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August 25, 2011


Its 12.27 at night and my heartiest love to all you night people out there.

I generally do not write posts like the one I just began typing but I've let my guard down because of the plain awesomeness of whats happening to me right now. Writing about it is all I can do to restrain myself from walking out of my room in my night dress at this hour.

My room is at the rear end of our home and the plot behind our home is blissfully empty, which makes every noise, every chitter chatter of the road back there, reach our ears ( I meant me and my brother's, Yes love, I have an angel for a brother, Wwwhhaaatt ? You don't know him ? Oh wait, I've never mentioned my brother on this blog, My bad, Well, he deserves to be mentioned in an entire new post, dedicated only to him). My mind has silently pasted a post-it on its wall, shall be done soon :)

Shh Shh Shh back to the current mood, Okay, so I have been telling you about the whereabouts of my room because something very serene is happening to me right now. I can listen to every ( well, almost every) raindrop falling on that road right now, and trust me, it's sheer music to my ears. As they say 'SOME FEEL THE RAIN, OTHERS JUST GET WET'. The cars brushing by the droplets, sudden lightening (the kind that makes the actress jump and very deliberately stick to her boyfriend's chest in bad movies :P).

I know I've dedicated a post to rain already, but why does this feel like something entirely different ? ;)

People always say rain is an over-rated concept, I hereby defy the concerned :P Calling rain over-rated would be the under-statement of the century, rain has hidden a million emotions in its innumerable droplets, It has mystery to it, much more mystery than human mind can handle. My air-conditioner has been depriving me of this pleasure since forever, thanks to my allergic nose and these irritating sneezing fits, I did not switch it on today, else this sweet melancholy would have never reached my ears.

Now I know why mom says ''there is always something good peeping out of a black cloud''


  1. And now I wonder how in the craziest of worlds , you are still single :) Here comes the rain again , falling on my head like memory :)

  2. How I wish the same, I need a partner for that deliberately sticking scene :D :P

  3. I wish you see his reflection in the shining rain drops around you :)

  4. May your wish come true, See I'm so selfless, I'm praying for your wish to come true :P

  5. Hmmmm did I miss the catch or I wished selflessly for you ? :P You are lucky :P

  6. You should move to Ireland - it rains all the time here!

  7. Wo kehte hai na..

    Bijli kadki..barish hone ka darr hai..
    wo kyun bhaage ja rahe....jinke paas ghar hai?

    waise...abhi mujhe 'Tum se hi' gaana yaad aa raha hai..

    Get blissfully soaked in music of the rain drops. :)

  8. Sometimes I feel the same - listening to rain gives me peace :)

  9. Psst . . . I LOVE the sound of rain too! I am sitting here trying to listen to it through the A/C and *giggling* at the irony of your perfect timing for this post, not to mention the fact that we can totally relate to the subject matter :) I was just thinking today how nice it would be if someone invented silent A/C lol! Maybe there is such a thing and we don't have it yet? :D

    ~Serendipity~, you are such a BEAUTIFUL, breath of fresh air . . . before and after the rain :) So blessed to have met you here! ♥

  10. Somehow emotions get attached to rain :]


  11. Who says rain is over rated? Nicely written and even I am figuring the answer to your question...May be she is lucky...

  12. awhhh...loved it...you crossed all limits of awesomeness! :DDD

  13. I love the sound of rain when you wake up on a Saturday/Sunday morning, because you actually have the time to lie still for a while longer, listening to the rain.

    And if you listen carefully,you can hear the stories it has to tell.. of people who have to walk miles in the rain because they can't afford to take a bus or auto, of that young couple who first kissed each other in the rain, of a young man who's crying for his father's death, of little school children who happily jump into little puddles on their way to school, of that farmer who rejoices that finally his crops are getting watered.

    The rain has many stories to tell.. That's why, the sound of the rain is so beautiful. :)

    Too much rambling, I know... :)

  14. That last line was quite unrelated to the whole post, but funny anyway :)

  15. Reading this is even more blissful :)

  16. I don't know what it is to others. Rain just rains so many memories good or bad.
    You love the way the rain satiates your senses. What more is required?
    Hope you slept soon! :P

  17. Suree : I wish I am :)

    Israr : Its a mere narration of what happened to me last night :)

    Hazel : :) Does it ? Throughout the year ?

