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October 28, 2011

My Tangle of Mysterious Prejudice

Love is a two way street: Love your hair and it loves you back! Dove IndiBlogger Contest Winner

This post has won the fourth prize in Dove's 'Damage Therapy Range' contest.

They swirl, they twirl, they dance, they entangle his desire - Your hair - don't have them, wear them.

Ask a man 'how would you want your girl to do her hair' and pat comes the reply 'She's at her sexiest when they're messily tied up. I love them like that.'

Hair represent a woman's every mood with equal elegance.

A formal event - you tie them up to compliment your attire.
Cooking - you curl up a bun so that it keeps them from falling.
Wanna cuddle ? - you mess'em up.
Stroll with friends - let them loose and breathe.
*Thinking of a story to blog about - pick up some strands, roll them on your index finger, feel good, pretend like you're in deep thought process and eventually laugh at your own stupidity :D

I never accessorize. I'm not an accessory person. I like to compensate it with my hair. I don't have them, I wear them. I don't have 'the' perfect hair every woman dreams of but they're mine, they demand care from me like its their birth right, and I love them for it.

I give them proper moisturization and believe me, even if you have oily hair, they need some moisture and conditioning.
They serve me loyally in my hour of need and that covers up for their little mischief every now and then. I desperately wish I had a poetic streak somewhere in me because a poem would express me the best right now. Its an itch I cannot scratch. *:D* I scare away couplets, they never wander anywhere near 50 miles of my presence.

When I saw Kangna's curls in Gangster, I fell for them instantly. My hair have been wavy all my life. My want for 'curls-like-the-mad-girl-in-gangster-has' grew and became a need overnight. It demanded my mom's immediate attention. Her naturally curly curls even hid her bad accent and evil acting skills in it, for me, of course :D. It was an incident my mom would never forget. She threw in all kinds of distractions and I don't quite recall which one of them walked its way to glory. Anyhow, I was a kid back then. 2 years ago, a very dear friend of mine, who had the most beautiful hair you could ever want, got her straight locks curled. Before I could aid her 'screaming-for-help' hair, the damage was done. She was born and raised with silk threads on her head and this change threw her into the oh-so-curly 'Kangna' land. A month later, she went into the same salon and got her hair re-bonded, which was double the damage. Although superficially she looked the same as she did with her natural hair, but because I knew the story, I could spot the burnt ends and the irreparable damage.

I swore that very day, never in my life would I torture my hair like that.

Take my word : Do not ever go for curls if you haven't been blessed with them naturally. You will be charged with brutal murder. Of your innocent hair.

I was in a big serious dilemma last month. I had recently joined the gym and my sweaty hair screamed for a bath almost everyday. I couldn't torture them with the regular shampoo everyday so I consulted my homeopathic physician (Yes, I do that often and she's my godmother). I'm not writing the next line because I am going to submit this post on Indiblogger, I cross my heart and swear not to lie :P. She told me to switch to Dove :) She said I could use it even on a 1 year old baby's hair, its that mild. I drove my way to happy hair back home :) I began writing this post because of this sole incident :)

My hair aren't very great, but they're happy and healthy, which is far more important :) They have their regular dose of oiling, spas, conditioning and home remedies (they work like nothing else does) :)

Tangled remains to be my favorite animated movie of all times :) Not exaggerating :D

P.S. I always correct people when they pluralize hair as 'hairs'. It grosses me out a little.

This was my hair story. What's yours ?
Read these and submit yours on Indiblogger here :)

Because life is full of challenging and frustrating moments until the day you eventually find a hair-product that is tailor-made for your hair :) Mine is Dove :)


  1. As much as I love my hair, over the years, I have been torturing them whenever m under stress, so well the volume is no more there.. And well there are days when I simply love my hair and I promise not to do the damage to them ever again, it just ends up happening again:/.....I have been honestly thinking of trying dove too...and ur post just makes me wanan go to the market and buy it tmrw itself...mumma toh oiling karne se rahi...toh khud hi karni padti hai...but my hair absorbs oil so much ( coz they are oily, in fact) that it takes me some good 4 washes to take it out:/...hope dove works for me!! and I promise to tk care of my hair from now!! keep asking me abt my hair ok??

    PS: I had curly hair till school, so much that people would ask me at events if I have got them curled, bus baal kheech kheech ke, straight ho gaye hain mere baal:P Also....Ms.Ayushi...will u pls tell me where have u been all this long?? Dis u collect ur award from my place?? It's been wanting you to grab it!!!!

