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Little Moments Of Bliss is a silhouette of a feeling that resides in my heart. A software engineer by degree, a writer at heart, and a teacher by profession, I'm all that I never thought I would be. Pretty pictures,a poem that blatantly refuses to rhyme, a text from a deranged friend, a sudden gesture of love, its these little things in life, that matter and sprinkle bliss. Grace the couch and share a cuppa!

September 10, 2011


The cursor winks innocently at me, patient and giving, appearing and disappearing. It seems to follow the rhythm of my heart, waiting for me to knit something on the clear white screen, but there are no words, none to scribble across it. My gaze is held transfixed by the moving traffic,

why is it so smooth today ?
It is one of those moments when you stare at something without actually sinking it in. It is a mesh, a mesh of varied colors. A yellow taxi, a white Mercedes, a toddler dressed in bright green, Oh, her pram, what is it, deep blue or electric blue ? and the brown exteriors of the mexican restaurant across the road.

My screen-saver comes to life. The waiter brings in my third Lattรจ, I peel my gaze off the haze, Had I forgot to tell him to put in less milk this time ?, What is wrong with him ? Has mom coaxed him into shoving some milk into my milk-starved system ? The stupid thought took flight as soon as it had landed into the company of the voices in my head.

The voices are growing, maturing with each passing minute. All budding new thoughts are ragged and limped away like lifeless dolls. They're not whispering to each other anymore. They want my attention, each one of them, they're fighting for it, I should really join those power-yoga classes Aunt Maggie suggested to Lenny.

I could feel ice in the air I was inhaling, It was going to snow soon. 
Finishing my coffee, I fold my laptop, gather my thick-rimmed over-sized glasses from the top of my head, give my eyes a little cover, hug my neck with my peach silk scarf, straighten my dress, run a finger through my curls and head towards home.

There are days in every writer's cave when words are just not ready to fall in place, with their pen poised in the air, mind set into motion, no thought overcome those dominant voices and succeed in materializing themselves into ink.

This is one of those days for an amateur like me and I'm not liking it.


  1. I really love the way you write. I know how days like those feel (im going through them atm and have been for a long time now) and it SUCKS arse. It's no fun at all :( hope one of those days doesn't last long for you :)

  2. Ah these words have a mind of their own.They sometimes need to be perfect to come out.or maybe if they had, you wouldnt have wrote this so equally beautiful.
    Also i never stare at a white Mercedes without sinking in :P

  3. Love the way you write!


  4. We all have days like that when it comes to writing. I am someone who likes to sit out the back in the summer months and watch the traffic go by.

  5. Many a times, it happens with me. I want to write, but then I just can't. Word remains bland, and in the end I just land up shutting down my laptop :)
    I loved your previous post. The pictures were amazing! All of them :)
    Keep writing!

  6. Totally agree that every person has moments when the words are just not in your fingers. Lovely post and apt title

  7. If it's an off day and you can come up with such good imagery, then you'll probably give me a complex so bad on your 'on' day which will make me quit writing as a profession:)

  8. hey..hmmm..dont worry much..i'm an ardent fan of yours..i will read and love whatever you write..so again dont worry much..u'll get over it

    hugs :):)and i love this post...

  9. "The voices are growing, maturing with each passing minute. All budding new thoughts are ragged and limped away like lifeless dolls. They're not whispering to each other anymore. They want my attention, each one of them, they're fighting for it, I should really join those power-yoga classes Aunt Maggie suggested to Lenny."
    This part relates to me very aptly!

    Beautifully written, Ayu :)

    Love, Risha :)

  10. This was lovely, I adore the thought of writing in a coffee shop!

  11. True. Very true.
    I have such blank/blocked days all the time.. and it sucks. BIG TIME!

    I like the flow of words here..

  12. little high, little low, little hey, little hoe :)

    stay blessed ^_^

  13. even if u call it a block, it was expressed such nicely..:) liked it in-spite of ur calling it a block!!

