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November 11, 2011

A Word Of Love


The Oxford says it means 'A happy accident'. And that is what happened to me. Deciding to blog was the best thing to have happened to me in this past one year. Because blogger has become an inseparable part of me in these 6 months and has made me meet these utterly beautiful people, I plan to drop in a little 'word of love' for them. This blog has seen me write my first fiction, it has seen me cry for my long lost best friend, it has seen me frustrated, it has seen me ranting senselessly, it has seen me changing its destined title 'Little Moments Of Bliss' to 'Wishful Ramblings' and back, now it needs to know how much I adore you and your work.

This post is to let you know that even if my lazy bum doesn't comment much, I read you and I love what you write, be it your own work or your comments on my blog. My 11.11.11 gift to you :)

The only thing this life of mine has taught me is 'Adore while you still can'.
And I've decided to do just that by giving you this Blissful Blog Award today.
You may forward this award to your fellow bloggers and spread the love :)

Meghna - This girl wrote her very first words when she was 3, you don't believe me ? See for yourself. Her intricate detailing of the mad woman and her wobbly stomach will make you swoon over her pen :) Most of her work is hidden in her laptop or Facebook notes where only a few people can read it. I was the happiest person on earth when she started blogging. And girls, read this and then have the nerve to tell me you don't love her like I do ;) 

Crystal - Not many bloggers know me and this absolute gem of a person share the same name :) (And to be clear, her actual name is not Crystal ;)) You know what, I generally don't hold affection for girls who share my name with me, but you and this other friend of mine are my beautiful exceptions. And about your blog, all I wonder now is why didn't I spot you earlier ? Seriously Crys, where were you ? Lost and Found made me fall for you :* And do not change your blog's title, Pentagram is who you are, don't abandon it midway.

Shashank - This guy in the mirror had started reading my blog a couple of months ago. He was just another face in the crowd for me, until one day when I checked my mail and found out a certain shashank Sapre had taken the pain of reading my every post and commented what he truly felt. From a blogger's point of view, if a fellow bogger digs through your old posts, thats when you know you're doing it right :) His blog does not follow any guy conventions, he'll write about PMS and the fact that he'll miss his college with equal enthusiasm :) Go, pay him a visit.

Musings of a Troubled Mind - One of the very few people who actually take the pain of reading what you've written, comment a whole post in return and make you feel its all worthwhile :) My sad posts get me a cheerful happy mail from him and my faith in goodness is so restored :) I'd rather call you Musings of an Optimistic Mind :)

Deepthi - Yes, I'm very particular about that 'H' in your name. Your header is awesome. Stay with it for a little longer Deepthi :) You deserve this award, your blog is peaceful in its own respect. And women, you just can't argue with them. Your titles always take me by a happy breeze of freshness. Do. Not. Ever. Stop. Innovating :) Grab this award :)

Suvaiba - When I opened the Soul Sister link on Crystal's blog, I knew you'd be special. The fact that you understood my heart's ache for B so aptly and did not advice me to go and call her up makes you all the more lovable. You're one of the few who understood I can never get back to her. Lips soaked with venom speaks volumes for what wonders you can do with your pen :)

Aakriti - Writing is her world. More so, I'd say she can't go a couple of days without treating her readers :) The beautiful compositions of her Yarn of Words will take you by a surprise :) One of the many things I love about you is that you never comment if you haven't read what I've written. Some people do this and it set my blood boiling :D Your comments are the best :) And Aakriti, tell your dad I said he is totally handsome ;)

Sameera - Yours is the blog that I have been digging rigorously this week Sam (if I may call you that) and Silhouettes couldn't have gone better. You are an amazing writer and your 55Fiction series inspired me to start my own :) Your blog truly deserves this award, It gave me several blissful moments this week :)

