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September 9, 2011

... And it Rained Again !! Part II

I know I've bugged you a lot here and there when it has rained, kindly try not to hate me for it :P
It has rained 'Elephants and rabbits' ('Cats and dogs' doesn't even begin to cover it) today, all over North India :)
Paper boats are back in vogue ;) My darling brother and his Nikon are BFFs again :)
He's too lazy but I coaxed him into capturing some, and they are his best work.

I had forgotten how to make those, mom remembered :)

Yes, that water was all muddy but I couldn't care less :D

Old ladies hang out here every evening :) I wonder how will they kill time today.
This one held my gaze for the longest time



  1. Wow! That's some heavy rain! Paper boats...I remember when I tried that as a kid, they actually sunk...or well, gave way as paper in water does!

  2. Psych : Yes it was, everything seemed to be drowning :P. We have a park right across my home, it makes it all worthwhile :)
    I made these with pamphlet paper today ;) They rocked a long time ;)

  3. I absolutely Loved the first and the third click! First one made me nostalgic

  4. It surely must have :) Who hasn't made paper boats during toddlerhood :P

  5. The last click is brilliant!! And the first one reminded of the little girl I used to be. Sigh...

  6. Your brother and his Nikon should consider getting married for they belong together.

    And yes, it made me look at it for the longest time as well...

  7. 2nd and 4th click is the best... :)
    Ahhh.. Rains...

  8. Spaceman : Rains always make people nostalgic :)

    Priyanka : :D I should make him read this :)

    Spicy Sweet : I'm sure you must be enjoying with BH and Bunni :):)

  9. 1st , 3rd and 4th..I liked the most....paper boats...sigh...those times..

    those barren benches tell a story..."paani hatao...koi to mujh par baitho...we are lonely"

    last one...well..as you said..it held your gaze for the longest time :)

  10. there is a strong sense of nostalgia that it brings... the clicks.. me too have a nikon only.. brotherhood lol


  11. Keep talking about it, I know how it feels when it rains for days. Looks like it is quite heavy on your side of the world but you can catch amazing things! Your photos are beautiful, appreciate a lot the last one - unique moment.

  12. Wow!
    Beautiful clicks!
    Even I got wet in the rain! :)


  13. Nice click..
    Yeah ! everytime it rains and i am free to give a glance at it reminds me of my childhood ( making boats, running around in water etc)... Even today its the replica of every such day :)
    have fun !!

  14. loved the second pic

    stay blessed ^_^

  15. Ohmigod!
    Your brother is amaazing at this! Loved the pictures, especially the last one. It's so beautiful <3

  16. Wow! I loved the last pic, it is really amazing .. if the pic made me stare for few seconds, i wonder how lovely it would have been had i witnessed it in reality ! I miss it :(

  17. Kunal : Those barren benches contain Grandma's stories :) They gossip there every evening :) It's nice to watch them :) Last one is my favorite :)

    aJ : cheers to brotherhood :)

    MarieHarmony : Seems like the rain Gods are in no mood to stop this monsoon :)
    It is a great season to capture some memorable moments :), I like that about it alot :)

  18. Vanshika : I couldn't get wet, not well :( But the paper boats made up for it :)

    Reicha : Yes it always is sweetheart :)

    Shashank : My brother also loves the second one :)

    You too stay happpy :)

  19. Nirati : Yes N, he's that good at it :)

    Ms. Nobody : It was as if the rain gods transported me to an altogether different place ;)
    It was serene :)

    Isha : yes, they are :)

  20. aww!! that's some super sexy photography...well done to you and the bro :)

  21. Woooww! 1st,3rd and 4th.. Awesome clicks :)

  22. Chintan : I'll tell him chintan :)

    Bagya : Indeed they are, those old benches just add to the beauty :)

    Blue Periwinkle : <3 <3 :) :)

  23. Ovais : Me.Too :)

    Hazel : I know they are :)

  24. Nice clicks..! back to childhood with ur cute boats.. enjoy!

  25. Are you a [professional photgrapher.. if not than please do try for it.. you will soar high..

    Weakest LINK

  26. Raining elephants and rabbits...lol...I love rain and it was raining here as well...Wish could post some pics:( But no luck with that...:) Nice and refreshing post!!!

  27. I LOVE RAIN. those pictures were awesome, seriously.

  28. :-)

    Beauty can be found in such unexpected situations. :-)

    By the way, I had forgotten to make those boats too. But as always, Mom remembered. :-)

  29. Rachit : My brother is thinking of doing a professional course, I'll let him know :)

    Saru Di : Post some pictures some time :) I'm waiting :)

    N.I.O. : Thank you :)

    Shobhit : Moms always remember everything :)

  30. thats why rains can be magic...

  31. I love rain so much .Beautiful pic.

    Follow each other .

  32. Sigh! I miss this kinda rain. In Bangalore, the rains leave you all muddy-puddy and sick cold. It aint the same fun as it is back home.

    and hey, your brother is a good photographer. you should coax him into clicking more of these. These pix made me soo nostalgic

  33. Izdiher : Thank you !! :)

    Musings : Generally he doesn't need all that coaxing dear, it was just a lazy day for him ;)

    Thank you :)

  34. Ohh I hope You are fine now! :)
    And btw when is your B'day? :D

  35. Megharana : :) Yes, they are :)

    Vanshika : Of course I'm fine sweety, why do you ask ?
    It's 15th of september :)

  36. WONDERFUL PICTURES...!!!! loved the post :) :)

  37. nice pics,nostalgic flavor,distant memory always deeply rooted in the dream

  38. lovely pitchas:) main bhi apne bhai ki aur uske DSLR ki prashansa aise hi karti the way u did;) wow.Ayu...yaar I mean I find the bestest pics on ur blog everytime I visit..pehle woh cute kitten and dog wali background and now this. Have been thinking of changing my blog's look too..but its too time consuming and m not one of those who knows HTML and blah...in fact my blog has been done by my friend..:P keeping in mind my taste and all


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