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August 27, 2011

Post Some Love

I'm an old fashioned girl, I find letters cute. I wrote one to my cousin (who lived in the same city) a couple of years back during my summer break. And as soon as she got it, I made Papa drive me over to her place because I wanted to see how does it feel like receiving one. We read it together and giggled for almost an hour. It was totally lame, but then again, who isn't ? Why hide ? and I was merely 10, or maybe 12 or was it 11 ? Never mind.

Moral of the Story : Go post a letter today, and surprise the ones who are close to your heart. Give that sad lonely mailbox some pleasure.


  1. i knw baby dat i promisd u 1..
    trust me..ul gt uo ltr soon:)
    luv ya:*

  2. haha....cute and nice :D

    can't believe myself but gonna try it for sure ^_^

  3. i recently posted postcards to some of my readers :) it's fun and my collegemates had written me a letter from hostel when i was on training, its torn and i still have it :) letters are wonderful...

  4. I've been thinking about doing that for a long time. Mail is not the same thing, we need to bring letters back! You know what? I think I'll do that (but my handwriting sucks :/ )

  5. The last letter I wrote was probably when I was in college..to my family...and a few letters I exchanged with a school friend when he shifted to Orrisa are some of my treasured memories...Letters hold the same significance as compared to e mail...as reading a hard cover bound book does as compared to reading on kindle...or say...seeing hard copies of photos developed from a film as compared to seeing digital photos on laptop...Awesome feeling :)


  6. That's really cute...:) I don't post letter but I write emails to my husband (We live together)...:)

  7. hahaha true very true...letters do have a way of making one feel happy, because they know that you have made an effort...!:D
    a thoughtful post:D

  8. thanks for finding me. cos im so lucky to know ur blog now!

    i love letters too, but its been ages since i bothered writing one to anyone really. =(
    and the thing abt going all the way to ur cousin just to know she feels? lol, that's so totally the kind of thing i do!

  9. lol, i posted a letter once too,
    its been 3 years and still the letter haven't reached its destination.
    i posted to my friend and whenever we talk about it, its just so hilarious.
    final conclusion:
    it takes more than three years for a letter to get to its destination, if the destination is in the same city,
    the distance and time are directly propotional to each other in this law :P

  10. A loving idea. The few times I've sent off a love
    note it was very well received.

  11. This is adorable...but it now takes 1 week to deliver a letter just 200 km away!
    I prefer email :)
    But it is always nice to get a letter.

  12. Awww nice.. but I dont know whom to send the letters to ;/

  13. That is such a cute thing to do :D
    I am thinking to whom should I post now ;)

  14. Such cute cute stuff you come up with. Unfortunately I have NO clue how to go about finding a letter thingy, forget posting it:| I know, shame on me..

  15. Aww.. this just freshened up our sweet old letter's memories, of course you remember right Jholi :)
    Those days, that Hakim Sir's batch, Reesa, stand out and everyone clap for her birthday , hahah, they were spectacular !!
    So, You want one from me, again, Do Lemme know !! :)

    Love, Risha :)

  16. Nice post.

    I too had a similar feeling on seeing a post box a few days.

    I wondered how many actually even spotted its lonely existence in the age of email.

  17. I totally love hand written letters. :)

    Will post atleast one *or maybe 3-4-5 ;)* for sure today. :D

  18. Aww I love getting personal letters! :)

  19. Haha, I got one letter from a class mate.
    It was wonderful.

    You post your Postal address. We all will send you a lovely blissful letter.

  20. Ahhhhhh!
    I just posted one few days ago!! :)
    And I am hoping to receive one too!
    Letters make me sooooo happy.

  21. I have written many and I just kinda try to be creative with it.You know like drawing a few characters,symbols, making faces et cetera et cetera.It did get me in trouble once and I almost lost share in my ancestral property :) I got one a few days back from a friend and it was kinda heart touching.I love letters , receiving or sending :) nice post

  22. Ah I've written letter before.
    iFind letters so cute, but now no one really does that. : /
    Well, I'll be looking for a penpal to do this with sometime.
    & Like Hamza said iWould love to send you a letter in the mail.