    Kunal : What a coincidence kunal, Tum se hi is an all time favorite :)

    Ridx : same here love, same here :)

    Fiona : *smiles* I'm so glad I met the timing of your moment :) If you find a total silent A/C, please nform me too :) Your comments make me so so so happy :)

    Ifra : It's all written somewhere :)

  18. nicely put into words...you are marvelous :)


  19. Saru di : Seriously Saru di, She is so darn lucky, You're the only one who has given importance to my question, thank you :D :D Sometimes I can't help but question :P Hope you don't mind :)

    floodgate : *grins* did I ? Even I was surprised at the magic of last night :)

    Divya : You know what, I am totally idle these days and have all the time in the world :) haha, don't envy me :):) I love your rambling, Its true and straight from your heart to mine, Keep'em coming love :)

    cricketfreak : You see, sometimes I can't help but simply question :D

    Bhagya : I know :) I just read it again myself :)

    Spicy Sweet : I slept 5 mins after my last comment up there :) Hope you enjoyed the rain with BH :P

  20. aww, guess what it started pouring here too and am so loving it :)

  21. I just LOVE the sound of rain!
    We are having a rainy week in Karachi after ages, and I'm lovin' it.

    LOL @ the deliberately sticking to partner part. Best of luck =D

  22. Chintan : Enjoy the drizzle :)

    HBL : :D who doesn't love this sprikle ? ;)

  23. "the kind that makes the actress jump and very deliberately stick to her boyfriend's chest in bad movies" LMAO :D :D I would include "hairy chest" too XD
    and well yes its amazing to hear the sound of rain.. :) infact I do not know if you are aware but listening to the rain drops is also a form of meditation.. you seem to be like a nature girl like me.. :)
    nice blog!!

  24. Rain is awesome!
    I simply love it, its something like as if the all my worries get washed away with the rain .. :)

  25. omg-
    rain is magic-
    every1 explains it differently but but with loveeee && love&& love
    awww rain<3

  26. I love the sound of rain, listening to it gives me serenity. but i like the sound of rain when im at home, in bed or on the couch. Not outside :p

    I enjoyed reading this post (as always) you have a way with words :)

  27. Yes Elena is freaking lucky for that matter!! :D
    And I to love the rain bachpan se hi ;)

    Sweet post :)

    Love, Risha :)

  28. Sweet melancholic :)

    love tha rain and loved ur post ...felt as if I am feeling the rain...while reading it!


  29. Ananya : I thought of adding hairy but I don't like it much so did away with it :D :D I'm 87% a nature girl :D lol, no I have no proof to prove my percentage analysis :D

    Vanshika : Same happens with me :)

    Fatima : Thank you :)

    N.i.o : Thanks for dropping by again love :)

    Risha : Tell me about it *hmph* Even Mason Lockwood, It's highly unfair, just not acceptable :(

    Gowthami : I'm glad I'm glad :):)

  30. Awwwwwwwwwhhh<3

    And that Elena thing..DO YOU READ MY MIND?!?! =O

  31. I have yet to read a more beautifully worded description of rain:)

  32. It's raining like crazy here! Reading this post of yours completed it perfectly. :)


  33. Periwinkle : Me too :)

    Arfa : I can bet every girl has wondered this once ;)

    Priyanka : Hope to see it coming from you :)

    Loony : I'm pleased sweety :)

    Narcissist : You have been away for too long, what have you been upto narcissist ?
    This is not poetic abhishek :D

  34. I love reading your posts <3 They inspire me :P
    I agree with you on the rain - it's so peaceful.. Sometimes.


  35. Placements sucks :D Final year project another head ache. On top of all this there is somethinf called maintaining attendance in college. Because of all these reasons I dint have time to blog :P

  36. I got it abhishek :P I too was a student until last year :P and btw, my major project rocked :) :D

  37. Hai rabba....how on earth are we romantics still single??;P Just tell me...HOW?? Monsoon some times really makes me feel low, for not having that 'special someone' but well blog posts like these just make me feel that m not the only awesome single girl around...there are many more:D..lol...and for us girls perhaps there are just as awesome single boys writing on their blogs j=the way we do....;)lol


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