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August 22, 2011

Project Happily Ever After

The Prince saves the damsel in distress from all evil, carries her on his white shiny horse, organizes a lavish wedding where the whole town is invited and together they take off to a place called 'Happily ever after'.

What if Cinderella's shoe fits another girl's foot before the prince reaches her doorstep ? Or fairy godmother loses track of time and surfaces an hour late ?
What if the cursed frog does not incarnate into a handsome prince when the princess kisses him ? (I'd rather say you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your handsome prince)
What if Snow white falls in love with a cute dwarf instead of the prince ? (Pick up your jaw, Matters involving heart are unquestionable)
What if Rapunzel's hair were filled with dandruff and lice ? (Eeeee, don't make that face, just an assumption) In that case she would have hugged and thanked the witch for chopping them short shreiking ''Thank you oldie, they itched a lot anyways".

But anyhow,I'm not trying to erase the concept of happily ever afters from your mind, I'm just arguing the case of my client ''I'm a little less that happily-ever-after''. He's sick of not being desired anywhere. (Oh yes baby, I'm quite expensive, he's paying me a fortune).

But seriously, answer me, What if these stories were a little less than perfect, I would have loved them anyway, as long as I was 7 years old and they succeeded in making me smile and giggle.

Few years down the line, when I should supposedly be expecting a H-E-A life, I'd rather live for the moment and in the moment, make my family delicious pancakes, sit by the porch with my partner, enjoy the rain, watch my kids make paper boats and feed them to the rain, feel content in the bliss showered by that very moment.
Imagine having nothing to worry about, wouldn't happiness lose all it's charm ?

Honey, they don't call ''making up after a fight'' the best thing ever for nothing.
A messy hair-do always looks more appealing than the perfectly sized and tied bun.

Grandma- No baby, that's not mandatory, I would have coaxed the author of this write-up into marrying you but I'm afraid there is a LITTLE age difference.

Let go off this mirage of happily-ever-after and seek content-ever-after.


  1. Even I thought about those questions earlier :D
    'What if' has the power to bring a lot of changes.
    Nice post. :)

  2. Hey hey, now that's what I'm talking about:D

    Happily ever after is highly over-rated.
    And content-ever-after - me the likes:)

  3. Aha, this was a really nice post.
    Super true because you won't get anywhere by surrounding yourself with expectations.
    & : D I'm a new follower here.
    Really just love your blog ~

  4. Vanshika : Iloveyou for being back :)
    Thanks a ton :)

    Priyanka : tell me about it :P
    I also like content-ever-after :)

  5. Zaynab : welcome sweety :)
    which one of those cuties in your dp is you ? ;)
    And seriously, expectations make want to gag now :(
    thank you for visiting :) Hope to see more of you soon :)

  6. The what if-s are funny cause I also thought those what ifs. Loved reading this post, looking forward to reading your upcoming ones :D

  7. Happily-ever-after is so cliched! Now we should get over it. But again, it is so mesmerizing! :)

  8. Aww I love happily ever afters - I don't want to ruin the magic of them by being realistic lol!

  9. i would love these stories more if they had no happy ever after endings..
    u see every girl today has a dream that a prince should come riding on the horse and take them away, lol then what would happen to those (guys like me) neither am a price nor i know how to ride a horse. :P
    nyc one, truly awesome

  10. WOw..i loved it.hilarious in a way that you conveyed the msg very well:):) congrats

    Agree with you,there's no happily ever after...lets seek content-ever after :):)

    take care :):)

  11. Ha Ha Ha! Loved the style of writing.
    Subtle humour is lovable.
    For an intellectual brain, are they really 'Fair'y tales?

  12. Happily ever-after's exist only in fairytales, the fairytales that we are conned into believing as little girls. :/ The happy endings give us comfort. But as we grow older, experience teaches us that your Prince Charming is not going to come and sweep you off your feet- rather, you'll fall down hard, pick up yourself, and learn your lesson. And there are no happy endings. There are just a lot of happy in-betweens. :)
    Like you said, content ever-after...

