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October 11, 2011

The 10 Day 'Me' Challenge - Eight Fears.

With not much happening in my life lately, which implies having nothing much to write about lately, I've resorted to this 10 Day Challenge Posts, not necessarily in order :) I'm giving you a chance to know the chirpy me and forget about the 'Dark & Twisty' me :). The gym pains are gone, I lost some weight :D, I smile more, I actually laugh more :D, Yea, that's my favorite smiley :). I thought I'll leave gym after a month because some of you advised me to, but there is a change of plan :). My gym now offers 4 fish pedicures, 4 steam baths and 4 face spa's plus training plus aerobics, all at just Rs. 1500 per month :) Yes, I am one lucky girl :P I cannot part ways with it. Its awesome. But I still can't touch my toes with my fingers without bending my knees, work in progress :P

1. My people dying on me - I have been watching Grey's Anatomy from quite some time now and it struck me 'accidents happen' and 'people die' (You can't blame me if I'm talking too much about it, the show just doesn't seem to end, its 8th season is on air). 7 years ago, I was woken up at 4am by my mom, she informed me that my sick cousin, who had been fighting for her life since past one month, had died. My parents left in a haste, telling me to lock all doors after they're gone. I did not cry. I was too shocked to cry. I didn't sleep. I made it to the school that day and suddenly in the middle of the assembly I burst out. I cried because I had lost my sister. I cried because I suddenly realized how unfair it was for people to die on their loved ones. We never met much. We weren't that close. We saw each other only on occasions and family get-togethers. But it was a loss. It always will be.

2. Fear of drowning in the SEA - Yea, you read it right. I don't have the fear of drowning in water. I think it might happen in the sea. o_O There is just too much never-ending water in the sea.

3. Are you afraid of the Dark ? - Yes, I am. I am a light person. I love light. Bright shiny light. I can't function in the dark. It scares me to my very bones. Me and my friends visited that setup of a 'Haunted House' once. It was unexpectedly dark. It has almost been an year and I still apologize for digging my nails into D's hands :D.

For the record. D is my best-friend :). The kind that sobers you down when you are down with 9 tequila shots, brings you home, puts you to bed, tells your mom 'Aunty, the sun was too harsh today. She has a very bad head-ache, please don't wake her up until she wakes up on her own' and reassures her a 100 times that she isn't lying :P Only if you get that :P

4. Syringe - When I was a little girl, flu loved me. It paid visits every now and then and this stupid doctor stuck me with injections every time it did. Needles scared me. I used to try and explain mom about how serious this fear was but she thought it was a kid anxiety attack. Then one fine day, God helped :D. The nurse stuck me with an injection and I blacked out on the stretcher :D Mom was hyper-tensed. The doctor pointed out that it was not because of my fever, it was because I was too scared. Mom got a piece of God's mind and swore she would never let me go under a syringe again :D Shes keeping her word even today :D

5. Partner fear - I haven't dated much. It has always been more about friends than it has ever been about a relationship. And in this process, I have surprisingly and innocently created a huge mountain of expectations for my partner to meet. I'm afraid he won't be able to meet them :(

6. Crying infront of another living soul - I am a cry baby but definitely not a console baby. You don't get to console me. I cry. A lot. I cried even when Marshall's father died in HIMYM, I mean who does THAT. I cry when I'm angry, I cry when I'm sad. I can cry at the drop of a hat. I wasn't this fragile earlier. And I have no clue why it happens now. But my biggest fear is letting another person see me cry.

7. Fear of gaining ineffable amount of weight - Why is all the yummy and tasty food hazardous to my health and skin ? Its just beyond me.

8. Running out of stuff to blog about - Okay, now that's a newly developed fear. Since I'm not working or studying for the next 3 months, I'm afraid I might soon run out of stuff to write about. I know I share this bullet with some of you ;). 

