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August 2, 2011

Honey, I'm all ears today

Oh yes baby, I'm all ears today. Let me get back to it in a while, after I celebrate my wide grin with all you beautiful people reading this.

If you've read my last post ( which was brutally suicidal ) you must be knowing how this universe conspired to make the past month of July, freakishly pathetic for me.
Not that I liked july earlier, but I hate it more than I hate tomatoes now. Yes, The tomatino festival of Spain literally made me want to puke my guts out, even Hrithik's abs weren't helping.

But as they say 'this too shall pass' and to my surprise, it has.

I'm a chirpy bird again :):)

And this really qualified to be a news I should share with this peaceful little place I can completely call my own.
But on the lame side, another thought crossed my messy mind, nothing "interesting", "aww" types, or "really? Is that true" kinda incident has happened to me in a long while. Sigh. Yes, poor me.

And then I got reminded of my sweet friends on blogger and here I am, ever so attentive to your interesting, happy, amusing life.

Let's have a little coffee-time gossip :)

Tell me what's on ! Trust me, I really want to know you better, after all we're friends for life here ;)

Are you the latest victim of cupid ?
Does mom still say 'you're of no use beta' ;) ?
Is he going to propose soon ?
Lusting after James Franco ? (I thought I had become crush-proof, lol, but he's my newest crush :D)
What cool stuff did you grab from that sale ? :)
Is your BFF being all bitchy after the break up ?

Yes, I want to know it all, fill me in.

P.S. My new hair cut is keeping me so busy. I'm lovin' it.
The fringe is awesome :) 
:D I just thought writing this in blue ink would express innately how excited I am :D I've never been this mad before :D 
I've put it up as my profile picture, Grab a look, offer lasts only for a limited period :D

Seriously, How lame was that ? :D Anyway, we all are a little lame, why cover up.

And although I'm just a few posts old, here I am giving out my first blog award 

Risha Kalra's I-Topia has earned this award :)
She gives me a smile and some food for thought, both simultaneously :)



  1. First of all your haircut really is cute.
    secondly, me got a huge crush for James Franco too
    Thirdly, i hate tomatoes too

  2. first time here, and i felt this air of freshness wave over me as i was reading ur post... it has this naturalism like nature which i so loved...

    it was awesome... cheered me rgt up...

    Sub'D :D

    take care and keep writing...........

  3. The fringe is SUPER cute :)
    He HASN'T proposed yet, nope. Hopefully won't soon... atleast not until we both are out of college:P Sales suck these days-_- And I miss mum too much to take her cribbing seriously.

    Wassaap with you, milady:)

    Hope you have an awesome august..

  4. I can hear the chirping too...and madness we all love it, right? this is what makes living fun

    I think I came here before the offer ended ;) looking cute in your new hair cut :)

  5. Thousif Raza : Welcome to my blog :)
    I'm so happy that you liked my space so much.

    Come back soon :)

  6. Priyanka : Only girls know how exhilarating it feels when your new hair cut gets a compliment :)
    Thanks a mil :)

    And he'll propose soon. I feel it. Keep me informed !! and how's college ??

    lets see what august has in store for me, I hope something spectacular :), feel it too!
    Ain't I feeling too much already ?

    Anyhow, lovin' it too <3

  7. Beyond Horizon : Yes sweety, you dropped in before the offer ended. You've availed its privileges :D

  8. Red Handed : Thank you for complimenting sweet :)
    And no offense, James Franco is currently taken by me :D I loved your blog :)
    I will stop by very often now, consider me a stalker :)

  9. Now that you are back with a bang, I'm giggling like a crazy ass too ;)
    Told you, this hairdo gonna be a super hit. Haven't I? Ohh, nevamind, I'm telling you now :P:D

    Love, Risha :)

  10. Thaank you sweetheart :)

    Lots of love to you too :)

  11. Refreshing post and fringes would look super cute on you. :)

  12. I realized that today is the first day of the rest of my life... n tht I need a better haircut n tht I need to seriously lose weight (strangely somethings in life never seem 2 change...:()

    I like Ann Hathaway more, esp since she's the new Catwoman in the new Batman flick, 'The Dark Knight Rises'...

    Oh yup, like the others, me 2 superlike ur new haircut :)

    Lovely read...


