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September 23, 2011

Feel Blessed !

BlogJunta - An ode to the Blogosphere

3 days back, I woke up to find that my eyes were not their regular classic blend of black and white, they were in fact a much more legendary amalgamation of red, black and white. My pupil looked like the sun of the solar eclipse hurling out red rays.
I rushed towards mom in a haste never known before, for I had the last exam of my B.Tech odyssey, 2 days later, that would qualify me as a software engineer.

I was noways going to let my eyes, ruin it for me. We reached the ophthalmologist in no time, giving in to the exigency of the situation. 
I witnessed something there, that made my heart weep. While I was impatiently waiting for my turn, a young couple entered with their little 4-5 months old daughter.

My own eyes were such a stupid mess that I did not give them any second look. But to my horror, they had not come to get their own eyes treated, they had come for their daughter.
Upon listening this, I took as close a look as I could permit myself staying stuck to my seat. That baby's left pupil was grayish-white. The doctor checked her before me (although they came after me. I wouldn't have appreciated this for anybody else if it wasn't for this baby's eye) and unfortunately I was forced to listen to that conversation. 

Doctor - It's better now.
Mother (her face lit with hope) - will she be alright ?
Doctor - I cant say that right away. As of now, carry on with the same medicines. 
Mother - Can she see from this eye ?
Doctor - No, not yet. But I can assure you, she will, someday. And this mark will stay forever.
Mother (bombed by the news) - Is there nothing we can do to remove the mark ? No surgery ? No operation ?
Doctor - No. No ophthalmologist in this world can cure this. Its like you get a bruise on some part of your body, get it treated well, but still, the mark never leaves. 
Mother (almost in tears) - when should we come next ?
Doctor (With the same straight face throughout) - Come next Friday and increase the dosage of these drops to 3 times a day.

I almost had a tear or two flooding my eyes, thanks to that little infection I had bored, nobody noticed.

Neither did they choose their poverty, nor did you choose your castle.
Help people in all possible ways. It will be your Moment of Bliss.
We complain about broken nails, ill-fitted dresses, bad exams, being over-weight, fat asses, love life trouble and what not but that day, I realized people have problems of a much serious scale and a much bigger magnitude.
My eye infection would have been okay the next morning had I washed them with cold refrigerated water 4-5 times a day but still I visited the doctor.

God divided this world into two concepts- the privileged and the unprivileged.
Most of you reading this fall in the former category and still moan about those petty non-existent things.

My purpose of sharing this incident with you is to tell you to feel privileged and blessed. Help, Pray and be Thankful. God has been very grateful to you, you owe him this lovely life of yours.

I pray for that little baby and expect you also to take some time out for her and talk God into curing her completely.

This post was written somewhere in June 2011 and I had just begun to write back then. My eyes were a little bad this morning and I got reminded of that baby. And because I have a decent sweet number of readers now, I'm re-posting it. I want more people to realize life's fair to us and its just a matter of realization.

Have a good day :)


  1. Made me real sad. I hope and pray that the baby gets fine and the parents get a bit more emotionally strong. We do not appreciate the little things we got but we do not forget to complain about the little things we lack.

  2. I hope the girl has recovered by now...

  3. yes I believe in 'count your blessings' too :) Life is beautiful.. I cant rant much.. :) lovely introspection on your part :)

  4. P.S: howdy now? May you recover soon sweetie!

  5. I pray for this little girl, wherever she is, that she is cured completely and made whole.
    It is always important to count one's blessings...

  6. very thought provoking... if we think of those people who are not as blessed as we are, life would be a lot easier...but we always look to those who are rich and more blessed, and we start compalining that why we havent got all those things...

  7. Oh my God .. this was so sad :(
    and wow, perfectly put @ Neither did they choose their poverty, nor did you choose your castle.
    Help people in all possible ways. It will be your Moment of Bliss.

  8. Aww that poor girl, hope she's okay now. We do take so many things for granted :(

  9. I liked it then and I loved it now. :)

    Stay Blessed ^_^

  10. Red Handed : Exactly what I wanted to convey :) Thank you for putting it into words beautiful :)

    Chintan : I have never hoped this desperately.

    Ananya : "count our Blessings' :)
    The pain has subsided :)

    deolascope : Thank you for her blessings for her.

    Israr : Papa always says that. I know the depth here.

    Crystal : That just came out of nowhere when I came back home from the doctor.

    Hazel : I wish we don't do it now.

    Shashank : :):) You always do.

  11. Owww :(
    I really hope the baby's eyes get better!
    Such incidents kind of make us think na, of how blessed we really are?!
    Take care of your eyes >:D<

  12. We are privileged in many ways. Congratulations on passing out and making it successfully as a software engineer.
    I wish the baby gets good, at least the sight is restored.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  13. Insha Allah, she'll get better soon. I don't like this doctor..

  14. hope d gal gets better!
    yeah we often forget to express gratitude!

  15. poor girl I hope she recovers and that she is fine god willingly. It is true how we take things for granted.