  2. What an effin coincidence. I am listening to "Bheegi Bheegi" from Gangster as I read this. Yeah Kangna's hair is something that I really love. My girl used to be so obsessed with her I remember. I am actually capable of falling in love with a girl who's got wonderful. The messy-but-nice ones like Kangna's or the long brown pony tails or the shiny black shoulder-length ones even :)

    good post :)

  3. awww!! I hope you win the contest and masshhhaa allah you have such lovely hair ;)

    miss. sexy ;)

  4. you have lovely hairs :)

    Weakest LINK

  5. Some of us have a mood and cut it off and just have short hair which is sometimes neat and combed and sometimes just messy......

  6. You have amazing hair! I too have wavy locks, really thick and nice. But I hate tying my hair up, unlike you. I just let it go free :D

  7. So I am scribbling like the way my hair is!
    Good wishes from a fellow contestant!

  8. nice read.. I have tortured my hair few times... May be I should try dove too... Nice post :D

  9. Loved these 2 lines--
    1. *thinking of a story to blog about - pick up some strands, roll them on your index finger, feel good, pretend like you're in deep thought process and eventually laugh at your own stupidity :D
    2. Don't you just love it when your brother is married to his camera ? :P I do :)

    Thanks..Realized its time to take care of my hair..
    nice reading...

  10. MY GOD! You're pretty. Now I'll go back and read the post:D

  11. Dove works like a charm for me as well, discovered it about a year ago and still hooked to it. That they sent me the package was an additional bonus:D

    And I have never even considered getting my hair into any sorta treatment for I'm mortally scared it'll fall off. The worst thing I have done is get a layer cut; my luxurious think hair has taken a hit in terms of thickness and refuse to go back to the original thickness even as the cut grew out:(

  12. Nice read.. All the best to win it..! and who needs the sea.. lovely hair! :)

  13. Hi serendipity,thanks for commenting on my post.Your blog is really interesting,like the post,and keep visiting my blog.

  14. Hi serendipity,like your post and thanks alot for visiting my blog,keep visiting:)

  15. u have lovely hair!! n post was lovely too!! :)

  16. hieeeeee,
    all the best may you win the contest and you have serious awwsome hair and you now what??
    my shocking story- i was born with excellent curly hair beautiful as you can say and my mother made me go bald so many times during my childhood days that now i have damn straight hair..! :O can you imagine
    that was gross and i agree dove is like this magician comes to rescue everytime..! :)
    and i love the frankness and the bluntness with which you write..!
    had gr8 time here
    ps- following you..! :))

  17. Interesting post.

    Catch one from my stable - Hair Color

  18. **My want for 'curls-like-the-mad-girl-in-gangster-has' grew and became a need overnight
    I was smiling SO widely here because this line kinda reminded me of my own curly MESS of what you'd call hair. Uf, noodle hair, so much prettier to look than bear and keep with em! :(
    And please, you take good care of your hair with all that oiling and spas there's goes another dissimilarity! (yoiu should be glad we're not similar there, love ;))
    Andddddd, I don't accessorize too. Yay, hi five.
    I like this place, I love you :) <3 Just felt like saying.

  19. Dove it is, for me too. No treatment, no oiling, just naturally blesses strong n shiny black straight hair :D

    You're so pretty <3

  20. Rahul :
    Thank You Rahul :)

    Aakriti :
    I know I've told you this earlier but when you comment back whole posts on my blog I simply love it :) Try dove, take my word, It works :) And I grabbed my award :) It came as such a nice surprise :)

  21. Musings :
    That is telepathy. :) Maybe somewhere you knew I was planning on a move at Kangna's hair :P Thanks for reading :)

    Chintan :
    Insha allah, Thank You for my hair compliment :)

  22. Rachit :
    You did not read my post, did you Rachit ? ;) If you would have read it, you would never have used the word 'hairs' :P But Thank You anyways.

    Jo-Anne :
    Thats the beauty of the thing called hair sweetie :)

    Cricketfreak :
    I don't let them loose very often. and I can spot your beaituful hair in you picture :)

  23. Specs Buffy :
    I read your poem, You're so good :)
    Good Luck to you too :)

    Rambling Of A Single Girl In The City :
    Thank You :) And yes, you serioudly should try Dove :)

    Amigo :
    haha :D Which means you love me ;) I'm all that I write :)

  24. PeeVee :
    Aww :) Thank You :) :*
    And you won'e believe. The same thing happened to me too. I once got them cut into layered steps and they plainly refuse to grow back to the original length :( But never mind. I like them :)

    KP : Yea :) Who needs the beach :P

  25. Sunny :
    I'll keep visiting :)

    Megharana :
    Thank You Megha :)

  26. My hair are similar to yours. :)
    Wavy and Sexy! ;)
    Although mine ain't black, they are somewhat Golden brown but I absolutely love them! :)