  14. I have decided.. I am not going to use any more flattering words for your posts.. so every time I will read your post and will leave these ♥♥ s of appreciation to let you know that I have read them and felt the same way I always feel after reading your posts ,i.e, you should write a book :D

  15. :-)

    That is one of the loveliest pictures I have seen in a long time !!! :-)

    It is so very apt for the header of your blog. :-)

  16. You have such a lovely blog! :) Your style is so naturally flowing, almost relaxing to read. It's nice to have stumbled upon you in this vast blog world. :)

  17. What a beautifully worded description of a writer's block! You have some serious talent.

  18. words will come. And when they come, there is no stopping them...

    Cheers :)

  19. wonderfully worded...i wonder what the waiter was thinking at that time... :)

  20. n.i.o : Its a new day today and that is what matters :) I'm over the barren stage, no more challenged :) I know, every writer knows how days like those feel and pierce.

    Red Handed : Can you be more right ? And the Benz, I had a moment then ;)

  21. Diana : Same here sweetie :)

    Jo-anne : And what bliss is it :)

    Phil : My brother deserves all that credit and praise :)

  22. Deepthi : Thank you so much for reading deepthi :)
    Welcome to my blog, I shall visit your place very soon :)

    Priyanka : :D haha You girl have nothing to worry about :P I have a long way to go :)

  23. TOSM : I know that for sure love and it helps me get out of the trance, Your recent affection with story writing is awesome :)

    Risha : thank you Rish :)

  24. Haze : You're equally lovely :)

    Blue Periwinkle : Thank you :)

  25. Shashank : Thats the beauty of writing and life :)

    megharana : You're so generously sweet :)

  26. Ananya : Was that the sweetest thing ever said to me or what ? :):)

    I heart you already :)

    Shobhit : Atleast I succeeded with the header :)

  27. Nightingale : And I'm sure I'll be returning the same compliment to you once I pay a visit to your blog :)

    Sumitra : It's so nice to read that :)

    Kunal : I'm waiting, but happily now :)

    Israr : Thank you :)

  28. It's flowing even if you think it doesn't - we are all writers in process fighting with words that don't match, or trying to make up a story at a time words don't come, the eyes on the computer screen lost in contemplation of the world around.
    Your post is lovely, trying is improving.

  29. Marie : You're so right :) A hi-five for this sweet-sour feeling every writer experiences :)

    Thank you, visit more often :)

  30. Deepthi : :) Your picture is very sweet :)

  31. i think everyone is going thru a downtime...i didn't step on much fun read today...

  32. Don't worry, just shake it out, snap out of it. Or leave your cave for a while and take a walk in the rain? :)

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  33. More than anything I just love how you have maintained your blog and the writing style.

    Cupid Speaks

  34. Nice Barren thoughts.. loved reading it :)

  35. I totally totally loved every bit of it. Your writing is awesome KP :)

  36. Serendipity, I don't know your name! Thats why got confused! Sorry! :(

  37. How can someone describe a Block so creatively...this was indeed Awesomeness ...Several beautiful words woven together into wonderful thoughts !!!Loved your Banner ...Littel Moments of Bliss!!

  38. this is totally unrelated to this post but wanted to share immediately with you. Check this post out.


  39. Aha god this was such a nice post iCan't respond properly ~

  40. Chintan : Guess then I'm not the only one ;)

  41. BA : It was torturing, But I'm glad to have snapped out of it :)

  42. Akshita Jain : Welcome to my blog sweetheart :)
    Keep visiting and a big Thank you :)

    Thank you KP :)

    Bagya : Doesn't matter sweety :)
    Thank you for reading :)

  43. Lipsy : It just came out on its own :)

    Musings : After completing replying to everybody, I'll read that post :)

    iZaynab : Thank you :)

  44. Its indeed good...and yes..u r so true when u said that sometimes we feel that we belong to a world of infinity...mind goes blank...


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