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September 2, 2011

Can't I be in love with both of you?


02 September 2011

That question, those words, rang in his head like a church bell for days. Loud. Demanding. His heart was cicatrized, she'd bruised it with scars for the rest of his meaningless life.

He had a sick feeling in the pit of his stomach when he first saw that same tenderness in her eyes, but for another man. She had shone like the brightest star in the galaxy at the mere mention of his name. Their brilliance back then hurt his liquid eyes now. He should have got the hint right there. How could he be so ignorant ? How could he do this to himself ? How could he do this to them ?

how could she do this to them ?

27 December 2009

She had those perfect amber eyes, eyes so deep, only a thick band of amber around the pupils, he'd wanted to fall into them and then keep falling forever. Hair so lustrous he'd wanted to entangle his fingers in them. Those swells of feminism across her breasts, her hour glass sculpted waistline always made him wonder 'Is she for real ?'. He held her like a gorgeous fragile creation of an artist, like a painter's muse, as if he might break her in his arms.

Her melodic voice brought him back to the surface.

She'd said ' where are you lost Arin, the movie is about to start, Let's hurry up'.

And all he could manage to mumble was 'Aria, tell me something, Did you bribe God into customizing those gems for your eyes ?'.

She gave a low seductive chuckle and hurried them into the movie theatre.
Aria had dug her nails into his flesh, he'd warned her about the ghost part of the movie but she was determined to watch it. And just when the squeaky door started to open on its own, Aria stood up and screamed at the highest pitch of her voice.

02 September 2011

That scream brought Arin back to the present. His ears could hear the sound of a glass shattering somewhere in the near vicinity and for an instant he thought he'd imagined it. His family was waiting for him downstairs but he could not make his legs cover the distance.

How could it be so easy for her to send a question like that across my face ? Arin asked himself. And what was my answer supposed to be ?.

It was 13 months since he'd last seen her but her memories were still haunting him, occupying a large room in his head. Even that little black mole on the nape of her neck hadn't escaped his thoughts. Grief threatened to overcome. Tears began to swell in his eyes but he fought to send them back to where they came from. He threw a humorless laugh around his room as he remembered what his dad had told him when he was six and was crying because he had a wounded knee 'Big boys don't cry my boy'.

He wanted the time spent with her to become a tale from his distant childhood, something he could scarcely remember even if he wanted to. No matter how hard he tried, he only wanted to catch glimpses, and if possible, not even them.

He shoved away her thoughts and started looking for the better half of the brown sock he was wearing in his left foot, Why do I always find my socks without their pair ?, opening the last drawer of the wooden rack, he was face to face with a picture, I told Meher not to click this picture, when will she ever learn to listen ? It was Aria leaning over his right shoulder and his palm covering half of the picture signalling Meher not to click it.

16 November 2009

He picked it up and remembered that playful night, It was their common friend Meher's birthday. Aria had never touched alcohol before, but upon insistence she did some shots and they really got the worst of her.

The only good thing about that night was that while Aria was drunk, she clutched onto Arin's shirt like a little baby clutching onto the only piece of clothing within its reach. She hung on to him in a way that said You're all mine and Arin rained back all of his love supporting her, hiding her into his warm embrace.

That was their first affectionate embrace. Arin could never forget that day.

02 September 2011

Arin, Arin, Where are you lost son ? He could suddenly hear the motherly voice of his aunt standing right in front of him, shaking his shoulders. He came back to life, Nothing Umm Nothing, I can't find my right sock, Let me put the black pair on, You will see me downstairs in 5 short minutes. A forced smile punctuated his otherwise lifeless words.

I have to let go of these thoughts, let go of her and her betayal.

I will, I will, soon, I have to.

But how could she ask me a question like 'Can't I be in love with both of you ?'
The question had stung his heart then and it had the power to do it now.

He wiped the warm tears trickling down his eyes and rushed downstairs.


I will name my daughter Aria if God ever blesses me with one :) Short melodic names starting with the alphabet 'A' sweep me off my feet :)
This was a different genre I tried, Be nice enough to tell me how it went ? even if it didn't touch your heart :) Your criticism is also welcome :)


  1. Speechless ;)

    I think I would have to google for the exact words that define what I am feeling right now.

    It's sad and beautiful at the same time. Reminds me of the time when it doesn't matter how perfect you felt with someone, it's just not meant to be that way. All you can do is watch like a helpless child the chaos of future you had in mind and the future that's decided by life

  2. Wow. I liked it. As in really really really liked it. Wow. Write more often. Such stuff I mean!
    And yeah 'A' names I also find fascinating! :D
    *hi-5* sister!

  3. Shashank : Thank you so much for reading :) I purposely meant to make it sad, It was a different genre I wanted to try :) I hope it went okay ?

