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September 16, 2011

22 - Older Crankier Grumpier

12.01, Midnight, 15 September 2011

I go into the washroom to change into my night clothes, I come out and witness mom, my sister and my brother lighting the magic candles on my very favorite home-baked pineapple cake. No big surprise, but felt good, extremely good.

It was like the cake was yelling into my face 'Cut me open, I'm yum'.
Suddenly mom realizes my phone isn't ringing, at all, her mind wheels get to work. Is she depressed over something ? Why is her phone switched on her birthday night ? She never does that and she doesn't seem that excited too, What on earth is wrong with my daughter ?

And now, she plans to speak up.

Mom - Why is your phone not ringing ?
Me - Because I've switched it off mumma. carefully eyeing the cake like a vulture eyes its prey :D
Mom - Whhyyyyyyy ?
Me - Just like that, I've never done it you know. I thought of trying :P
Mom - Carefully adjusting herself on the bed, Are you depressed ?
Me - No
Mom - Are you upset ?
Me - No
Mom - Have you fought with someone again ?
Me - No
Mom - Is it me ?
Me - Noo mumma !
Mom- Then why are you not excited ? Its your birthday child ! She lost her patience then.
Me - Because I'm a 22 year old girl now, I should be mature mumma :D and I flashed a teasing grin which meant 'You always say so' :D
Mom - I get it, I get it, But I'm not liking it, Switch your phone on and jibber-jabber as much as you want tonight :)

I blew off the magic candles expecting them to flame up again but they didn't :D :D
The highlight of the rest of the day was Ankita's most unexpected surprise visit :). Was I stunned ? I have never been so pleasantly surprised :)

Has it really been a span of four years ? Seems like last week, I was arguing Dad into loaning me his card 'Its my 18th birthday Papa, I might need more money, Give me your card just this while, Pleaseeee'
He had given in :)
You know, there is something I shouldn't probably share here but I've promised to be my usual-self on my blog and I can't break it, even if it is this lame :D When I was in my teenage years, I used to think I'd never grow up :D, I used to think God has me singularly blessed and he'll always keep me as his special cranky teenager :D No wonder I'm not.

Growing up isn't good, Mom expects some obvious behavior out of her girl in her early twenties, I'm restrained from eating junk because then my oily skin breaks into pits and graves of pimples, something girls can't afford to have. Life needs more meaning, more substance now. Its effing wrong.

'Lollipops turn into cigarettes, the innocent ones turn into mean bitches, homework goes into trash, detention becomes suspension, soda becomes vodka, cycles turn into cars, kisses become sex, you don't get high at the playground anymore, Dad's shoulders are no more the highest peak, protection referred to helmet, race issues were who ran the fastest, the only drug you knew was the cough medicine' - A text from my bff says so.

I've already lost excitement for birthdays( but not for the celebration :D:D ), I wonder whats next.
It was a happy day put together for me. I'll heart and cherish it :)


  1. 15th sept or 14th sept? Mine was 14th! Bearhugs to you dear Virgo!..
    Ur mom is just sooo cute!

  2. A very happy birthday Serendipity!!
    Its been a good week for the bloggers...It was Red Handed's on 14th, I think. http://anuglyhead.blogspot.com/

    Wish you a very flowing words, flowing happiness wala bday! And a perfect balance of a kiddie's and a mature's brain...Stay Simple. Stay Silly. Stay Blessed :)

  3. AWWW.. Happy Birthday sweetie.. :) September seems like the birthday month for so many bloggers.. you, Red, Spaceman spiff.. and I cant remember right now how many I came across.. However, Blessed Be!! :)
    and btw, I still think that I will never grow up :D :D and switching off your phone on your bday??? GAWD!! I swear I did this too many a times.. BUT at morning I was showered with cuss words before they wished me bday!! :D :D

  4. belated happy birthday and many many happy returns of the day... yes moms and anybody for that matter who throws you a surprise expects you to be surprised and when you don't it will hurt.... so enjoy :)

  5. Okie m sorry! I just noticed the date.

  6. Happy birthday :)
    Good old days, I can totally relate, the times of innocence and heartly laughters. But then I guess growing up isn't that bad too. I feel I can give back to the world, big or small, instead of taking always. And the freedom, to travel, to take decisions..