  16. From past 2 years, I never thought I would cry again in life and here I am with teardrops in my eyes. I often tell this to myself, that we do not thank God enough when we get what we want and we are the first to accuse God when something goes wrong. Hopefully thst little angel gets her eyesight back.

  17. By the way, thank you my Anita Nair for bringing back some emotion into my eyes :) I feel blessed

  18. Exactly !

    If only we all could think of those who are facing real and more serious issues, we would surely stop cribbing about anything and everything which doesn't go our way.

    As about the case of the little girl, being from the Med field, I can relate to the seriousness of her problem. Hope she recovered.

    Let this teach us all not to take our bodies for granted and take good care of ourselves.

  19. I sincerely hope that the girl recovers soon. We really need to look at the ones who aren't at par with us, than constantly compare, and crib about the ones who are above us. We really don't realize how lucky are we, when we have it all around us, but then again, that is how this whole thing functions. Maybe.

    Yes. Life is fair. Or, maybe not. What matters is some perspective, and some realization. That's it. That's all.

    And you recover soon, as well. Take care. :)

  20. Thanks for re-posting this. We need to thank God every single minute of every single day because we truly are blessed.

    Blessings to you,


  21. We always crib because we compare ourselves with others. I think, most of us are blessed and if we have problems, its because, God wants us to be human....

  22. Hey, loved your blog so much!! :D
    You're a nice writer!! Don't ever stop writing!

    By the way, following you now! Its gonna be a blog I'll never regret spending time reading!


  23. This is such a moving post and I thank you so much for sharing it again. I have tears in my eyes ... Our eyesight is so precious and I do pray that this sweet baby will receive the miracle that she is deserving of.

    We take so much for granted on a daily basis and so many people out there have stories that would break your heart ~ never forget to be grateful for the things you do have, no matter how tiny you may think they are ~ wonderful writing & timing :)

  24. Sigh my mother always says that a billion things can go wrong in our body that it is a miracle to be healthy. We dont realize how blessed we really are until we see the plight of others...

  25. Life is a very precious gift to be enjoyed and valued. Each day brings in a new experience to learn and evolve from.
    Hope the girl and you are completely fine now!

  26. I hope the little girl grows to be stronger woman... May God give the strength to endure this! But I pray she gets out of this misery and pain soon...

    Makes me realise all over again, how fortunate we are and how sad it is that we crib about everything! Nice post.. And hope you get well soon! :)

  27. December, last year and at the start of this year..I spent quite some time in hospital, in Delhi(for a friend who was ill seriously) and then at my home town(for my dad)...and saw many scenes...which were just so painful and dreadful to watch. Life is not that good for everyone out there...and it doesn't hurt to take a moment and help out others and at the same time being content with our own life.

  28. Touching incident.

    You have rightly said that we are privileged, and should appreciate more of what we have rather than harping on what we dont have.

    Thanks for sharing.

  29. So sad :(

    - missshesaid.blogspot.com <3

  30. Nice reminder to be happy about you have....
    May God bless that girl...
    You too... stay blessed :)

  31. So true. We have so much in life yet we remain dissatisfied and grumpy.
    And people all over the world are made happy with only a bowl of rice or an extra penny.

    What was wrong with your eye? Better now?

  32. What was wrong with your eye? Better now?

    We get so caught up in our own puny miseries that we forget to realize that there are so many people out there who are grateful for one bowl of rice, one extra penny.

  33. Nirati : thank you sweety :)

    BA : I have wished the same since that day :)

  34. Ovais : He was just doing his job Ovais :)

    Megharana : And that was the purpose of my post, reviving gratitude :)

    n.i.o : True and sad it is.

  35. Musings : I am sorry my post brought tears to your eyes, but am glad because they were your true emotions :) I hope so too :)

    Shobhit : You are from the med school ? Great :) I wish shes fine now :)

    Arijit : Life is fair :) But its definition of being fair is a little different from ours.

  36. Diana : You stay blessed too :)

    Saru Di : Exactly :)

    Arundhati : thank you sweety :) I'll also make sure you never regret reading me :)

  37. Lady Fiona : Taking granted is our fault and God fairly punishes us for that :)

    Abhishek : We truly are blessed.

    Life-aholic : I'm good :) and hope shes fine too :)

    Confused soul : I too hope she grows up to be a strong woman :)

  38. Kunal : I'm deeply sorry. We should really take a moment out to thank God for all these privileges.

    Vyankatesh : I'm pleased :)

    Miss Cortni : Hoping for the best :)

    Madhulika : You too dear :)

  39. PeeVee : My eye is good now :)

    Life : Your welcome :)

  40. You know,this is one of the most touching posts I've read in a while. And I completely agree with you.

    What annoys me though, is the fact that most people believe that your state of affairs today is the result of your actions in your previous birth. And if that's what they call believing in Karma, then I don't want to believe in it. It's just an excuse for them to get on with their lives.

    My prayers are with that little girl and many others like her who try so hard and give up so many things in life just to make ends meet.

  41. Such a beautiful & poignant post!


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