these people are devils in under human skin, no conscience, no remorse at all. Forget about remorse, I don't care if they plead guilty when presented before the law. If I had my way, I would have just burnt them alive. Made them feel exactly the same way as the victim.


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