  7. Once again, wishing you a wonderful year ahead. :) Just be the way you are, grown up or not. :)

  8. Have a wonderful birthday Serendipity, a great celebration! Each year brings a different kind of joy - Love your last paragraph, so true! It's funny how life expectations change. take care

  9. Happy Birthday!!! Belated.

    Did you change the signature? Like this one. :)

    Don't forget to check the mail ;)

    stay blessed ^_^

  10. Loved this post. When birthdays are made special with the showers of love, they become wonderful memories.

  11. hey happy birthday....
    Grow up but never lose the inner child in you..

    stay sweet and happy!!!

  12. happy birthday dear!!! :)
    i luv the name os ur blog SeReNDIPITY!!

  13. Hoe you had an awesome one:)
    Can't wait to join you at the other end next April... Or maybe I can:|
    Why's time passing so fast?? It feels like life is gone and left is behind in the lurch:(

    Pictures of the pineapple cake please, the foodie in me is screaming out:D

    And again, happy HAPPY year ahead:) <3

  14. Belated Happy Birthday :)!! I don't really think the magic candle works because we bought one for my friend's birthday. It was hilarious :P!! And your mom is seriously cute

  15. Happy Birthday Dear:) Many Many Happy Returns of the day!!!
    And, yes, with time we loose charm of certain things...:)

  16. Happy 22 :)
    And well, even mature people are allowed to be like butterflies and chatter to their hearts delight?

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  17. Frooti. Why grow up? :)
    Happy birthday! :)

  18. Red Handed : Hearty wishes to you too love :)
    Virgos, The only sunsign I get along with :)
    Glad to see you and I fit my bill :)

    Kunal : Thank you Kunal :) That was sweet or what ? :P
    You stay in good spirits too :)
    And check out spaceman spiff too, she too is a fantastic blogger and her birthday falls on the 12th of this month :)

    Ananya : My favorite blogger :), I'll acquaint you with my cussings very soon :D My devils didn't spare me either :P
    Thank you :)

  19. Israr : I get that :) I did act surprised :D
    Thank you for your wishes :)

    aJ : Ahh, you make me wish I were a guy :D
    My parents think I'm more fragile than a triplet of pre-mature babies :D, they don't let me out that often :(

    Thank you for your wishes :)

    Spaceman Spiff : Heartiest wishes to you too sweetheart :)

  20. Just on time! :D
    Many many Happy returns of the day!! :)
    May God bless You and may You get the best of everything!! :)
    Keep smiling always! :)

    P.S. Your b'day was wonderful for me too. :D

    Love. :)

  21. MarieHarmony : I did have a wonderful day :)
    Thank you for sparing some time and sharing your wishes with me :)

    Shashank : Thank you Shashank :) It feels uber-awesome when somebody notices little changes you make on your blog :) I checked my mail. That was extremely sweet of you :), Thank you so much :) The picture shouted and shrieked 'I'm a special effort only for you' :):)

    Isha : thank you :)

    Spicy Sweet : I remember your courtship birthday :)

  22. Hazel : Thank you Haze :)

    TOSM : You too stay blessed sweetie, Thank you :)

  23. Vanshika : Yep sweetheart, just on time :),
    I wish all of that for you too, not the birthday of course :D, not right now :D

    And how was my birthday special for you ?

    Priyanka : :D:D I remember that post of yours on food :D, I was drooling at the pictures back then :D And I can't wait to have a blogger fellow 22 :D
    Thank you :)

    Deepthi : Thank you :) And yes, the magic candle was seriously hilarious and disappointing :D

    Saru Di : Thank you, where are you so busy these days ? You don't read very often now na ?

    BA : Thank you :) And that was just a prank :D

    Sushmit : haha :D thank you :)

  24. belated happy birthday....wish you more celebrations

  25. Too late but nonetheless, wish you a happpy birthday and a great year ahead girl. Cheers!
    **I loved the 2nd last para.. "lollypops change into cigarettes...." beautiful..**

  26. Happy belated birthday! May there be more and more to come :)

  27. A belated but very Happy Birthday to you ! :-)

    And though you mentioned all those points in the end with changed meanings once a person 'grows up', it's entirely up to you to decide whether or not you want to 'grow up' or rather, remain as a teen as you used to think. :-)

    And I'm a living example for you ! :P

  28. After a point of time I guess Birthdays and many of the other days loose its glam. But a wee bit of surprise any day is good.
    Many many happy returns of the day!

