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November 17, 2011

I ♥ Phoebe Buffay !

You've got to watch this :D


  1. And Smelly cat too!? :D
    I love Joey, Chandler (equal preference) Phoebe Monica, Rachael and Ross. In that order!

  2. OMG, this made me miss FRIENDS.
    It was the best <3
    And I loveee Pheobe :D

  3. I love friends and everything related to it. Just wanted to share this link, you can watch all seasons for free and that too episode by episode.


    You can watch many shows. Only high speed internet is required.

  4. Crystal -
    Joey is such a sweetheart :);) 'How YOU doin' :D:D
    And Chandler's sarcasm is just too awesome ;);)
    But I don't like Monica that much.

    PurpleMist -
    Who doesn't ? ;);) I'm watching re-runs :D

  5. Twisha -
    Not as much as I do :D

    Saru Di -
    I have all the shows I love in my hard-disk Saru Di ;) Downloaded them way back :) Sex and the City, Vampire Diaries, Grey's anatomy, love'em all :)

  6. Yeah, she is funny, I miss that show.

  7. LOL... I guess one of the few series we can watch any number of times :)
    Me like Joey and Phoebe... for that slice of craziness :D


  8. Isn't she amazing....
    I had a phase where I thought Phoebe was totally me, but she surpasses in coolness anyday.
    I lover aloofness, and the way her not-so-funny one liners get everyone stumped.

  9. Smelly cat, smelly cat! Friends was fun!

  10. i pitied phoebe when she would start to sing her songs ... :P

  11. Bolo bolo Phoebe Buffay ki.. Jai!!! :D
    Oh she's the ultimate. There are just too many favourite scenes to pick out one. FRIENDS is like my security blanket. When I'm down and out, I turn to them. And I feel better again. :)

  12. I llooove phoebe too :D I miss watching friends, it cracks me up till this day today :D

  13. Oh I looooove her sooo effing much much much!!!!!

  14. Of all the FRIENDS characters, I am pretty much Phoebe! :D Love her!!! :)

  15. I love her too, my favorites are many, including the smelly cat!! But the episode where she changes her name :P lol! Love her!

  16. Haha, I didn't notice the labels :D
    PS: I love being the first commentator on your posts. Woohoo me.

  17. Toyin -
    Can't even begin to tell how much :)

    Isha -
    More than anything else :D

    Aakash -
    Where have you been busy all this while, I also love Joey :D

  18. Tangerine -
    haha :D Don't get me started on her one-liners :D She is seriously flaky :D

    Diana -
    What are they feeding you ? :D Its still fun :D

    Muhammad -
    That is her beauty :D

  19. Spaceman -
    Seriously Chechi :D Jai :D And same here :) I turn to them everytime I'm low :)

    N.I.O. -
    It does that to everybody :D

    Red -
    Me too :)

  20. IceMaiden -
    I like you more now :D

    Chintan -
    I knew you would :)

    Sameera -
    haha :D that episode cracks me up whenever I remember it :D

    Crystal -
    I love it too Love :*


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