It didn't end up being as chirpy as I thought it'd be but its going to get better :)

Have a good night :)


Little Moments Of Bliss


  1. My daughter has a fear of water she prefers showers to baths because of it....

  2. The thought of death used to scare me a lot when I was little. Now, it doesn't provoke any kind of emotion...

    Syringes, I hate them as much as they hate me. ~_~

    About the last fear....
    The blog is about you, so I guess you won't run out of stuff till you are alive :)

    Stay Blessed ^_^

  3. I got the light closed in my room yesterday because I could go mad with the sound mice were making. :/ and hey, even Hitler was scared of confined spaces. Guess we all have similar fears. and I am TOTALLY DITTO-ING on the last point. :P

    And aye, I see an "Addicted to Sidney Sheldon" post in the things I may like tab, GAWDD we're so similar, apart from the same names and stuff. HIMYM is another love :D

  4. Infact it was a very chirpy post :)!! Maybe because I associate with most of your fears??!!
    I am dead scared of losing people who are close to me. I still remember the time when my uncle passed away, and I was the only one to be next to my cousins because aunty had gone to the hospital. It was scary, disastrous and I couldn't cry, because I felt I had to be strong in front of my cousins!!
    I hate the dark. I detest it. So yes, same pinch on that as well :D
    I too cry a lot, only thing I act like I am a very strong person on face, but I am actually creating an ocean inside by crying :P
    And glad that your favourite smiley is :D!!! It is mine too :P :))

  5. Haha im fearful of drowning in the sea and gaining weight also! looks like we have a few things in common, haha :)

    - missshesaid.blogspot.com <3

    p.s sorry I disappeared for a bit. College got in the way of my blogging, but I've just made a new post so check it out! :)

  6. Jo-Anne : Kids all over the world detest head baths :D I have a couple of nephews with the same :D

    Shashank : When I was little, death remained in the heaven, and as I grew up, it started surfacing. Its scary, absolutely scary. That syringe black-out day was a landmark :D I've just had 3 blood tests after that incident. Its been so many years. Mom managed to avoid the rest :D And I really hope I never run out of stuff to write about :)

    Cяystal : haha :D many of us will ditto me on the last point :D I used to hate girls who shared my name with me, but now I absolutely adore them :) I have a very close friend with 2 a's in her share of our name :):) And Sidney Sheldon, He is my suspense hero :)

    Life-a-holic : :D You are a sweetheart :) You still think it is a chirpy post :) I can't word how glad I am. Losing our beloveds is the worst thing that happens to man. Yayy, we're both light people :) :D This :D was for our twin status :)

    Miss Cortni : Hows college treating you ? I'll surely check out your new post :)

  7. I think my most frequent nightmare is that of my parents both dying and me having to fend for myself.

  8. Just as I was about to ask which sea the mermaid has gone beneath to slumber in, she writes about her worst fear of seas :) Darkness, fear of potential boyfriend can be understood. But trust me, sea never lets you down! It always brings about a certain inexplicable joy. Next time your spirits ar down (hopefully not any time soon) go to the nearest beach and take a walk alone. You will understand what the salty breeze, the view of sun dipping in the water and the happy kids playing around can do to you..
    cheers :)

  9. A very nice post about fears! Well written!

  10. Even I can relate with 2 or 3 points.. well penned :)

    Weakest LINK

  11. We all have fears and I can so relate to yours. We share many...:) Nicely written!!!


  12. Hahaha. I don't know why but I found this hilarious.

    I don't have any of those fear.
    I fear crows. Now it's your turn to laugh. :-)

  13. darn, i do not know swimming :( and the death - beats the shite out of me!

  14. Heyi :)
    Good to be back here.. :)
    I share almost half of your fears.. :P
    But I love darkness and would love to gain some weight .. ;)
    Nice post.. :)
    Take Care
    Keep Smiling

    Love! :)

  15. Heya nice writeup :)


  16. Cricketfreak : fending for my own self isn't that big a task, losing them is.

    Musings : :D I live in the northern part of the country. No beaches within several miles of my existence :( But I can take your word for it :)

    Rahul : Thank You :)

    Rachit : Thank You :)

    Saru Di : Thank you :) I missed you on blogger :)

  17. Komal Ali : :D I actually did laugh :D

    Chintan : I knew that ;)

    Vanshika : Trust me, you do not want to start with the weight gain process :D
    You too, take good care :)

    Center Shocker : Thank You :)


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