  29. Happy Birthday Sweet Girl! (Young Woman ;])

    Wishing you the very best of everything on this 22nd year of your life! When I turned 25 I remember thinking, "Ohh no! We have to stop this! Only five more years until the dreaded BIG THREE O!!!" :D

    So you see, birthdays do lose their appeal at some point in time and that is usually in our 20's so you're right on schedule, dear! :D

    Eat some cake for me please :)
    Fiona ♥

    P.S. ~ Cool new 'makeover' :)

  30. Belated birthday wishes. :)

    Hope you had an awesome time. :)

  31. Happy Birthday. I just turned 30! you have a while:) - your 170th follower

  32. I am so freaking late here and I cant even think of any excuse except that I didnt know it was your birthday on SEP 15.Oh wait I have another one - I have a goldfish memory :) So many happy happy returns of the day(belated) and I love pineapple cake too , my friends got one for me two days back :) Growing up is tough when you have to do it consciously , agreed :)

  33. Aw, well Happy Belated Birthday ~ ! !
    It's good that your gonna cherish it and many wished for a good year ~

  34. Hey there Birthday Angel :)
    Birthdays excitement ain't for mature grown ups, kick the ass of whoever says so. It's your day, goddamn it. Live it Large. And why only this day, every day for that matter :)

    A very Happy Happy Birthday, this one and all the coming ones. Stay blessed Darling. I love you :)

    Love and Hugs, Rish :)

  35. It rained out here
    and I had an awesome time with my Someone Special!! :)

  36. SUB : Thank you SUB :)

    Musings of a Troubled Mind : Those last lines were a text from my best friend :)
    Thank you :)

    N.i.o : Thank you for your warm regards :)

  37. Shobhit : I shall keep that in mind from now on :)
    Thank you :)

    Arun John : Welcome to my blog :)
    Thank you so much for your wishes :)

    Fiona : haha :D You're so right :D This has to stop :D
    I wish I could :P

    I had the cake from your side, Thank you for your wishes :)

  38. Megharana : I had a fab time dear :)

    Thank you :)

    Life Unordinary : Happy 30th to you :)

    Suree : haha :D You're late pal but your excuse is valid, I give it to you :D
    Thank you for your wishes :)

  39. iZaynab : Thank you :)

    Risha : I'm going to treat some friends this weekend, I was thinkinh of keeping it mellow, but now it's going to be large :)
    As large as Dad's money will allow :D

    Thank you Rish :)

    Vanshika : O damn, this should've happened to me :P But I'm happy for you :)

  40. You seem to have had a beautiful birthday! :)
    My belated wishes too! :):)

    P.S..homemade pineapple cake sounds delectable! :D

  41. Have you given you a small credit in my latest blog :)

  42. How can you lose excitement for a day this special - this is criminal. And never let the child in you die. Btw how was the cake?

  43. I love the way you write! :D <3
    And yes,
    Belated Happy Birthday,youu! Shine on :)


  44. Anytime ^_^

    And yeah, loved the new layout too, guess I was just concentrating on the signature back then :D

    Stay Blessed ^_^

  45. Happy Birthday (belated)!!!
    your mother telling you to "jibber jabber" that was so sweet

  46. Indumathy : Indeed it was a beautiful day :)
    Thank you :)

    Musings : Hey, I just read it, girlfriends aren't that bad :P
    But I feel honored, thank you so much :)

    Vanshika : I cash upon the next one :)

  47. Purba : I wish I had a clue :P
    The cake was extra-ordinary :)

    Ishiyetaa : Hie Sweetie :)
    Welcome to my blog :) Keep visiting and Thank you :)

  48. Shashank : I changed it again. How's the new one ?

    Sujatha Di : Thank you :)

  49. Belated Birthday wishes to you fellow Virgo. The text from your friend is indeed a sign of our times. Hope you had a rocking Birthday.

  50. I think i am quite late..... Happy Birthday!!
    Be blessed. You have got a awesome blog sweets.
    Happy blogging.

  51. Shashank : Thank you :)

    Atrocious : I did, it was seriously awesome :)

    Karishma : Thank you sweetheart :)

  52. Belated birthday wishes :) <3xx

    And girrrrl! what is wrong with you? at 22 you talk about not care to celebrate....

    *died of heart attack while typing this comment*


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