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August 16, 2011

Where there are Expectations, there is a Mask

Have you ever wondered why the best things in life are always unexpected, only because there were no expectations to compare them to. People expect you to be brave, sometimes you pretend that you are, even when you are frightened down to your very bones. How, and more importantly, Why does this happen ?

A small intense fight with her mom got her thinking about the E-word. Her mom was open about all her expectations from her and extremely fragile. She got slapped by reality in the face. As soon as her mom left the room, she opened the second drawer in her cupboard and looked at it. It was there. The MASK. Her MASK. Her virtual life savior.
It met her eyes, twisted its lips into a wicked smile and spat 

'So, You need me again ? I had my mind believe that this is my grave, after the way you threw me here the last time'

She managed a sad 'Yes, I need you again'

She grabbed it inhumanly, put it on her face and saw it coming to life, blending in with her, become an inseparable part of her being. She had suddenly become ugly to her own eyes. She strode out of my room, and let the veil take care of all she couldn't.

Later that night, She tore it away from herself, it had it's victory smile on, content as a vampire who had just ripped her throat off, and got a taste of her fresh human blood, fed on her.
She threw it away into it's regular place.
She was broke. She knew she was incomplete without it.
And they both drifted to sleep.

Was it wrong for her to put it on ? Should she have let mom feel bad and not care ? What is the thing with Expectations ? Why are they always touching the skies ? Is it really important to meet them ?

I say 'No, it's not'.
Stop meeting people's wrong expectations and in return they'll someday thank you for it.
Drop the veil and be the real you. You're fearless and brave.

Somebody you don't like, pretends to be a friend, and you have to fake it too.
Somebody will get hurt if you spill the truth, you are expected to zip your lip, and you do it. WHY ?
A wise soul once enlightened me saying


Wish it were all as easy as a mathematical problem.

Blessed are those who never expect, for they shall never get disappointed.

Time to unveil the true you, Expect less and Live more.


  1. I love how this post was written. So creative and emotive :).
    I agree with you, "Let's take it off, Expect less and Live more." Expecting too much hurts relationships. It's just not worth it.

  2. Thanks for reading and appreciating Tay :)
    It really is high time, we take the mask off.

  3. soo true pie:)
    as soon as u strt expctin smthn frm sum1..dey gt d ryt to hurt u..
    uo eqn z absltly awesum!!
    luv u ma sugrpie:*

  4. The two words that sum it up all are 'Let go'
    And I know you've did :)
    Love you more :*

  5. Receiving things unexpectantly is such an awesome feeling :)

  6. But there will come a point when you will be forced to drop that mask - how long can you hide your true feelings?

  7. Hazel : It is and it always will be :)

  8. Purba : Our love for the ones who are close to us, makes us do several things that are not real, but I know, its time to drop the veil.

  9. Sooo true!
    Each and every thing..
    I wish I never had expectations from anyone.. I've been a victim too.. :| Is it so hard for the ones you love to treat you the same way you treat them?.. I wish people would jus be themselves than be fake to please the other people..

  10. Di, firstly I loved the post. The way you write <3
    But I agree that you know, we shouldn't wear masks. Sometimes it's better to lose things and people than lie or withdraw or keep it on the inside. Sometimes it's better to just blurt out the truth and save the guilty conscience .. "It's better to be hated for what u are than to be loved for what you aren't! "


  11. heye Ayushi...i have a lot many qstns to ask u, than write a so called comment...and that is... I dint understand ur notion of mask...tell me if m wrong..do u mean the mask which we ppl wear with regards to 'social obligations'...hiding what we really want from life..?
    and as far as expectations are concerned...i think its natural to have expectations from those whom u love...it gets sad when we attach them to strangers, and only get disappointed later...nice write up..but m still not clear

  12. Viya : Thanks for sparing time to read this, Wish reciprocation came naturally to people :)

  13. Nirati : I read your comment and realized, my attempt at fiction+reality went in the wrong direction went in the wrong direction. Read the post again, and all your questions shall be answered N :)

  14. Aakriti : The mask here represents the fake veil you put up when the real you doesn't want to meet people's over the top expectations :)

  15. "Blessed are those who never expect, for they shall never get disappointed."

    I absolutely LOVE your flow of writing, the way you play with words, ideas and thoughts on such fragile topics. ♥

    Keep writing.

  16. Thank you Rachit :)

    Ezazi, you yourself are gifted love :) and that picture of yours on your blog is breath-takingly cute :):)
    Keep coming back :)

  17. some days back, my teacher told me the same thing that stop keeping expectations and u ll lead a hapy life.

