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Little Moments Of Bliss is a silhouette of a feeling that resides in my heart. A software engineer by degree, a writer at heart, and a teacher by profession, I'm all that I never thought I would be. Pretty pictures,a poem that blatantly refuses to rhyme, a text from a deranged friend, a sudden gesture of love, its these little things in life, that matter and sprinkle bliss. Grace the couch and share a cuppa!

July 13, 2011

My Sweet Nothings

I so adore making lists :) Here I come up with another one :) Certain very beautiful little instances of my life have been enlisted here and I'd so re-read this when I grow old, become a toothless granny and laugh my lungs out at how crazy I was :D

1. I love the strawberry fragrance of my new soft wash. It's so fruity and vibrant. Makes me feel like a fat strawberry fresh out of the green. LOL :D

2. When I'm bored studying, I love making weird patterns on the bed sheet ( I make good contrasts, I have pens in all colors ) and on the pajamas I'm wearing.
The look on mom's face is worth capturing when she sees them. :P

3. I love the feeling that hungry version of me experiences when I see my food arriving at a restaurant.

4. I absolutely adore the blue family. Aqua, Royal blue, Sea blue, Sky blue. Love'em all.

5. I love it when my mom sends me and my brother a text everynight saying 'I love you both, gudnite beta', although it takes her an eternity to write through her qwerty keypad, she does it for us.
I'm proud, I taught her how to text :)

6. I love to apologize without saying sorry.

7. I love it when I find people doing the same wierd things that I do.

8. I love it when after a long winter day, I get into my oh-so-cozy bed and my quilt takes time to move from cold to warm to more warm. That warmth makes it all worthwhile.

9. I love 'How I met your mother'. I feel so so so connected. I cried when Marshall lost his father.

10. I love the simplicity and neatness of cartoon character's lives. I used to read comic books when I was a kid and more than the story, the environment interested me. Any damn colored walls, clean neat simple homes, little windows, everything so cute and proper. (Yea, you guessed it right, I'm an obsessesive Virgo) :P

11. I love receiving instant replies to texts sent after 2 AM.

12. One new message on Facebook makes me much more happier than 10 new notifications.

13. When idleness leaves me with no choice, I love to paint pretty pictures on my nails :)

This picture came out as a result of my exam anxiety :P
14. I love the cold side of the pillow.

15. I love completing a task before the microwave beeps.

16. I love to try going back to sleep hoping to complete my incomplete dream.

17. I absolutely love to surprisingly find money that I don't know of in my jeans pocket.

18. I love balancing a light switch and then celebrate my little success with myself :)

19. This is one thing that does not happen but I'd love it if it ever does. I wish to receive letters from my friends. Not the ones they hand over to me themselves but the ones that are actually posted. The ones that have little drawings of hearts and flowers and stuff on the borders. :D Huh !! stupid cellphones and low call rate plans. Letters are extinct.

20. I love the sight and sound and feel and touch of the rain.

21. I totally love the tininess of baby clothes and other articles. My nephew and my neice give me tonnes of happiness by being so little and crazy :) !

22. I love falling asleep on a couch and waking up with a blanket on me. Mom Mom Mom. Can I ever love you more ?

23. Damn you Steve Jobs, You've made me fall in love with a gadget. I adore my iPhone like bees adore honey. I used to loathe touch screens and now my fingers try to flee off my hand when they see a keypad.
P.S. when is the next one coming out ?

24. I know 24 is a weird number to end this list but no censoring and no extra footage to anything that hasn't earned to be here.
- I love to smile when I send you a smiley. Sending an emotion and not an emoticon is the sweetest thing life taught me. :) (Yes, I did smile).

Have a pretty day :) !

Hugs :*


  1. Wondering me???!! 'Am a lot like you!!! a very very entertaining post.. loved reading it.... beauty :)


  2. Loved the whole post :D

    BTW 5,6,7,8,9,11,12,14,16,20 -- Same pinch :D

  3. bful:):)
    same same..
    i'll dfntly send u lttr 1dy..wait n watch..:p

  4. Well gone are the days I used to chat til late night through sms..love those days.. and nice knowing you :)

    Weakest LInk

  5. liked that 2nd point. ! So you started blogging 2 months ago huh! Pretty much impressed by the excellent posts. very good. keep it up. And please dont forget your blog ever. :)

  6. Hi Ayushi,
    my first here...And you made me go thru a very entertaining and beautiful words that describe you pretty well!