  13. I love your blog; new follower, but still feeling the sunshine!
    And I know there are no happily-ever-afters in real life, but one can always dream, right?

  14. Rosette : :D :D thank you :)

    N.i.o : what ifs form the actual content :D

    Ridx : Something that we've been fed since we were 3, would always be mesmerizing sweety ;) but you have it correct, it's sucha cliche

  15. Hazel : I get it Haze :P

    Ateeq : I so understand your plight ateeq :P I had that in mind too while writing this, Every guy is not a prince, I'd like mine to be simple and charismatic, a non-prince would do :P

    Other side : You take good care too :) and don't forget to seek content-ever-after :)

    Spicy sweet : Humor has never been my forte, this just came out of nowhere :D For an intellectual brain, these tales shouldn't even exist, lol, let's not get into that brain :P

    take care :)

  16. Divya : I love the idea of happy-in-betweens :)
    You're truly my twin :) :) :*
    And falling down hard to learn a lesson is not even the last thing a girl would want :D
    Damn these cliches !!!

  17. Cricketfreak : Hi kali, I'm so so glad you liked my blog, I'll visit yours also very soon :)
    Mom shouting, I'm virtually running :D I just got a look, that saturday dinner sounds delicious :)
    I'm a big big foodie :P

  18. Ha ha...subtly written with a good touch of humour! Good!

  19. :) hehe, happily ever after...yeah why not! we would need happier ever after than and more so....happiness is over rated, satisfaction is under-rated.

  20. i agree!!! i had this argument with my friend cuz she still beleives that frogs can turn into a handsome prince. i wld have really appreciated that these tales wld have a lil bits of reality in them...but thn they wldnt be called "fairy" tales :)

  21. Awesome post!
    You just gained a new followers. :D

  22. Nasnin : I tried humor :D

    Chintan : and you're back :):)
    happiness-in-betweens is new formula :)

    Kiran : Make your friend read this :D

    Maryam : Heya :) welcome to my blog :)
    I'm glad you visited :)

  23. Anytime! :)
    Itna to banta hai for a wonderful blogger. :)


  25. Even though it's kind of over rated, I seem to like it! I mean a normal person cannot be content but he surely can be happy for the moment at least!
    Acc to me, perfection lies in everything which surpasses the ordinary, as I mentioned earlier in one of my posts too, however that's what I feel. Just tellin' my views :)

    Btw, You din't really answer it but I love to call you Ayu only!

    Love, Risha :)

  26. 'Happily ever after' is sooo 'Once upon a time'

    Lovely post!

  27. May be happiness follows contentment...Happiness may be an illusion, a mirage, which we always look for...but can not hold on for ever...contentment..is something which comes from within..and in the knowledge of living in the present..and accepting the good things present in your life..and not worrying too much about the future :)


  28. LOL @ the grim reaper and his kid XD Nice one :)

  29. I'm speechless, one of the finest post I have read in recent times. You're getting better day by day. Last line was Midas touch:)

  30. but these stories wouldnt be stories if these were not perfect :) these were meant to be perfect...so many princes and princesses failed...only a handful succeeded and those are the ones we have in our stories... nice post :)

  31. Agree with what Risha Di said!
    Overrated yeah but I love it, hell yes :D

  32. Enjoyed reading this :) fantastic post, loved it <3

  33. Arfa : I got it baby :) and have already thanked you tonnes for it :) Love you :*

    Rish : Yea, Its a cliche, and I hate any type of them. actually 'don't like' would be more appropriate :) and neither do I beleive in perfection rish, I want an imperfect, happiness-in-betweens, spicy, messy life. Yes, that'd be me :) and call me ayu, anyday, anytime :)

    Blue Periwinkle : thank you :)

  34. Kunal : I lie your real name so much more than your screen name ;)
    And I'm so happy that you caught the idea I while trying to convey :)

    Sushmit : Thank you :) Keep passing by :)

    Saru di : Are you serious ? Coming from you, it's a bigg bigg compliment :)
    Love ya :)

  35. Israr : Who wants perfection anyways ;) Thank you for reading :)

    Blahblaholic : I know you love this concept princess :*

    Tayla : You came back :)
    I love you :)

  36. question mark in d middle of ur forehead -LOL

    some nice smart questions there n loved the flow

  37. If only fairy tales could come true :)
    Loved the post :)
    We need someone to answer the questions :D

  38. You seem to Question a lot, it is an enviable attribute, trust me.

    Happily ever after is a very achievable goal, assuming you know what you're looking for. I reckon many of these stories(fairy tales) can be chopped and custom changed to suit your real life situation.