  4. seriously this is nice,..beautiful... mind blowing,you blew me away ...awesome..how can you write for soooo real? ..wow..i always love the way you penned down those words...im really short of words


  5. Blahblaholic : Thank you N :) I'll write more often, I'm totally idle right now :)
    short 'A' names are gorgeous :)


    Ridx : Which quote you're talking about ?

  6. TOSOM : I've had friends mourning over their relationships for so long that it suddenly struck me why don't I put it in fiction ;)

    Thank you :)

    Love :*

  7. Awesome...You write so perfectly :)And you write as if all this is happening in front of you..ur an amazing writer....loved it :)

  8. Scribbling Girl : Seriously ? You really think it was good ? I'm becoming too apprehensive these days.

    Thank you sweetheart :)

  9. It was a nice write up but then i couldnt quite understand the link between the title and the story. I saw only one girl's name, Aria, who is the second one?

  10. deolascope : Hey sweetie, welcome to my blog :) This girl Aria fell in love with two men at the same time and our protagonist Arin is one of them. :) The other guy is not mentioned here.

    Happy Reading :)

  11. nice one, liked the way u mixed past and present...
    one can definitely love both, but what is difficult is for both to accept

  12. It was sad from the guy's point of view :o

    Aria is a nice name.
    You'd better not take Aral & Ayza, though. :P

  13. @Ayushi
    it went brilliantly! :)

    Stay blessed ^_^

  14. WOW..WOW...WOW.. REALLY nice.. i loved the narration style... made me wana read more.. am followin you n ur amazin blog.. :)
    do check my blog at

    especially this one.. where i too tried my hand on serious writin.. but comin to yours... i really loved the idea of past-present narration


    plz let me know your feedback :)

  15. hello ma'am , write a book someday. you have that "thing" you know. cant talk much. too amused by the beauty of the post!! :)

  16. SUB : :D indeed, very difficult for both to accept.

    Ovais : Are those your kid's name ? Don't get offended !! I know nothing about you right now, I'm wondering why you've said that :)

    Shashank : thank you :)

    Supernickk : Thank you nick :), I'm going to pay a visit very soon to your devil's workshop :)

    I'm also so done with serious writing :) I'm so happy you like it :) Give my love to moosa :)

    Ananya : Was that the sweetest comment ever or what ? I have diabetes running in my family sweetheart, but still, I don't mind your sweetness :P:P

  17. OMG!!! faAAAAAAAAAAAAAB work Ayushi:)and here is where you prove me right, like many bloggers do, by portraying ur talent with such poise, romanticism, where beauty of 'real'
    emotions sparkles like sweet divine water. dekh main sach mein keh rahi hun...book likhne ka sochte hain:) tere toh waise bhi mujhse zyada follwers hain...book toh khareed hi lenge;)well..I agree with Sub, u knw. this heart can love a million people, it sure has the capacity, but then its sad when it comes to choosing one from two..i kinda remember Twilight. in this story of urs. I feel how Jacob gets hurt when Bella chooses Edward ..and yeah...i love names with 'A' too..If I have a daughter when I grow up, I think to name her 'Arya' or 'Aanya' and who knows if I choose 'Aria' then too;)..lots od love~ Aakriti

  18. Yup, those will be my kids' names, Insha Allah :)

    Read the post called 'Dreams' on my blog and you'll see :)

  19. This is so beautiful. :)
    I want to name someone Aria too. I've always wanted to. Except that I don't want children.

  20. Wow. I am speechless!
    This is amazingly written.
    You could be a wonderful author, one day!

  21. Aakriti : haha :D Let's do it :) I'm in :) thank you for appreciating so much :) I was apprehensive before trying this genre but you like it :) yayy :)
    and yea, I was also reminded of Twilight while writing :), Bella was in love with both of them, choosing is where the pain rises :(
    Don't steal my future daughters name ;) :P

  22. Ovals : Insha Allah :)
    I'll read your dreams soon :)

    N.I.o. : Thank you :)

    Isha : don't name anybody Aria, that's my future daughters name, I have to protect it :P :P
    Haha :D thank you for visiting :)
    Keep dropping by :)
    Happy blogging love :)

    Hamza : Insha Allah :)

  23. that is nice..! keep writing more..!

  24. If this was your first attempt in this genre, then it needs you badly.
    The way, the story swung between dark and bright, pain and pleasure, it was like a song I could listen for hours. I am a fan.


  25. What a powerful and beauitfully sad piece of work I enjoyed reading this.

    Thanks for dropping by my place and having a read and leaving a comment.

  26. Touched! That's the only word to describe how I felt after reading this post. It was like reading the script of a magnificent movie for which the cast is right there in front of me. Beautiful style, an almost Anita Nair touch to it.
    Can I say the ending needed to be a bit more emotional? Or will it be me being stupid? Keep writing.

  27. I loved how you went back and forth in time to bring out the pleasure and pain.

  28. Love the contrast.
    CAn't wait for your nest post. :)

  29. Aakash : :D Were you serious ? Thanks for reading and appreciating so much :)Combining pain and pleasure was my exact intention.


