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Little Moments Of Bliss is a silhouette of a feeling that resides in my heart. A software engineer by degree, a writer at heart, and a teacher by profession, I'm all that I never thought I would be. Pretty pictures,a poem that blatantly refuses to rhyme, a text from a deranged friend, a sudden gesture of love, its these little things in life, that matter and sprinkle bliss. Grace the couch and share a cuppa!

August 3, 2011

Victims of Cupid


Enveloped in the strong hold of his arms, letting them protect her from evil, laying in them, and reciprocating, was all she desired. She knew his arms were her Castle and his Heart was her Sky. She was the undisputed queen of his heart. Resting in them, getting drenched in his toxic scent, always took her to a dream-world dotted by little angels, that sprinkled love all over with their magic wand. There was something about the way he slept, so serene, so subtle, so angelic, that gave her an adrenaline rush. She could hear a million words in his little gestures, and they made her feel like a Duchess, irrevocably and hopelessly in love with her Duke. She silently tip-toed her way to the rest room, slid out of her satin night dress and situated herself in her hot bath. A few minutes later, silently walking bare foot into the room,

**It so smells like him everywhere**

leaving behind trails of dripping water droplets along her way to their bed, she planted a sweet motherly kiss on his forehead to wake him up. He opened his eyes, soaked in the exquisite view of his beautiful duchess, gave a child-like mischievous curve to his perfect lips, that made him look disturbingly desirable and held her close to his chest. Ecstasy blanketed them. How they wished, time stopped, and they devour each other's presence and love forever. Few blissful heavenly moments later, he gently pressed his lips to hers and strode out of the bed. The call of the daily chores could not be ignored any more.

She sent a silent prayer to her God 'Gracious, for making him walk into my life'.


I have no clue what made my fingers type the above write-up but I thought it was time I made my thoughts see the light of the day. And my future knight in a matt-finish armor (shiny armors are so out of the game), I hope you fill my life with such love one day !

P.S. Cascada's 'Everytime we Touch' tingles every romantic molecule of my being whenever my headphones bring it to my ears. Do check it out, though I'm sure you must have heard it. :)


  1. "She knew his arms were her Castle and he was her Sky." This line whispered to me silently that Cascada's Everytime we touch song is coming my way. There it was :)
    And you wrote some real seductive lines above, I bet your man, future man that is, gonna love you even more for this one. Intoxicating, I've started missing him now. Lol :D

  2. You know when I re-read this post after publishing it, I almost hummed the above line in cascada's melody :P
    I am glad I made you miss him :)
    And baby, about seduction, there is going to be no censoring from now on :) !!

  3. ayushi its magnificent..aftr reading it..oh my lord.. my mood js lit..ecstatic..aftr a little rift dis ws smthing rele needed i think..thank u..yes love is zenith..it is heaven like..i wish i were with him right nw..poor me:(
    may u 2 b blessed wid d 1 u love;)

  4. Thank you sweetheart. I'm glad that link brought you to my little space. Love makes you do things you'd never dreamt of doing and this is one of them for me :)
    Make my buddy read this and he'll miss you too :) Maybe the mutual feeling will provide comfort :))

    and I wish I wish I wish, God blesses me with my knight in a matt-finish armor ;)

  5. Woooooow!!!! u r brilliaaaaant, ayu! :D
    Hugs. stay happy. PLEASE. :*

  6. i like it.... its so cute and lovely.... and so truthful... **It so smells like him everywhere** i love these lines.... really do n when u are in love u feel the exact same way :)...

    Take care and keep writing...........