Cricket Freak - Okay, back when I was in school, al I used to do was wander around without any sense and laugh with my best friend all day long :D and here you are, making a journal of the most important phase of being a teenager. I so love you for that :) Even I hate it when babies cry :D It just gets onto my last nerve left. Guess we have more in common than what we know :)

Isha Maniar - Hey there, my little chocolate hater ;) I was at my happiest when I found out there's this another living soul who hates chocolate as much as I do :) Your short, crisp, absolutely from the-bottom-of-your-heart posts, make me love your blog :)

PeeVee - How can I possibly imagine blogger without you Priyanka ? You are an amazingly happy soul, you make me want to write and the way you made these recent characters of your latest fiction make love before parting ways, I love you even more :) That picture of you and Nandu is super-cute and no, the camera doesn't hate you :)

Hazel - Pablo's angel is as beautiful as her blog :) She writes about teeny-weeny little things that happen to her and you love her more with each passing day. Her list of ambitions in life will force you to make one of your own. You'll love her for how simple and honest she is :)

Red Handed - Need I introduce this mysterious young woman to you all ? :D Your blog makes me think why doesn't all this funny stuff happen to me ;) Your wit and your sarcasm is a unique form of bliss Red :) And yes, the mystery adds to the fun.

Lady Fiona - A true princess with a pen of gold. Soul mother to my favorite blogger, You write with all your clear conscience and Masquerade was your best post for me :) Behind that deceitful disguise remains to be my favorite phrase since the day I read it. You're gifted Fiona, truly gifted and you look so beautiful in that profile picture of yours :) Stay the same.

Anuranjani - First things first Anu (Yes, that's what I'm calling you :)), you are a notable newbie :) Yes, that's awesome. Your comments and that pretty mail of yours made me feel loved and I want to make the feeling mutual by telling you that you are a great writer sweetheart. I shall be a regular reader from now on.

Alcina - Okay, so to be honest, I haven't read enough of her work, but she was so graciously nice when she wrote those beautiful words of praise for me on her 100th post. that was my moment of Bliss Alcina. I'm starting to stalk you now.

Chintan - Okay, first things first, Sourabh is one hell of a lucky guy (Did I remember his name correctly ? :D), And you intimidate me because I have writer's block almost everyday and here you come up with this-one-awesome-than-the-previous-one posts everyday. I like it that you're so blunt and your blog name couldn't be more apt :)

Blahblaholic - And here comes my beautiful N. fellow-blogger-cum-sister. I know this brought a smile on your pretty face, and now you're nodded with those curly tresses in approval :), She makes people meet in boring parties and then they walk home hand in hand very much in sweet love :) And to top the awesomeness level, she even writes poetry. Grab the award N :)

Mohammad Israr - Considering his amusing blog, you'd never know he is somebody with a solid sciense research background. His write-ups and his modern day take on old age stories can really give you quite a complex. And I shouldn't fail to mention, Israr's comments can make your day :)

Diana - A fragile clay jar with a treasure inside. Isn't that just too beautiful a name for a blog Diana ;) Your comments make me happy and don't ever stop writing :)

Normal.Is.Overrated - Just the perfect mixture of strength and independence. She'll write about how people shouldn't wear masks, be the real them, and you'll feel the chill too :)

The other side of me - When I read her first ever fiction love story, I knew Tosm was one of my kind. And Tosm, one thing you didn't know is that we both have a thing for dimples. They're so cute. I seriously wish to marry a guy with dimples someday. And I know deep down you wish the same girl :) Grab the award :)

Ananya - Chicolate. Isn't that just too innovative ? Visit this angel's blog only with some forewarning, specially if you're a girl, her posts will make you drool over your computer screen. Her posts about Cinderella's stupid act of leaving her shoe behind made me running to the shoe store and secure another pair for myself. Yes, those posts have that magic ;)

The blue Periwinkle - I don't have words to describe the awesome pictures this another friend from aamchi-mumbai clicks. Go and see for yourself :)

SukuPedia - You became special the moment you became my 200th reader Sunita :) People, visit her blog asap, because she has promised a lot of love this November. Grab your share from it and spread it :)

Uff, that is writing something. Place this award on your blog and let people know you dwell in a blissful place.