    Awesome blog you have running here, glad I ran into it.

  39. Absolutely loved this post! Great writing by the way. Signed up to follow your blog. Hope to see you around mine as well:



  40. it's true, happily ever after is an expectation and a burden. it does make for a great ending, however, and writers have learned that:) it's such a marketable ending.
    but i still love fairy tales. they do come true once in a while. true fairy tales are so much more rare than gold. that's why we are so much more fascinated by them, i think.
    nice to meecha. here from madhulika's place.

  41. Seriously I love the feel of this post and came again to read it, I trade share at this time and I write, was running short of ideas...So, thought of reading it again. Believe me, I don't even see my own blog at this time. This post sounds so honest and pure!

  42. Hahaha.. that was totally and completely hilarious! Loved every bit of it :D

  43. Phil : I'll soon find a partner to answer these questions sweetheart :) Don't you worry :)

    Atrocious Scribblings : haha :D It is really enviable ? These stories would be so cute if accustomed to our real life :)
    I'll check your place too ;)

    Fragile Clay : Sure fellow blogger :)

    Ed Pilolla : I saw 'Tangled' today and trust me HEA is really marketable. But then again, I don't believe in it. Its a big burden and a much bigger expectation from life.

  44. Saru Di : You make me love you more and more and more :):) and trust me, some of your poems are out of this world, I love those two couplets of 'All Dressed Up' :)

    Love :)

    Bhagya : :D Thank you so much :)

  45. true...happily-ever-after's exist only in fairytales..and we gotta make peace with that!

    ummm..perhaps you should read lemony snicket..he thinks a bit like you :P
    but i kinda like him..he believes in letting children know it---as real as it can get!

    Love in the times of samsung galaxy tab
    check this out and do vote for it (promote it on indiblogger) if you like it...


  46. this was so amazing..I totally loved it :D ... especially the lines you'd have to kiss several frogs and rapunzel having dandruff :P ...LOL..
    lovely post!

    ps. thanks for following my blog! :)

  47. Only if this ever after principle was NOT JUST A PHRASE :]

    PS: I thought of following you and clicked on follow button. this is when I realized that I already follow you :]

  48. Pri : I've already made peace with it :) Long ago :)) Pass me the link to this think-alike friend of yours plzz

    confused soul : How could I not follow your blog ? ;) I might need insurance someday sweetheart :)) ;)

    Ifra : Apparently you wanted to join my site again ;) :P This itself is a big big compliment :) Love ya :)

  49. HAHA nice one :D

  50. Well, curiosity is not a sin ;)

    Another point is, you have to go through the bad to appreciate the good

  51. Thank you Amna :)

    Shashank : of course you do :)
    Welcome to my blog :)

  52. There's a reason why they are called fairy tales, too much sugary perfection can get mundane! =)

    Visit my blog if you'd like: www.letsfadetoblack.blogspot.com

  53. heya Ayushi...its been long.. im a lagging behind in catching up ur posts...but I will..dunt u wrry;)
    loved it. the humor, the qstning. and well its kinda glad that u wrote this post. we all come to accept many a things in life.and just when we start qstning our elders irritated of our mind's capacity to think differently nicely put a lid which for many gets closed and for lucky few( if the lid is half open) it helps them a lot on life..i like the Rapunzel wala joke..and the princess kissing many frogs before she gets to the real one. I mean aise twists ke saath these stories would not only be fun to read, but get practical as well...haina?;)


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