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October 18, 2011

My Chocolaty Festive Spirit

Little Moments Of Bliss :)

There is something so naturally happy about this festive season that you can almost sense it in the air around you, specially in the evening. With Diwali round the corner, mom bribed me into making these chocolates for her guest's kids. Haha, pick up that jaw, I seriously made them and trust me its just a matter of minutes ;) Yes, 'Serendipity is a catch' :P:D Say that out loud and you can have one of those rose lollipops above the 'M' :P You know, the kind of kids that jump at the sight of my yummy looking chocolates, I adore them :) I remember an incident from last year. A kid followed me to our kitchen where I mixed in right proportions of what was needed to make my perfect squash. He thought I was slyly planning on poisoning their drinks :D, he acted like a spy and ran to his granny saying 'Don't drink whatever she's bringing, I saw her mixing some orange liquid in it' :D :D Plus this year, my friends are in for a surprise, I stole Papa's Royal Challenge and made liquor chocolates too.

Although it isn't that difficult and I'm hoping most of you know how to make chocolates at home, still, if you're interested in the 'how' part of it, leave me your e-mail id in the comments and I'll be more than happy to reply. And in return, you have to be my blog's critic. You have to tell me what do you most hate and love about my amateur blog :P The 'hate' part isn't that mandatory though :P And you know you love me, be politely critical :P

A little tip for newbies on blogger, stop leaving comments saying 'Hey, new reader, I'm following, why don't you follow me back ?' It won't take you a long way. Its gross and it gets on to my nerves. Kindly stop doing that. Follow me because you like what I offer, not because you need me to follow you back. I follow a lot of beautiful blogs, not because the writers asked me to, but because I love the way they make the transition from their minds to their pens. Its not about the no. of followers, the no. of comments, its only about 'content'.

I received this comment on my last post.

Deliver content, and acknowledge appreciation. 

That is the mantra.

P.S. No offense to any chocolate lover, but for the record, I personally hate chocolates. They're too brown, too sweet and too dark.


  1. Those chocolates look so yummy!!! And I want the recipe!!
    What I love about your blog??!! The words are just so touchy, I can actually feel what you feel through those words, which is probably the only quality needed for a perfect writer!!
    What I hate about it, or maybe you is that you keep calling it amateur and stuff, when IT IS NOT!!!

  2. Me no likey Diwali. It's the festival of frights, not the festival of lights. :(

    I want those chocolates! I'm not a fan of them, but the ones in the pic look delicious!

    When a blogger writes 'Follow me' 'Let's follow each other', I'm instantly put off. I don't even bother checking the blog after that.

  3. I post this comment with a fair amount of apprehension.Actually,I'm shit scared!I dunno what will be the fate of this comment-but here goes.
    The chocolates look fantastic.I can't believe you actually made em.You must be some talent powerhouse.Hope you continue enthralling readers with your posts.And keep on springing the surprises.
    Apologetically yours,
    Monumentally Cranky.

  4. You can make chocolates..i would love to know the secret and I promise I have a lot to say on why I love ur blog ;)rookiered18@gmail.com..but nothing on that hate part..because my heart doesnt let me to do that...;D

    and it really offended me,choc is too dark and brown..gosshhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..how could u say that? :P and now no offense too

    seriously i dont like the follow thing too..;D

  5. but you see,im not good in making anything that can be eaten ..=.='''

  6. You just broke my heart :'(
    But then I realized that I get to take all your share of chocolates:D

    Moving on, like wow. They look yum. And liqueur? My, now I want some, anyway you could send some over;P

    And yeah, it's lame when they do that and the sad part is that it's not just the newbies, some older ones do it too.

  7. I like dark things...including chocolates :)
    LOL...funny, they thought u wanted to poison them!


  8. Aw, that's so cute.. your blog on chocolates. :D hmm, i don't like chocolates, too. But yeah, I do eat them once in a while. :D

    That "I followed you, please follow back line".. Enough with hypocrisy. Sometimes I use that. Sometimes, I don't.. :D But truth is, I only follow blogs I find interesting.. Period.