I'm sorry if I've left anybody who feels they should be on this list. I'll have another one coming up soon.

Have a Happy day :)


  1. A Blissful Blog Award.. Congratulations to all! :)

    Hmm, I'm going to check out the blogs listed. I know only two.. Mona and Hazel. Thanks for this..

    Again, congratulations!

    Good day! :)

  2. I saw the word love and came running to read :) :) as I read I kept clicking on the links of the bloggers so tat they open in the tab and i can read them as well...some I already do.. and then when I came to that last name I still could not believe it was mine and ended up clicking the link.. :D :D :D

    Thank you very much.. Crystal :) :) now I know your name :).. Overwhelmed not only because you mentioned me but also because I was mentioned alongside names of some wonderful bloggers.. so that really makes it special.. thank you <3 <3 <3

  3. I am *happy* that
    1) you and me, we love almost the same people:)
    2) That you obsess over GA as much as I do:0
    3) that you put me right next to aa chocolate hater:P
    4) That you have perfect hair.

    AND YOU GAVE ME AN AWARD!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you so much, love.
    Blogger wouldn't be the same without you, either:):*

    And special thanks for calling the picture cute:)

    P.S: I have a strong suspicion that Chintan's Saurabh is 'Saurabh'.

    OH and thank you for Meghna and Isha:)

  4. Oh yes I've visited these blogs and they totally deserve it.. :)

    You make me happy. SO. Happy. :)
    I just know one loser with the same name as me and needless to say, I don't fancy her. -__-
    Suvaiba and I have talked of your writing skills. They're THIS beautiful. THIIIIS much. <3 and am sure, so are you, as a person, as a human being. We'd love to meet you and give you a super tight hug to wreck your bones soon. :D
    and, okay, Pentagram shall stay. Thy wish is my command. :D
    I love you. I genuinely do. Trust me.
    *geeli poochie* :D

  6. But i love red!! She's just awesome like that!

  7. Oh My God! You mentioned me. Thank You so so much, love. :D
    You're the second person, I mailed. The way you write made me do that!:D
    :D :D :D
    This is my first award, and oh! I am so so happy! :D
    Thank You so much! :D :D :*

  8. WoW!!! *Lifting jaw off of the floor* :D I dropped by to say hi and congratulate you on winning this BEAUTIFUL award! At first glance, I didn't realize that you created this award! I LOVE IT!

    I SERIOUSLY did NOT expect to find my name here and I'm finding myself overwhelmed for words at this moment in time! Thank you so much for all of those beautiful things you said about me!

    I can't wait to proudly display it on my blog! Thank you again, dear Ayushi, from the bottom of my *beaming* ♥ to yours, with love :) ♥

    CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners!!!

    P.S. ~ Looking forward to perusing all of the blogs here that I'm not familiar with! :)

  9. Thanks a ton on the award!! My first ever award!! And thanks for maintaining the 'H' :P!!! <3

  10. Sharing the bliss is double bliss No?
    I have been lately falling down on reading :( but i will make sure to come back once again to your blog and read your not read posts and the personal tit bits which have always been my favorite :)

    Thanks a ton for this share and i am highly obliged.
    I'll wait for your stalking :)

    take care
    keep smiling and blogging your happy accidents always!