  13. I love fringes.
    You haircut is good! :P I'll congratulate you on that..mine are usually something opposite :P

  14. Raj : Anne Hathaway is a darling. No wonder you're one of her admirers. I like her smile a lot.

    And thank you for the hair cut thing. I din knew it was a hit :)

  15. Sugar Cube : Your latest post was awesome, dear!!
    thanks for visiting :)
    Fill me in with a picture of your hair too :P

  16. Heyy, what a warm lovely gesture!!
    Thanks a ton darling, I'm heavily delighted!! <3
    Love and more love, Risha :*

  17. It's now on my blogpage with your link. I'm ohh so loving this :)

  18. haha hmmm well yeh he proposed but it aint working right for both of us..so will have to wait yet..and yes em the one that ma mother keeps snubbing these days...side-effects of being unemployed and being at home like 24/7 I guess! and youkhs! I hated that tomato show too...It gave me youkh vibes...
    Sales are nt for me these days..unemployed!!
    thankz for dropping by my page sweetheart...you have a nice space out here..I liked it..gonna stalk you now:-)

  19. Risha : <3 <3 :* :*

    Mishi : I too am so unemployed :( My mom actually doesn't crib about that, It's more worse, she keeps craddling me into cooking :(
    Not that I hate it, but I love to do it when I'm in a mood for it !! I just grabbed a nice pair of denims from the sale, so was on my mind :)

  20. The fringe IS awesome! In fact...a cute profile pic peeking in my followers list brought me here! Love the place! My parent's been reciting the 'Get married' chapter lately :) I need to read your older posts and get to know more about you too :)

  21. Sure Tulika, explore as much as you can :)
    And thank you :)
    this 'get married' chapter is bugging so many, thankfully I still have 3 years of my own :)
    No worry girl, take your time and inform us all when the wedding bells ring for you :)

  22. See,I told you it would pass. I'm so happy for you!
    I hate tomatoes too o.O Same pinch :D

    The new hair cut looks damn cuuute on you :-*

    And yeah I-Topia rocks \m/ Specially all of the pics Risha Di uses! <3

  23. This hair cut really is catching all my attention Nirati :)
    You know, there was a similar kind of a festival in Delhi recently, all of my siblings got on my last nerve teasing me into going there :D :D
    It would have been like walking into a nightmare with tomatoes and their smell all around ! Yukk
    And yes, my dear rish deserves it :)

  24. Like they say 'there's light at the end of the tunnel' atleast on days the sun shines.

  25. Yes there is anil, and the warmth of that light makes it all worthwhile. :)
    Welcome to my blog :)

  26. I liked your new hairdo! Aren't many saying the same?! Just again girl :) :) Heehee :D And your blog is so fun to read :) Cute!


  27. Yes they are and I'm all blushing :D :D

  28. Nobody can be more glad than me to read that you are better again :) :) :)

    Nice hair cut :)

  29. where is the pic of your new hairstyle and congratulations to the award winner :)

  30. Hey solitary writer, its right there :) Look a little more ;)

  31. About Cupid: He's been stalking me for the past few months though he's been a little too busy lately! :P Maybe he thinks now we can manage ourselves now :P
    And Mom is already giving me storm warnings about life after wedding :P

    The hair cut is great.. Me too planning to get one soon!! :)

  32. Yes you can manage it all cinderella, I wonder what makes me so excited about your wedding :) I want it to be so great ;)

    Get a new cut soon and sweep him off his feet!!!

    Love !!!

  33. After swimming thru the sea of comments here lm finally on the shore..Phew.i dont like this S2 the qwerty.is so vella..neway darlingso;) y the wers were u the depressed the souls??ne the.ways glads to the knows that ur chirpy the smiles is the backXD wacakao...hopefully will gt to tok to u the very mores on fbsB-)till den kp :-) n tkcr:-D

  34. And yup many many heartiest congratulations on ur awArd!!!wen n wer am i getting d treat??:) n yea at my end all u can hear is perhaps a small crush on a cute,sweet guy....which might just end wid tym soon :|

  35. Aakriti : I din get the award, I gave it away to a childhood friend and a fantastic blogger :))
    And trust me, you don't want a dip into my pool of problems. This career thing is so fucking irritating, I feel like slapping someone so hard that they don't take their hand away from their cheek for another 3 days :X:X

  36. well well, how is the crush thing going btw ? ;);)

  37. "I'm a chirpy bird again :):)"

    loved this line

    stay blessed ^_^

  38. You too shashank :):) Thanks for reading :)


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