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July 1, 2011

* I chose this Family of mine *

My last few posts have been too much into conspiring people to become prettier on the inside, as if I'm some spiritual guru. Well well, this is a happy day and I'm not going to get wasted today. The sky is drizzling, and right now, the front porch of the first floor of my home is the most delightful place to be in. My heart has been fluttering since days to rave and ramble about some people who spell F-R-I-E-N-D-S for me, and it's just not under my control now. I might not call you everyday, might not text you everyday, but there have been times I've quietly adored being friends you. :)

>Divya - I'm starting this expedition with you my little fairy because you're totally worth it. During our fights, when you slyly slide the text saying 'you'll never find anyone who'll love you more than me' I actually smile a little to myself, climb on the ninth cloud, enjoy the view, take a while to get back to the present and suddenly it's difficult to remember why were we fighting in the first place, because somewhere, your friendship suffices my every need. Yes, don't ask me again, you do wrinkle your nose when you roll on the floor laughing :D

>Rahul - Guys generally do not adore being called angels. But my dear friend, you totally asked for it. You're customized to be my angel in disguise. ;) I swoon over the way you just can't help being nice.

 - Fall of 2010 was the worst phase of my life and if it weren't for you, I would have never got over it. Almost half of my madness is your gift to me ;) Even if I just say hello, you sometimes laugh so hard, it literally tickles me :D I'm sure you don't know this but you've already started resembling Greek Gods. Stop looking so good, else you'll soon be too gorgeous to stay on earth ! ( Nobody shall ever know you bribed me to write that, :D) 
P.S. A girl on this list has a huge crush on you ;) No more details to be revealed from my side ;) I know you just went berserk. :D I'm lovin' it :)

>Aayushi - Have I ever told you aayu that Ive never liked people who share my first name with me ? ( A girl named aarushi was a classmate of mine in 3rd grade and I never shared my lunch and my pack of 64-oil pastels with her, Yes, I was a mean bitch back then ;) ) I'm sure I must have, some day. And  you are my charming exception. Darn you. Nobody I know, has as beautiful a heart as you have. I wish you meet Enrique someday :P

>Anuradha - My Miss 'sixteen forever'. You sure are one of God's took-a-lot-of-time creation. :) He showered you with all the sweet adjectives I could ever imagine of. You're cute, petite, pretty, intelligent ( actually almost a scientist at that ), and trust me you can memorize more in a day than I can ever, in months. Your innocence steals away a lot of hearts sweetheart. Keep them safe ;)

>Garima - Skin of a british baby, Hair of a blonde, Eyes a translucent green. Need I write more ? ;) The only thing that bugs me, now that college is over, is that I don't get to be anybody's agony aunt anymore :( I see you at 8 in the morning, you're all beautiful, dressed up, shiny. I see you again at 4 the same evening, you're more beautiful, more fresh and more chirpy. And you've got to tell me today, How on earth do you do that ?

>Ankita - I instantly love people who have dimpled smiles, and you my love, are one of them :) My partner in crime ;) Your texts after two in the morning are crazy and awesome. I never want to stop receiving them. :)

>Dhruv - My practical, no non-sense, sweet buddy. Shove me as many times as you want, but, dhruv, you will be the first person on this list, to get married ;) :P I know you just picked up your iPhone and now you're calling her up to tell her ayu wrote something like this :P Counting on you has never been disappointing and I know it never will be.
P.S. I desperately want you to scandalize a little more ;)

>Bhumika - Okay Okay, Why don't you just shake that belly already ? You make some of the best dance moves I've seen live motu. Your belly moves like a serpent. ;) Your hair color is a hit, You cook the best of everything, You're going to be an engineer next year, plus you're beautiful. WTF. Were you ever on a virtue-stealing spree to some place ? You just have the best of all worlds.
P.S. I love the way you babysit me, *whenever required*

>Aditya - My most adored toddlerhood connection ;). Couldn't you settle for a little less than being perfect ? you make me feel so unemployed, and important, all at the same time. I love it when my phone blinks saying 'new text message from adi'. I know that made you smile ;) And an important note-worthy message for all single girls reading this - This guy is a total catch, Go for him. :)

>Risha - Dont be surprised to find your name on this list jholi :D I haven't forgotten school and tuitions and our letters ;) Getting back in touch with you was the best thing to have happened to me in the past few months. Your wide rabbit smile is super cute. You sometimes make me wish I had teeth like that. :D

BTW Am I really too lucky ? or is it just the hangover of me writing the above post ? I'm confused ! 


  1. This did surprise me my pretty jholi baby, in a pleasant way off course!! ;)
    And hats off to the way you expressed your darlings cum friends cum family so fucking well here. :D
    It's one of the best-est nice-est cutest est est piece of writings I've ever come across.
    Thanks for making my day. It was ultimate and you shine all over again all through the way!!

    P.S : I love you :)

  2. OMG it's soooo sooo beautiful :* the cutest blog i've ever read.and seriously u'hv written amazingly about all the frnz..Luv u my super-duper awesome writter <3

  3. Wow, the way you mentioned me in your FRIENDS is overwhelming :) You poured out your heart so beautifully that its making me feel so important all of a sudden:)(and others in the list too)
    Nobody ever mentioned me so lovingly (even angels would envy me on this:D),and in writing, nobody could do it better than you.
    I count myself lucky to have you Ayu:):)

  4. i mean, from where should i find words to praise u everytime!! i dont have such awesome writing skills as u have! bt yet again i have to say, a beautiful blog! <3

  5. thnks a ton bhatia fo dis..luv u infinitly:)

  6. This can't be a hangover, valuing friendship is the sweetest thing to see, experience and appreciate ;)

  7. Nice :)

    Know something? My daughter's name is Aayushi. :)

    1. That's a sweet co-incidence :)
      I wonder what made you choose this post instead of all the rest ;)


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