    Enjoyed being here...I can expect me again :)


  7. Ayushi, totallly adorable! :):)
    Makes me wanna write a list of my own!!
    and,i just found out, U r a fren to Meghna Chaudhary!
    No wonder, u all, write so so so beautifully.

  8. :) So cute, I could relate to most of the posts. This gives me lightness after the dark gloominess of my own blog:P

    Fat strawberry, you surpass yourself:)

  9. I would send you something if I knew ur address ;)

    Nice post by the way :)

  10. Loved reading your post and loved visiting your blog. All the best and keep writing more. .....and... bdw loved your nick "ayu" as I call my son the same :-)

  11. Great to know a little more about you!!! loved the part where your mom texts you saying gudnite. so sweet!!! :)lovely post!!!

  12. Girl, yo Cute! :):)
    and yeah, i think so because you do and feel a lot of things i do and feel! you're my kind :D

  13. hey!
    saw you on my following list but you din't comment .??

    and your post is amazingly sweet.

    plus i really like your template !

    have a nice day!

  14. Brother's love and cold side of pillow is a same pinch. Tch tch.

  15. Hey Ayushi,
    I just stumbled upon your blog...you have a very cute blog as energetic as perhaps you are :) would be great to hear from you :)

  16. Loved the compilation. Good one :)

  17. heh! So friggin cute!
    I am a virgo too so i half almost everything u penned down.
    I love HIMYM like a LOTTT!
    I too started blogging like 5 mths back!

  18. awwww..what a sweet post :) dont we all love our Mom's to death :) following your blog!

  19. wonderful writing,great post! you are a sweetheart :)

    Crying With A Sense Of Human

  20. Nice idea - nice text darling...

    come and visit the cookies blog <3

  21. I literally have to squeeze the thin time lines to write and to read.But as I am not very resourceful at being regretful I think its worth it as long as I get to read such lovely posts.90% of people when asked about themselves go clueless but this is some cream I must admit :) You and this girl risha might not see this at this point of time but with the kind of writing skills you girls got , trust the heavenly blessed ninja brain of Suri , you two will be invited to be the guest columnists in some kickass newspapers very soon :) Keep it up

  22. Risha is seriously something, she deserves it all. ahaan!! :D :D
    Ayu, the cutie blogger your words made me giggle like a kiddo and jump around in my room like a keyed toy! :D
    I ain't no virgo but you guys are so fucking sweet :)

  23. Ayushi....you have a way with words and a lovely blog. I loved reading and getting to know more about you.

    PS: thanks for visiting my blog and following!

  24. wow,i love the list,and i guess i've just fallen in love with your blog too...

    Thanks for dropping by and I'm following u <3

  25. Loved your post. Keep 'em coming :)

  26. Woman, are you my twin?? This is so freakishly similar to me!
    I feel so happy and proud when my mom sends me an sms, you know. :) She painstakingly types it out and sends, and signs of every text with "Love, Amma", even though she knows that I have her number saved.
    I actually started writing down the numbers that are similar to mine, and they are just so many that I'm not even going to bother to list them here. :) Let's just say, more than half of it is alike.

    P.S:- When's you' b'day, fellow weirdo-Virgo? :)

  27. A feel good post :) Me too love HIMYM!!! Legend-wait for it-dary :)

  28. awww Ayushi.....lovely. this was so honest and true from the heart. it makes me wanan write myself as well.:) btw sweetheart I still surprise my close friends by posting them letters or cards, coz I feel special doing so. I still make hand made cards, even if all they say is "Happy Birthday" and I love you. temme ur address...U'll sure get one from me:) and guess wht my bestie? is a virgo...u have chances too of becoming a close friend!!lol;):D
    loved ur nail art! and thats so cute wht u do to ur pajamas..and I too like balancing the switch in between, its fun!! I miss our old days..when we were kids. tailspin, Ducktales, Mickey mouse,and what not...and yeah..FYI I love to cook..and bake:) anyway ..loved the post:) and ur cute dp..Fb request coming ur way..temme if u are cool on my blog:)love

  29. Hey sweety, this was the sweetest comment ever :))) and I'm going to start the letter bsaga soon myself :) Virgos get along really well with Sagittarius, I have a very sweet sagi buddy, hope we have a lot to share in the near future. It's making me so happy you know, I generally don't make friends with a person so soon, but blogger is awesome, I love it :)) and you'll be glad to see my about me section which says, I cook decent food too :) thanks for the dp :)

  30. okay so how do u apologize without saying sorry??
    would luv to know that

  31. Shashank : thank you :)

    Sumburg : I do that with little gestures, with little compliments, that very clearly convey that I'm sorry for what I've done.


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