  9. Serendipity is a catch :D

    The thing I love about your blog, honesty. I have tons of respect for anyone who is honest enough to be against million others

    Hate would be a strong word. I didn't like that you removed the signature :(

    Stay Blessed ^_^

  10. I can gobble up all those chocolates in one go!! I swear on tht!
    nd about chocolate being too dark and brown, hehe no wonder i love white chocolate :P
    Racist me :P
    Nd ppl these days are belieiving in FOLLOW EACH OTHER POLICY. Thats totally sucks!

  11. Wow !! i thought i am solely existing on this earth who dislike chocolates but today i find a companion :P

    About your blog it shines and i like those lil moments/thoughts you share...i will try to be a frequent visitor :)

    take care !

  12. The chocolates look yummy. I find it so cute that you do not like chocolate but enjoy making them for others...it speaks volumes of your beautful soul.

    As for your blog, I love it. Something unique about the way you write, which just draws me in.

    Many Blessings!

  13. criticizing any form of choc is a criminal offence!! and to top it up you said...dark and brown... you will charged for racial discrimination against choc... :D :D :D :D .. that is enough criticism :P :P :P

    now the good part.. you can make chocs ??? vow!! sunita_kurup0703@yahoo.co.in......... recipe please :) :) :) :) also the liquor one <3 <3 <3

  14. interesting post...lot of guys in my offc retrning from onsite(US) & bringing chocolates with thm...its been a good chocolate week fr me....

    an eye opener fr many regarding the 'follow' part...


  15. While I was reading, I came across a thumbnail that said, " Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first'
    And I laughed. :P
    *same pinch*
    And you can actually MAKE make chocolates? My culinary skills are limited to Maggi, tea, and coffee (bad filter-ish coffee) Damn, that's the first dissimilarity. :(
    and na, no one should criticize chocolate. When I become vakeel, I am going to try making it a criminal offence.
    And the picture was CUTE. <3

  16. That was a cute post! Hope you did not add too much liquor!!

  17. Are you kidding me?
    :O how can you hate chocolates?
    And your between following and follow back topic gosh have wanted to write about it up on my blog too just waiting for the right time :P ..it does make it irritating following for the sake of getting yourself followers.. :/

    Have dropped in your space for the first time..have seen that name serendipity many times many places with that cute flower peeking out :) ..now finally i came here through your friend crystal's blog :)
    Hope to jump in more and more..
    Your blog's aura is so welcoming :)

  18. Oh my God. Oh my God.
    I hate chocolate too.
    It's too sweet! People just don't get it.
    I love you for not liking them.

  19. Heyi :)
    I am glad too that I didn't call the previous post 'Hilarious' .. :D
    And well I am interested in the 'How' part, so my id is punkprincess.vanshika@gmail.com .. :)
    The thing that I like about Diwali is the diya and its light .. its beautiful :)
    And so true with the 'Follow me back' thing!

    Love :)

  20. Oooh, the chocolates look yummy. I thought you got the pic of Google images until I read your post.

    Yeah, it is kind of surprising when people ask you to follow back. I mean, if you hadn't asked, I would have read your blog anyway. But now that you have, umm... maybe not. :D Oh well, I try to be nice anyway.

  21. I love diwali too... and christmas!! :) Enjoy the festive spirit and happy chocolate making!! :)

  22. I LOVE your advice to new bloggers. It's so true!
    and you hate chocolate? that is sad :P

  23. Deepthi : You got it :) I'm going to write a mail and send it to you first thing in the morning :) And the appreciation part, it just made my night :):P Love :)

    Spiff : They actually were, everybody who ate them said so :P Or maybe they just love me too much :P
    Even I don't check the blog after the writer tells me to follow back.

    Rahul : You don't have to be all that sorry and all that apprehensive. I have my beautiful heart intact in place :) Let's get over it :)

  24. TOSM : I'll mail you soon, Its just too simple :) That similar taste for newbies makes us sisters :D
    haha :D You will be good at chocolates when you make them once :P

    PeeVee : haha :D You got me :D I haven't come across any new ones doing so, but you are the queen of blogs, you know it all Priyanka :)

    SUB : haha :D Congrats for your little angel :)

  25. Leah : That seems fair enough :) And I also have one or two chocolates in a while :)

    Shashank : haha :D You said that out loud, You get one rose lollipop :) try picking it up from your screen :D The signature stopped me from changing backgrounds very often Shashank, I had to remove it. I'll get it back soon :)

    Red : haha :D Call me racist :D I wish I could send some to your place :(
    And 'follow me back' is the lamest thing ever.