  18. Superb, first the expectations should be reasonable. And second, if you can't be honest with your loved one, you can never be honest in your entire life. This post is expectional:) Happy to follow you:)

  19. You write Beautiful! :)
    I simply love reading Your posts! :)
    Take care!

  20. Kiran : Your teacher seems to be a nice person, Listen to her more often :)

  21. Saru di, You just made my day, Love you :)

    Vanshika : Hello love, I see you here for the first time, but thank you for the beautiful words :) and keep coming back :)

  22. I seriously love this post! I can so relate and the words are beautiful. <3
    I absolutely HATE expectations. I think it can ruin somebody. When did just trying your best become a bad thing?

    I don't do expectations. I know my skills and limitations. I'm happy just being me and I think others need to love themselves more for who they really are.


    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Following ya now!

    By the way, I’m having a Pura Vida bracelets giveaway so come check it out! :]

    xoxo, Bree


  23. So true. expectation really hurt. Indeed those who expect less are blessed :]

    You've a beautiful blog. Following :]

  24. Yeah, blessed are those who never expect...
    so true statement
    so realistic post
    an so loving ur blog.

  25. Bree : Even I don't do expectations now :)
    Thanks for loving my bog :)

    Ifra : Yes they are, :) Anyday :)

    Ateeq : Thank you :)

  26. I think we all take comfort in wearing a mask, I do, especially in time of need. It doesn't have to be a material mask merely one when you are able to show another face that you store away for such occasions. You can be another person that disdains to follow the rules. You can walk through an imaginary door into a different world. Great post.

  27. I come back every now and then , its just that I didn't let You know. :)

  28. Indeed, if only it was a mathematical equation :)

  29. oldegg : Glad to have you on my blog :). I see you are quite senior to me and your blog makes me want to respect you all the more :)
    And about the mask, 99% of this world takes comfort in wearing it, they just don't let it out in public like I've did with this post.

    Thanks for visiting :)

  30. Vanshika : And the next time you visit this page, please please let me know, It makes me happy :)

  31. i will be honest. that mask is a must. so is the real you, but with the people who care.

    and as for expectations, well i have my set. and i am strong enough to let go and aim higher next time if i don't manage it.
    life isn't about streamlining. its about getting strangled then taking a breath. its about falling then flying. its about living and then its about dying.

  32. like you mentioned, its easier said than done...
    and then again, its only when we care about someone that we try to live up to their expectations---even at the cost of pretending..

    we dont really mind losing someone we dont think much about, do we?

    just an honest opinion.

  33. For Sure! :)
    P.S I am back once again. :P

  34. Raj : You knit nice comments, lemme go and check out your blog too, and Thank you for being honest :) It takes a lot of nerve to be one. :)

    Do come back :)

  35. Pri : The cost of pretending is generally very high, but hope its all worth it :)

    Love :)

    Vanshika : I'm again glad :)

  36. WOW. I love everything about this post.
    It's the first thing I read on your blog and I'm already hooked.
    Gonna follow you for sure! :)

  37. amazing read....loved the creative way u wrote it....every word made sense....

    thanks for this...

  38. This is such a well written post, mature and i liked how your blog is designed. :)

  39. I just awarded you :D awesome blog! Grab it here: http://rawrseries.blogspot.com/2011/08/yesterdays-post-continued-stolen-shoe.html

    Love, Tay

  40. And you two beautiful girls,Hazel and Tayla, thank you tonnes, I'm boundlessly happy, I cannot even put it into words :)

    Love you :)

  41. happiness = reality - expectations...ya right but
    kaaashhh that equation was so easy :(

  42. Where did my comment go ???? :P I am an ardent follower now ;)

  43. Seriously, life should have been like a simple mathematical problem..

  44. trust me, it's not right to spill the beans every time

    been there and suffered like hell. I actually ended up thinking what if I had not said all that. It feels good to let it all out but the aftermath is very frustrating and depressing

    sometimes, it's the best way to just walk away

  45. Suree : A million thanks for that :P

    Periwinkle : We could find 'x' easily then :)

    shashank : I know, walking away sometimes is indispensable!!!!
    2:1 is good for me too :)

  46. Loved this one...I like how you managed creativity with reality! Expectations of almost perfection by ourselves or others upon us can result in so much unhappiness as we will never get to that elusive perfection. And yes, if only life were as easy as that equation...sadly, despite knowing what expectations can do to us, we continue living the same way...

  47. psych : thank you for reading :)

    Musings : Thank you :)


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