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November 7, 2011

Irrevocable Words [55Fiction #1]

Though every syllable felt like a lie, he knew he had to come clean. She knew too. It was now or never. The words finally stung her, loud and clear, 'We should be friends now'.
A warm tear trickled down and she thought ,Everytime you walk away, you take a piece of me with you.


  1. I am feeling the exact same pain now!! And he has taken away the entire me with me!!

  2. :) 55fiction can be tricky...

    well done :)

    ps: i like the signature..

  3. You know what, I love you. Oh, you already know that, and I love this piece. Reminded me of the lines from Avril's song, "When you walk away, I count the steps that you take" for some awkward reason.
    and i love the line in italics. Exactly my sentiments.

  4. hey,
    the last line was heart touching....! and if i am to guess heart wrenching for the protagonist .
    i wonder how can you summarize A BIG BANG STORY in just 55 words..!

    hope you managed to get over the parting feeling with your BFF

  5. So little, means so much!
    It's amazing how we give a single person so much of ourselves, only to feel broken in the end!

    Well written. Thanks for the follow :)

  6. Painful but I love the last line. Simply amazing...:)

  7. Deepthi :
    I'm sorry to hear that Deepthi. I didn't know you were going through this pain. I'm sorry for unintentionally I reminded you of him.

    Chintan :
    It definitely is tricky Chintan, You have to count the words everytime you edit your text. But Thank You :)

  8. Cяystal :
    How I dwell and love the fact that you love me :):)

    Rahul :
    Thank You :)

    Suvaiba :
    Thats what attracted me towards 55Fiction Suvaiba :) My mom met my ex-bff today, she was as happy as I am now. Life's good :)

  9. Shagun :
    Thank You so much Shagun :)
    Welcome to my blog :)

    Saru Di :
    Thank You :)

  10. one of the world's toughest decisions---better friends or bitter lovers?

    i loved the way you managed to say so much in just 55 words...


  11. Whoa! You put it up really nicely, in 55 words!
    Touched my heart :)

  12. First crystal ..then u...breath taking words and their impact..wonderful indeed..beautiful Ayu:*

  13. Love the way that beautiful last line sums it all up! :)

  14. the last line was so beautiful.. touching.. :) :)

    noticed your signature.. new na.. very nice :) :)

  15. That's ok!!Truth hurts!! But I should mention I find a lot of peace and serenity when I come back from class, sitting infront of my lap reading beautiful posts of such beautiful people :)

  16. Where are you? Are you okaaay ? Drop a mail sometime.

  17. You let some one in so much that they become a part of you... when they leave, you lose that part - such a scary thought.

  18. Pri -
    Welcome to my blog :) and thank you so much Pri :)

    N.I.O. -
    Indeed it is.

    Rahul -
    Thank You :)

  19. Blahblaholic -
    Thank You N :) Means a lot :)

    Aakriti -
    Thank You aakriti, You're a sweetheart :)

    Sh@s -
    Thank You :)

    Nikita -
    Welcome to my blog Nikita and thank you so much :)

    Sukupedia -
    Did I ever mention I love you ? ;) Nonetheless, now I'm confessing :) and yes, the signature is new :)

    Deepthi -
    That touched my heart Deepthi :)

    Crystal -
    Never been good sweetheart :)

  20. :) Nice!! Just 55 words is all we need to say what needs to be said. I myself had picked this idea up from another blogger. Nice to know you liked the idea too! Cheers to 55 fiction!


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