  26. Reicha : Be my guest, I love it :) And hi5 for that hating chocolates thing :):P

    Diana : I totally love making them :):) And be a frequent visitor, I love and miss your comments :)

    Sukupedia : haha :D You know what, I'm dusky myself, I never thought I'd be charged for racism someday :D:D You'll receive my mail soon :)

    Soumyadeep : Thank you :) Hope your chocolate week was yummy :)

  27. Soul Crystal Sister :D : Life seriously is uncertain Crystal, I can't afford to miss the dessert :D And yes that was the first dissimilarity :) And you are going to be a lawyer :) That is super-cool in itself :) Please don't sue me for hating your brown bar :D

    Rahul Bhatia : Just a little bit :D

    Alcina : Hello sweetheart :) Welcome to my red flower blog :) Hop on more often and please don't hate me for hating chocolates :D:P

  28. Isha : I love your profile picture :) And yes hi-five to hating those brown bars :D:P

    Vanshika : I'll send you the mail soon love :)

    Sumitra : haha :D that was sweet :) And 'follow me, plz' :D haha, I'd die before saying that to a fellow blogger, or for that matter anybody :P

  29. Dee : Thank you Dee :) Where have you been missing ?

    Purplemist : Yes sweet, I hate them :) and its actually not that sad :P

  30. u hate choclates ( gaspp, almost fell off the chair, got up, jaws open - lmao) .. im sorry all i could see was the last bit :P

  31. Menachery : I have taken in a lot of criticism for hating chocolates this week, I should add your name to the list now :P

  32. Hello Serendipity:
    TThanks for checking out my blog and for following!
    I follow you now!
    I love your blog, it's beautiful!

  33. Opps! That was supposed to say Thanks :)
    Sorry about that!

  34. Hyee Dil tour dia apne chocolates ka :(

  35. They look yummy! I like dark chocolates... but the rest are a bit too sweet for my taste. And yes you ARE quite a catch! :)

  36. Hey Hello!

    I followed you from your profile and look what I found. A chocolate post. :P

    I love what I see and what I read. :) And yes.. I want the to know how to make them. Especially orange flavoured chocolates, I can't seem to find a non dark, orange flavoured chocolates.. I might as well learn how to make them :) dropped a mail

  37. Diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii !
    Where you been? :|
    I am so angry with you. You and risha di, dono gaayab *sobs*
    Hmpff >:P
    BTW those chocolates got me all drooling. :D
    Diwali is nice. Holiday time :D And lights everywhere. But I hate the fireworks, so much pollution. And I think lights should be on for a specific amount of time only. Electricity shortage will happen then.
    Hahahahaha, sometimes those comments make me feel very weird :P Like what should I do now?!
    Take care
    Sincerely, a still-very-angry-that-you-disappeared-right-off-the-face-of-my-world me :)

  38. I don't have a thing against chocolates but haven't grown up being promised one if 'I stand first in the class' or 'behave myself' so you know I too am not a chocolate person, rather anything sweet ;) The fat in my body is a gift from spicy oily punjabi food lol ... Have fun in Diwali! Cheers!

  39. Queen of Blogs?! Whoa!! Not even CLOSE, girl:D

  40. Rebekah : Your blog's feel was calm and spelled serenity :) I totally loved it :)

    Aliza : Can't help :P

    ThegirlAtFirstAvenue : haha :D that pleases me so pretty much :)

  41. Sameera : I got your mail love :) I'm penning down the mail and I'll drop it soon. :)

    N : I left my apologetic appraisal of your work at your dove post and I know you love me again now :)

    Nehha : Ask me about the fat thing. I have loads :P like seriously loads :P

  42. PeeVee : Extremely close, I'd say :)

  43. You know to make chocolates? Well honestly, I'd love to know how. Not because I like them, but it's fun experimenting. Hi-5, I don't like chocolates either :P .. Oh and recently I too received a comment on my blog saying.. Oh wow nice post.. leaves a link to their post sand says follow me back. naturally didn't. I mean how can you compel someone. Isn't it your choice really? I feel sad for such people man! :D


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