  11. Awww, you truly are lovely :)
    And now I have some blogs to check out!

  12. OMG!!!!!!!!!! Thankyou just soooooooooooooooo very much for this!
    You know how much it means to me.
    I am honoured :)

  13. i am one day late....
    but you have made my -most-disgusting-frustrated-day into a happy one..! you have no idea i owe you so much more for the honest words and yes of-corse for the award too..! i am overwhelmed :)
    Crystal indeed is very special to both of yes and yes both of us want desperately to meet you and give you a big DADDY BEAR hug ..! and your an awesome blogger..!
    and only few people can understand that sometimes it is not that difficult to judge b/w right and wrong... it is not always misunderstandings but pure betrayal.. and it happned in your case and mine too..!
    dher sara pyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrr
    LOVE <3

  14. I am so flattered. I am. I got damn happy seeing myself on the list. So thank you. :D
    Lots of love.

    And thank you, Pee Vee. I feel like a Collectible.

  15. I can't even begin to tell you how touched I am by you including my blog in your reading list. I feel very blessed right now to know that you read my blog and that my thoughts make you happy. It is re-affirmation that God is truly using me to reach others.

    Thank you so much for your writings, I deeply enjoy them and I pray right now that God will fill you to overflowing with his wonderful goodness. I look forward to reading all the blogs you mentioned here!


  16. Leah -
    They're all awesome :) Do check them out :)

    SukuPedia -
    How could I leave you unmentioned here :) and no no no, my name is not Crystal, that is her pen name ;)
    And you're so welcome :)

    PeeVee -
    1. we're alike
    2. You have no idea how much I obsess over sitcoms :)
    3. that wasn't intentional :D:D although now I think its amusing :D
    4. thank you Peevee :)

    Paste the award on your tab soon :) and I also have a doubt over the 'o' and 'a' :P
    Meghna is a sweetheart and so is Isha :) I'm glad :)

  17. Whoa!
    Been having a terrible day, I lost my wallet, and today only I'd taken my pocket money from Ma. Been disaster pe disaster since evening :| And then, just on an impulse checked my dashboard just to find your comment there. I shooed my brother away and came here straightaway. Wow! ♥ I feel so damn honoured and flattered, in a nice way, though =) *beams*
    And OMG, are you like psychic or something? I totally was grinning and smiling like an idiot reading this :D And cracked my first smile after this ekdum kachraa afternoon filled of crying and OMG I'm so careless moments :/ And honestly, I can't thank you enough. You literally made my day. Really :)
    This is ekdum sugarpie sweet =D
    And yes, sister *hugs*
    BTW did I tell you, that top-right wala 'dig in' thing is so damn supercool? I LOVE the way it keeps scrolling that way, it looks wow. Sachiiii =D
    And I totally am stealing that badge and putting it up on my next post.
    It feels soooo good, that you like what I write. Especially after a bad day, and from someone who I know doesn't only maskafy but actually praises when she means it.
    ^ Shit this is L.O.N.G :O Whatever :p
    I love you Di <3
    And disappearances ko apne to-do list se hamesha ke liye, remove. Ok? :D
    Take care
    *tons of hugs and kisses from Mumbai*
    P.S Come visit no,sometime?

  18. Confused Soul -
    Sure as hell they do and you're next on my 2nd version of A word of love :) I'll read your work very soon :)

    Crystal -
    Paste the award on your blog no, It'll make me happy :) and Suvaiba is awesome :) I wouldn't have spotted her if you wouldn't have listed her as your soul sister, so all thanks to you :)

    Love ya :)

    Tangerine -
    When did I say I love her not sweetheart ?

    Anuranjini -
    Deserving and earning aomething aren't just phrases after all :);)

  19. Lady Fiona -
    You really liked it ? :) and those things aren't just for saying purposes ;) Grab a look at all those you haven't met earlier :)

    Deepthi -
    I know a lot of people must keep forgetting about this 'H' ;) right ?

    Alcina -
    Girl, you better catch up on the reading soon ;P
    You also keep smiling :)

    PurpleMist -
    My pleasure :)

    Red -
    If I'd say you deserve it, it'll be an understatement ;)

  20. Aww thank you so much!! This is such a sweet thing to come home too :)

  21. I hope you enjoyed your holiday Haze :)

  22. Heyyaaaaa!!
    Thank you oh, so much!!
    I am overwhelmed, I really am.

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank YOU!!