    Jo-Anne : My pleasure sweetheart :)

    Ridx : Oh yea, that ones Fab :)

    Musings : Oh yes love, you can say anything you want to :), It will never make you look stupid :)
    And Anita Nair, am I dreaming or you seriously wrote that ? :):)

    Purba Di : I'm glad you liked it :)

    Meghana : Coming right away :) Thank you :)

  30. Girl, You wrote it so well, this was a different feeling altogether! :)
    And the Aria name, it's melodic :)

    Loved, Risha :)

  31. Risha : I just now realised that you were lost since so many days, what kept you busy rish ?

    And thank you tonnes :), This was an experiment :)

    Gayathri : Thank you sweetheart :)

  32. Did you draw from personal experiences? Has a very raw feel to it:) Good going, keep it coming!

  33. :D :D no no no Priyanka, not a word I've written there has ever been a part of my personal experience. Keeping it raw shows it a secret path that straight away leads your words to the readers heart, guess I succeeded :):)

    Love :)

  34. No, no. I wasn't kidding! The language certainly resembled Anita Nair's. And yes, having been on both sides of this story, I read and re-read and triple-read to find out who is right. As usual, there is no definite answer.
    PS: I am subscribing to your blog! :)

  35. Yeah..it touches...and disturbs those 'dil ke tar' in everyone I guess :)

    Hope "the writer was not in a deep grief while penning it down" :)


  36. Musings : Yes, exactly my point, Although Aria did betray Arin but atleast she din fool him around pretending everyhtings right, She right away asked Can't I be in love with both ? and if Arin was anything in the story, he was just a victim of the circumstances.

    Kunal : The writer was having a ball right after she thought about the concept :D, because she was excited to try her hand at something new :)

  37. Hello. :-)

    Just hopped on to here through Senseless Sense's blog. And I needn't say I'll be hopping around here more frequently. :D

    I really liked your blog. :-)

  38. Me and busy, weird no, lol Ayu I am working now, Don't get much time, This is taking a toll coz I am unable to post the Astro stuff, Not done, too bad! :(

  39. Ahaa! What a beautiful take on life's incidents.

  40. Shobhit : Thank you for hopping around, I got a new reader who liked my blog :)

    Risha : Where are you working ? Good luck with your job :)

    Spicy Sweet : Thank you for reading :)

  41. First. 45 comments. OMG. you really are famous girl.
    Second. The post was amazing. And Aria is such a nice name.
    Gosh you got me hooked.
    Every word of it. Perfect. Specially the part where he compliments her about her eyes.

    P.S: New reader.

  42. Oh, lovely, the thought, the style, the narration, everything. I told you you're getting better day by day!

  43. Nia : Yes, Aria is seriously such a nice name, I'm hooked to it :D, Thanks for reading, Your neo got me easily hooked too :)

    Saru Di : Thank you so much :)

  44. Darn, that was a tough question.

    I think I am about to remember something like that, a story, where a girl loved two men, but I can't exactly figure out what story was that.
    Maybe, I am reading it for the very first time :D

    Beautiful read :)

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  45. I am sorry for not commenting on this one.Captivating.
    I would love to read the girls version of the same story.I loved it.

  46. BA : Thank you :)

    Red Handed : I myself was thinking of writing the girl's version RH :)

  47. Short 'a' names are gorgeous you say...I hope u woudnt want to know me wholly as u already would hve started to like me! :D
    Welcome me Serendipity! Your newest follower 'AKILA' ANd shall remain a faithful one! :)

    This is a beautiful piece of fiction. You have your signature mark on it. None can claim it as their own! :)
    Keep em coming! :)

  48. wow :) brilliant :D
    And Aria and Arin love both the names =) even meher for that matter.

    i just got hooked to your blog even more after reading this =)

  49. A while back I was digging the internet about Johnny Depp and even though he is a celebrity(who I think are mostly intelligence-malnourished), made so much sense when he came up with quotes like the one below :-
    "If you love two people at the same time, choose the second one, because if you really loved the first one you wouldn't have fallen for the second"
    I think the female character here is very much justified as far as her question goes.Love is not controlled nor it can be restricted :)

    You have the ability to develop real-life characters in that talented brain of yours.WOW !!!
    DO come up with some post soon featuring a cameo by our Johnny Depp.He would love to be cast by you for sure :D

  50. WOW! Brilliantly expressed emotions. It brought back lot of memories to me which are eerily similar to your story. :)

    I fell in love with a girl who was also my best friend on Nov 6th 2009. And I haven't seen her since Jun 25th 2011. :(

    I can in many ways relate to the story. Love the names too.

  51. Awesome. Well crafted and beautifully penned. :-)

  52. Love your writing style, Serendipity!!! But somehow I almost wanted the woman recounting instead of a man. It feels like men do often have that ability but aren't women nesters? But thoughts penned sweetly and does touch me--"Can't I love you both?" aah!


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