  23. Ankita : I know love :)

    Shashank : You post that one letter and my purpose is accomplished :) Don't forget to tell me when you post it and come back home :)

    Chintan : Indeed they are, they are physical proof that somebody who cares for you actually made all that effort :)

    N.i.o : Doesn't matter love :) Scribble scribble and scribble some more :)

    Kunal : Your words make me want to 'Ctrl+c' them and then 'ctrl+v' to my post :)

    Rosette : They've always been :)

    Saru Di : I din know you were married :) Tell your better half I sent a message saying, he's so darn lucky coz he has you :) Better yet, write it on a paper and leave it in his pocket :)

    floodgate : A genuine effort at that :)

    Raphael : Then we are alike sweetheart :)

    Ateeq : :D rofl :d seriously ? did it really never reach ? ;)

    Cynthia : It always will be sweety :)

    cricketfreak : similar feeling the other person will get if you do it sweet :)

    other side : send it to your mom, even if you live together :P she will love you for it :)

    Bhagya : anybody whos close enough to receive a letter from you ;)

    Peevee : I'll get back with details soon, if you promise me that you'll send one :)

    Madhulika : thank you so much :)

    Risha : Pour them in Rissa :P:P Hakim sir was awesome that way :P

    Vyankatesh : Post some love into its lonely existence soon :)

    Vyoma : Do tell me how the receivers react :)

    Hazel : Does Pablo know that ? ;)

    Hamza : Wish wish wish, we could do that here :(

    Periwinkle : I so know the feeling :)

    Suree : A little flower here, a little border there are so my things ;) :P
    thank you :)

    Zaynab : Letters are undeniably cute :) wish I could disclose my address on this post :(

  24. LoL ~ this is such a cute post! We do live in an age where the instant gratification of an email has taken the place of a handwritten letter which is so meaningful to receive because someone took the time to write it by hand :)

    I must admit that I don't put pen to paper anymore ~ I let my fingers do the 'talking' instead lol! Could be the reason why my penmanship isn't as good as it used to be ~ if you don't use it, you lose it, as they say :p

    I will remember this post and go dig out some nice old stationery, which must be around here somewhere? :D

    P.S. ~ I didn't know Saru was married either! So sweet that she and her husband still write emails to one another while living under the same roof :) ♥

  25. oh...that was time when we use to run whenever we see the postman coming towards our home....really written letters have got their own fragrance and soothing effects which we all miss these days....

    Nice post....:))

  26. Agreed. Posts have a personal touch. Especially if it is a love letter.

  27. This would be such a cute gesture :) I haven't written a letter for a decade I guess :/ EXCEPT the letters I have to submit (not post it )to my college for bunking excessive lectures XD XD GOOD REMIDER!!! would write one soon to a loved one soon :)

  28. yah, still its somewhere i don't know :P

  29. Hey Serendipity, u're actually rite.. its been extremely long time since I sent someone an actual letter... n I knw it'd be so impactful... I myself still treasure letters tht I've gt frm various frnds at various stages in life....guess the emails n the sms hv taken the steam out of the gud old fashioned snail mail.

    Very thoght provokin post :)

  30. Hey,Shylock here :P
    The only piece of snail mail I ever posted was a two worded letter (sala kamina)to my friend who lives a couple of floors below my place, in my 12th grade :P By the way, thanks a lot for your comment :) do visit my blog again, go through the posts, and let me know what you think.
    Cheers :) :)

  31. Yes, there is something about letters :)

  32. Email has made things a lot easier, but nothing like a handwritten letter, right? :) My friend and I used to write regularly to each other, but it seems like neither has the time!

    I still have the letters my friend gave me while we were at school. Even the little notes we pass around in class to communicate during boring lectures are special. :)

  33. i've been wanting to do this for a while but I can't find an active participant. As a kid, I loved receiving written letters from family and friends all over the world and this was before the email days. Today, People including myself prioritize who's email is worthy of my time, something I would never do had it been a hand written letter. Nice post.

  34. Fiona : Yes sweetheart, its really sweet that Saru Di and her husband still write emails to each other :), Nothing surpasses the cuteness of this situation :), Go dig out that stationary and make that special someone happy :):)

    Irfan : Tellme about the fragrance part :)

    Spicy : Looks like you got some :):)

    Ananya : And then don't forget to get back to me when you finish doing that :)

    Raj : I'm happy coz I reminded you of those sweet memories, Go on boy, pick up a pen and pen your feelings down today itself :)

    Sushmit : I'll visit soon :)

    Whuaat : Indeed, there is :)

    Destiny's Child : You see Risha Kalra's comment above in this page, we also used to exchange letters very often, we were two crazy teens :P :D

    Yarn : Thank you for reading love, and welcome to my blog :)


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