  7. Serene and Beautiful.
    Simple words...Pure pleasure.


  8. This is so beautiful. Kind of world which every girl dreams of. I love the way you said, smells like him everywhere...:)

  9. Twisha : Hugs all the way back :*

  10. Khushi : thank you khushi :)
    I'll be making your recipe tomorrow, collecting the ingredients :)

  11. Thousif : I'm not exactly in love but then love really is in the air, isn't it ? ;)

  12. Kunal : Welcome to my little space and thank you so much :)
    Keep coming back!!!

  13. Saru : wish you all the love that exists in this world :))

  14. This is just so beautiful!! I love it!

  15. Whoa! That write up was SO damn amazing. Seriously, make ur future knight read this!! :D
    Wish you all the love in the world :)
    God,this post made me miss him that much more :(
    Anywaysss :D,continue writing like this. Beautiful :)

  16. this is very lovely post <3
    Stay happy :)
    follow me :)

  17. O.M.G Ayushi! You took my heart away ...all the way...such simple, soft words..i have written dozens of such things for my man to be, you know..not knowing where he'll be..one such link is: http://aakritimalik.blogspot.com/2011/07/where-are-you.html
    loved it to the core...your words are far better than the cheesy "Mills and Boon"..trust me..lets write a book together..u write the prose and I'll write poetry;)??wt say?

  18. dats wow AB!!
    simply bful,lovable,cute words..
    jst w8n fo sch bful nyt to cum:)
    u knw hw dsprt i m:p

  19. Melting Brownies : that was so sweet :) thank you :)

    Nirati : I know how much in love you are, I knew this'd touch your heart :):) Ring him up and tell him to thank me coz my post made you miss him. ;)

    Aman : thank you for appreciating :)

    Annie : I know what's going on in that mischievous bratty mind :):)

    Aakriti : I'm glad I'm glad, let's do it :)
    I'm in :) always ready with a pen and a paper to scribble some fictional episodes!!! And you know, I've heard so much about mills and boon but they never live up to my expectation !!
    Your comment made me happy !!!!!

  20. Aww this is such a makes my heart go ummmmm post :)

    My first time here, loving it! :)


  21. such a beautiful post...v touching :)

  22. It totally did :)
    Yeah,I'm gonna do that tonight!

  23. Soumya : I like it that you like your first time here :))
    Do come back soon,

  24. Nirati : and then do inform me :):)

  25. :D scribbling love ;) tons of it infact..to say it is well written will be an injustice to your talent..more like from the heart wrapped in apt words and presented without a trace of illusion...loved it..hi 5 :)

  26. You've been more than kind :)

    Thank you so much !!!

  27. Superb that was.
    I am all smiles now.

    P.S - The clock to the right is so awesomeeeeeeee! :O

  28. Oh the layout <3 pure love !!
    Then the writting every word of it perfect.

    But then I am team jacom you know !! Edward doesn't lure me much the moment new moon happened Oh the layout <3 pure love !!
    Then the writting every word of it perfect.

    But then I am team jacom you know !! Edward doesn't lure me much the moment new moon happened

  29. a very sweet post...:) left me smiling widely:)
    btwe em ur new follower...i hope you follow back..;) :)

  30. Nia : Hey :)
    I am in both teams :)
    Jacob's abs are irresistible :) thanks for appreciating :)

  31. floodgate : I've followed coz I liked your work :) and thank you :)

  32. love the first two parah! BEAUTY-FULL! <3

    PS i think i have commented before on this post or what. Blogger is not working properly!

  33. Let it rain and you get drenched soon :)

    Blissful read, made me to dream too ;)

  34. Ridx : The blogger is really giving some trouble lately. and thanks for calling my post something full of beauty :))

    Keep comin' back :)

  35. Beyond Horizon : Let it rain and this world get drenched soon :)

  36. wow...1st time here and genuinely happy to be here....gr8 flow, beautiful narration, and btw who doesn't love rain and when it rains its so romantic you know....:))

    Best wishes,

  37. The way you express, just makes me visit this blog everyday. Even if I have read all the posts. :)

    Stay blessed ^_^

  38. This is my favorite post shashank :), I want every new reader on my blog to read this atleast once :)
    I appreciate your effort, Visit everyday :P Appreciation from a fellow blogger feels so good :)
    Thank you :)

  39. Lovely words Ayushi...I enjoyed the post. Although, I must say, I am not a Twilight fan...I could get past about 6 chapters and was forced to watch the first movie which I detested...

  40. wow again ! OH my ! this is simply amazing ! keep writing. and you have chose the best pictures to combine with the essence of words up there. very creative !

    and and i love your header :)

    1. IS -

      Thank You so much :)
      That header took a lot of time ;)


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