  23. you know what's funny? I did actually read this post twice before and I never noticed that I was on the list before you commented on my blog. haha ;p

    thank you so much :)

  24. This is a TRUE gift!! :)
    At a time, when I have almost left blogging half way, this tribute comes both as a surprise and encouragement to write more.

    Thank you and keep writing (I wish these virtual words had a voice that you could hear)

  25. Dear Serendipity, (crystal is a beautiful name but I know you by serendipity and I love pronouncing it not only just because it blissful but also because I love the movie serendipity) :D :D

    well, my life is a complete disaster at this moment. I live alone in a complete different city and coping up with things give me a nervous breakdown every day!! I am down with fever right now. Despite all, when I woke up today morning and saw this entire thing, IT JUST MADE MY DAY!! Thank you so much .. YOU MADE ME SMILE!! :-) and this is my first blog award ever.. so it is the most special thing that can happen to my blog..

    you have a beautiful soul and it reflects in your writings.. there are many times I have told you that you can publish a book!! do work on it! :)

    I missed a lot of your posts.. just let this exam get over.. I will be back to join all your awesomeness..

    much love to you,
    Blessed Be Always!!

  26. I don't know what to say. If is say am speechless, it won't do justice to this 'gift'.

    Well after reading it, I ended up with a wide smile, the widest one ever and was smiling for 5 whole mins. Maybe a smile was what I needed from 2 and a half weeks of emptiness :)

    Thanks and stay blessed ^_^

  27. Hello! :)

    Thanks a lot for the love! Wow.. you have been reading through my previous posts. :) No better comment for an aspiring writer. Thanks again dear!

    Yay!! Mine is a blissful blog!! :D Wishing you a lovely week ahead!

  28. well... what can i say... *blush* ... you have said so much positive things about me and my blog and i am really happy that you considered me for this award alongside these awesome bloggers :)
    sorry i didnt have access to internet for these many days so i am late here and also you posted the link on post by one of our blog contributors but anyways i found it :) and once again thank you soooooooooooo much for appreciating and awarding my blog :) I have posted the award on my blog :)

  29. congrats and some nice bloggers you introduced us to...lemme check them out!

    and blogging is the best thing that's happened to many of us..wish u all the best in your journey henceforth:-)

  30. I came late..I know..:|
    and you READ my blogggggggggggggggggg ahh..so you being a silent reader,okaaayyy..i love silent readers on my blog :P
    and yeah you warmed my eyes with your words when you mentioned that I am one of your kind.and you still remember my fiction awwwww.seriously honey you have no idea how happy I was when i read that..THANK YOU and you'll always be my fav blogger..top of the list ..and yes you are one of my kind too..like you cast some kind of magic with your words..:D

    and dimple guys..whoaa..they are my fav and yes I too have dimples :D

    You dont noe one thing writing was a beautiful accident to me too :D

  31. Nirati -
    I'm so glad I could make your day better :) Those are some pretty love-filled words. You make me soo happy :) Paste it on your beautiful blog soon N :)

    Love ya :*

  32. Blue Periwinkle -
    Your welcome sweet :)

  33. N.I.o. -
    You can't be serious about that :D You deserve it love :)

  34. Musings -
    No,no,no How could you leave blogger ? Its your thing, never let it go :)
    And you're welcome :)

  35. Ananya -
    Your life needn't be a disaster until you want it to be sweetheart :) You're welcome :)

    Chintan -
    You're welcome :)

  36. Shashank -
    I'm so happy that I'm the reason why you're happy :)

  37. Israr -
    You're welcome :)

    Suruchi -
    I'm glad :)

  38. Tosm -
    I'm a silent reader for so many Love :)

  39. Ayushi. I read this now. And I am genuinely overwhelmed. I had given up writing but.. Man, I love you for making me want to take up my pen again!


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