    Love :)

  27. Suvaiba :
    Hey, welcome to my blog :) And your story is seriously shocking. These mothers, I tell you. Curls are just not acceptable. But anyways, we can get them at occasions.
    Thank you for appreciation :) Love ya :)

    Vyankatesh :
    I'll check your story soon :)

  28. Crystal :
    Those messy curls will one day charm your better half. Take it from me in written. Oops, we already have it in written :)

    A big hi5 to our non-accessory hotness :*
    I love ya too :*

    Soumya :
    You are one lucky girl. Great writing skills + great hair :)

    Vanshika : I already love your hair color :)

  29. Aww! You look lovely and hair looks super cool :)

    Nice post!

    All the best :)

  30. Wow.. This one was nice :)
    I thought of taking part in the contest, but I could not come up with anything :(

    I wanted curls too :) My hair has always been wavy..
    How we girls hate having bad hair days :)

    Good luck with the contest :)

  31. i dont know about the hair. i only do the eyes. they are what catch my attention if anything. :)

    but the hair yes has to be well done.

  32. btw, u r gorgeous. just an afterthought :P

  33. Phil :
    You should have Phil :) Its a lot more fun than I thought it'd be :P Even guys are posting their hair stories ;)

    Raj :
    How I love it when people have after-thoughts like the one you had :P Thank You :) and yes, the hair definitely have to be well done.

  34. BEAUTIFUL post!
    I have wavy-curly hair but I too, always wanted Kangana Ranaut type hair <3
    But obviously,I'm not going to twist,burn, torture them with chemicals,that's just sad.
    And oops,that girl's really had it bad :/
    Take care

  35. Thanks for dropping by N :)
    And don't ever torture them like she did :)

    Love :)

  36. Good Post and snaps :) Good luck for the contest,,
    It's getting tougher day by day :P


  37. Beautiful post, love the KR touch in it. All the best for the contest!

  38. A sweet post!!A lot of people found Kangna's curls exciting!!

  39. Someone somewhere told me that compliments should be given out in public. So..
    1) your hair is lovey
    2) more than ur hair, one can and will fall in love with your eyes. Beutiful !!!

  40. Rahul Bhatia :
    Exactly what I was a victim of :P

  41. Musings : Someone once told me gratitude should also be expressed in public :)

    Thank You so much :) I'm flattered :D

  42. I wanted to curl my hairs, but I guess no!! And yes I have actually damaged it so much, that I regret it completely now :(!!!
    But now I take (or atleats try) taking care of it as much as possible..!! :)

  43. Deepthi : Love thy hair and they'll love you back :)

  44. Nice read :)Reminds me of the most beautiful hair I have seen and felt,my starry girl has them.I just go cuckoo with awe when she lets them hang loose on her angelic face :):) Nonetheless I like your hairdo :)Handle with care :)

  45. I had hair reaching my waist and totally curly till two years back. I hated it then. Now when I look back or go through the pictures I so regret having that haircut. :|
    Thrice in two years. Now I am letting my hair grow.
    Curls look good when you have long hair. I was getting my hair re-bonded but my friends didn't let me.
    So now my hair is growing. :D
    Nice post and must I say, you are very pretty. :)
    P.S.: Looks like, Dove doesn't suit only me! :(

  46. I always suggest my mother to keep them loose. It's just so much better

    stay blessed ^_^

  47. My Best Wishes..
    Hoping u will Promote my post..My true love story.."The Girl i loved.."

  48. Suree :
    Post some more pictures soon :) And thank You :)

    Anuranjini :
    You should get your friends a chocolate because they saved you the worst damage ever :)
    Thank You for the sweet compliment :) You are no less. Even from this little thumbnail I can gather how pretty you are :)
    hi5 to Dove :)

  49. Shashank :
    Yes they do :)

    GamingGarage :
    I'll drop by your post soon :)

  50. Small but sweet post :)
    My Good wishes for the contest :)
    Check out my true love story..
    Hoping you will promote my "The Girl i loved. . ."

  51. I loved the various moods and the hair styles. We are not happy with what we are blessed with. Those with curls want straight with straight want curls. Sad to hear your friend story. Yes Kangana looked great in Gangster and now she has straight hair..is that why her movies not doing well :-) Good one.

  52. Thanks for the warning. I am err, blessed, with curly hair. And I know the pains I have to take to manage them. I am attracted to silky, straight hair. What's with this desire for what you don't have? I will remember this tale the next time I decide to iron my hair. :)

  53. I love you hair. I am always attracted to silky hair and lovely smooth hair. You have lovely post here. I m just impressed by your writing skills. You penned amazingly.



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